Amy was 16 years old she had just arrived home after visiting friends near the coast, while there she had seen an immigrants camp housing hundreds of immigrants and was appalled at the conditions they were living in and felt sorry for them and brought some food but knew it was not enough to feed everybody, Now she was back home intent on helping immigrants. It was a couple weeks after Amy had returned home and she had saved money and was going out with food for Immigrants. Two hours after going out Amy had given out all the food and was in the park sitting on a swing when she saw a young immigrant watching her she realised he was looking at her chest, Amy stood up, the boy shouted “show us your tits” Amy was surprised and walked home where she thought about what the boy had said, next day Amy went out not wearing a bra thinking it would show the outline of her boobs better giving the immigrants a bit of joy. She took food gave it out at one place she saw the way the boys were looking at her. After giving out the food Amy sat on the swings after awhile she saw the young lad who had called out the night before he looked as if he was not old enough to go to the big school, the boy was looking at Amy, she sat up straight smoothing her jumper down, the boy stopped walking and looked at Amy then walked on. After awhile two boys who Amy had seen while giving out food appeared she saw they were about her age, they stopped looked at her, again Amy smoothed her jumper down, the boys looked then went over said “don’t tease us get them out” Amy said “don’t mind you seeing me like this but that’s all” one of the boys said “fucking prick tease” one started to walk away the other quickly reached out grabbing one of Amy’s boobs, Amy flinched surprised at the grab and when the boy grabbed the other boob Amy flinched even more. The boy let go and walked away, Amy went home. Next night after giving out food Amy was in the park she saw the boy who had grabbed her boobs, the boy looked round then lowered the front of his joggers, Amy saw a very erect fat dick sticking out she stared, the boy started walking towards Amy his dick pointing out, Amy saw it was about 10 inches and was transfixed, the boy walked right to Amy who could not take her eyes off the massive dick when the boy started fondling Amy’s boobs through her jumper she did not flinch and when the boy slid his hands up the inside of  her jumper and cupped her naked boobs she never moved instead she was staring at the boys massive dick, the boy raised Amy’s jumper exposing her boobs then started licking her nipples which were sticking up erect as he did he unzipped Amy’s jeans and managed to slide them down before rubbing Amy’s moist slit, he lay Amy down on the grass pulled her jeans off and slid his dick right up her soaking love tube making her squeal in delight, he started thrusting in deep and hard making Amy moan with pleasure, after 20 minutes the boy pulled his dick out squirted on the ground, he looked at Amy who had cum 3 times, after a couple of minutes Amy stood put her jeans on and lowered her jumper before sitting on the swing, the boy told her nobody else would touch her if they did let him know, they sat talking for awhile, Amy saw the young boy approaching, she told the older boy what he had said, the older boy said “he is my brother let him have a look” Amy raised her jumper the young boy looked said “fucking hell tits” Amy put her jumper down and 10 minutes later was walking home.