Jameela fucks Tamil man

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After fucking the K.S.E.B. man I had a shower, after shower I was coming out of the bathroom wearing a towel which was made of white cotton and it was just enough to cover my thighs and most of my boobs are visible, also just when I was about to go to the bedroom to change the bell rung, without thinking about my dress I opened the door, there was a salesman very tall and athletic body. Seeing him I found my pussy getting wet again and I still have 3 more hours before anybody will come so I thought why not with him also.
So I told him to come in, when he came in I locked the door pulled off my towel, standing stark naked in front of him
I held his cock with his pant, asked him to follow me, took him to the bedroom pulled his zipper and fished out his cock. It was very thick but not too long, I straight away took his cock in my mouth sucking his cock and playing with his balls, he came fast but there was plenty of cum. Then he told me it has been long that he didn’t have sex then he started to eat my pussy, he was the best pussy eater, I cumed on his face and he licked me clean.
Then I sucked him again and made it hard then asked him to enter my hole, as I was so wet it went in fast and he was banging me like it was his last chance to fuck in his life, he was pulling all the way out then going all way in deeper and faster every stroke. He fucked me nearly twenty minutes then he came in me but without pulling out he kept banging me harder, his balls hitting my ass bums and because of our juices in my pussy there was a sound coming from my pussy chalk plak pulk and I was moaning aaahhh mmm ere ssss, he was heavy with his breathe. After about 30minutes he gave a hard push and fell on me heavily, yes he came again in me, by this time I came five times. After that I asked him to lick me clean and he did as was told then I asked him about why he came here, he said to seek dressing materials, he offered me some materials, we kissed each other and thanked each other.