The Fun Show

Mark was walking through the derelict building with his girlfriend Sara who at sixteen years of age was the same age as Mark, both were known trouble makers and were skiving school. Simon who was two years younger than what Mark and Sara were was sitting in the building he was also skiving school, Simon was a bisexual boy who was hated and took a lot of abuse, Simon liked the derelict because it was on the edge of town and very few people went there. Sara saw Simon sitting on the floor and said to Mark ” look it is the fucking weird little bastard” Mark looked said ” probably having a fucking wank” Sara said ” bet he is hoping to watch you fuck me” Mark then asked her if she was wearing any panties and Sara told him no, Mark turned Sara so that she was facing him and started to rub her bum over her tight fitting school skirt, then got hold of the hem and pulled it right up exposing her naked bum, Simon  smiled at the sight, Mark said ” he likes your bum” Sara smiled, Mark turned her round and pulled the front of Sara’s skirt up,  Simon looked straight at Sara’s hairless love tube, Mark lowered Sara’s skirt moved his hands round the back and Simon smiled when Sara’s skirt fell to the ground and Mark started to unfasten her blouse and when it was undone slid it off her shoulders then undid her bra and removed it, Simon sat where he was looking in awe at a naked Sara admiring her ample boobs that had erect nipples which Mark started to squeeze making Sara moan, Sara said ” is that your fucking cock on my bum” Mark relied ” yes it is and it is going your cunt in a minute” Sara moved to one side and Simon saw Mark’s eight inch erection sticking up like a flag pole, Simon watched as Sara lifted Mark’s tee shirt over his head and off, Mark pushed Sara backwards and lay her on a table then took his joggers right off, Simon watched in awe as Mark slid his dick up Sara’s love tube and start to thrust in and out, Simon sat watching in disbelieve as the two trouble makers screwed away and after about ten minutes smiled when Mark pulled his dick from Sara’s love tube and squirted his cum in four long spurts over the ground, after a couple of minutes Sara and Mark dressed and walked away with Mark saying bet the weirdo loved watching us fuck, Simon got up looked out the window and saw the couple walking across the grass towards the fields and thought what a show that was. After a hour Simon saw Sara’s sister Cindy who was two years younger than what he was walking towards him with her best mate Carol who Simon knew was in Cindy’s class at school, Carol said” look it is weirdo what is he doing here” Cindy replied don’t know who cares then looked at Simon and said to Carol ” lets moon the dirty cunt” both girls turned their backs and lifted the back of their skirts and started to twerk, Simon smiled at the sight of their naked bums and watched the show, Carol turned and said ” look at the weird sod” Cindy turned and looked at Simon Carol said ” shall we” Cindy laughed and said ” why not” both girls lifted the front of their skirts, Simon looked at the very cute love tubes of both girls smiling as he did, Cindy spoke quietly into Carols ear who said ” yeah lets do it”  both girls then started to rub their love tubes then Carol inserted her fingers into her love tube and soon after Cindy did the same, Simon sat watching as the two girls masturbated and after ten minutes  saw Cindy gush and not long after Carol also gushed, the girls lowered their skirts and walked away with Cindy saying ” fucking weirdo” Simon sat watching the two girls walk away and thought if I am weird what are they but they can be weird anytime they want and I will even help them.