Nature Walk – Part 1

I like to ramble, normally shortish walks of around 5 miles, mainly around lakes or reservoirs.

The wildlife helps me relax and be carefree for a few hours to escape everyday stresses. So most Sundays I head off on my own with a flask and a light snack.

Firstly, I must say that I’ve had more than a fair few episodes that you wouldn’t expect to see when rambling.

Perhaps these occasions are why I go, although I tell myself it’s the fresh air, exercise and nature.

Let me tell you about my first encounter.

One of my favourite reservoirs in Shropshire has many vantage points with bird huts to observe from. Located in very quite spots with plenty of shelter. With obvious reason.

I was 23, with no real sexual experience other than fingering a few girls in high school.

Well, this one Sunday morning in early February on a walk it was bouncing it down with rain so I headed for shelter in a viewing bunk about 2 miles into my ramble. Armed with flask and rucksack, the hood on my raincoat covering 90% of my face I opened the hut door to be be flabbergasted with what I found.

Two fellow ramblers going at it like rabbits. The guy fucking the women from behind like a battering ram.

At first they weren’t aware I was there as they didn’t stop. Or at least I didn’t think they’d heard. The rain was hammering it down and most likely drowned the sound of me entering. That,  and the sound of the women groaning like a good ‘un.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry” I said, all embarrassed !

To my amazement, they weren’t that bothered. At least she wasn’t. He pulled up his pants but she kind of stayed arched over with her arse in the air and hands on the side board.

”Don’t be embarrassed” she said. Stay and a while ‘til the rain stops.

By this time she had zipped up a little and was helping me out of my sodden jacket. Then jumper, then waterproof trousers.

There I was, stood sharing a hut with two forty somethings, in my thermals thinking wtf, but horny as fk. This women was stunning, slim, toned, busty with long blonde hair and a great arse !

After a few awkward minutes, with seemingly nowhere to go they were recruiting me to take pictures of them fucking in every angle imaginable!

I was intrigued, hard as a rock and bursting with excitement.

They could see I was a novice, and asked if I was interested in being in the photos.

Well I was very interested but omg I wasn’t expecting this today ! Who would be ?

When I told them I was a virgin it seemed to arouse them both more.

“I’ll show you the ropes” he said whilst  slipping his huge cock inside her from behind as she arched over again.

Slowly pumping in and out a few times.

”Go on, you have a go” she demanded “ I’ll be gentle”

She took down my thermal pants and grabbed by cock with both hands.

He then took the camera and began shooting away with one hand and wanking with the other !

She was gushing with juice and my cock went in a bit like throwing a hot dog down an entry.

The first time my cock had entered a women lasted 4 thrusts. About 3 seconds ! But oh fuck that was the best 3 seconds I’d ever had.

She then sucked me dry!

The guy was still wanking away but by this time his other hand was fingering her pussy as she literally blew me away.

When the rain stopped they both left and said they would be here again the following Sunday and I should come back to learn more.

Part 2 to follow