Ex Step father Pt 1

Here I was. Approaching his front door. My recently separated step father. Mum left him about a month ago. He found her in bed with another guy.

Hes been with mum since I was 12. They married when I was 13. Now I’m 18 they have separated.

I knock on the door and wait. I am wearing a white cotton sleeveless dress with a low cut neck line. My B cup breasts been pushed up by my bra. The skirt showing off the most of my tanned legs. My long brunette hair hanging down my back.

He opens the door. Kevin a handsome business man 54 Average height, short greying hair, moustache. Hes wearing a suit with his tie loosened and top button on his shirt undone.

” Hi ” I say

” Simone ” he says come in ” Good to see you.” He offers me a drink as I walk in and stand against the kitchen bench.

“Ive just come to check on you to make sure your ok.” I say.

” Im fine ” he says handing me a drink off orange juice.

” Good ” I say. ” I miss you.”

” Do you ” he says sitting on the bar stool next to me, casting his eyes over my body. I know he likes my cleavage.

” I do,” I say sitting on the stool next to him. My skirt just covering my groin area.

” Hows your mum ? ” he asks

” Shes good, don’t like her new man.” I say.

” Bit of a shock ” Kevin says smiling at me I finish my juice. Its 6.30 Friday night.

He gives me a tour of the one bedroom unit. We get back to the kitchen. I sit back on the stool not worried about if he sees up my skirt. I’m usually careful about the way I sit. He sits on the stool next to me again. I know he has caught a glimpse of my underwear. I stand up in front of him. ” Can I stay the night ” I ask putting my hand on his knee.

” Stay.” He says.

” With you. Your bed.” I say

” Pardon, your want to …”

” Have sex.” I Say.

” Simone no, you are 18, Im 54. ”

” So Mum says never get involved with older men. She 7 years younger than you, but whats age.”

” Look, I’m flattered you want to but….”

” … but what. I’m 18, I’m not a virgin. No one has I know. ”

” We cant, “he says he stands up.

” I know you want me, your eyes haven’t left my cleavage or groin ” I say.

” Sorry. Your a very beautiful girl.” He says.

” Come on cut the I’m to young bullshit. Age difference. I’m 18. I can fuck who I want. I want you. ”

” Imagine if anybody found out” He said.

” No one can then.” I say. ” My pussy wants you. ” I reach behind my neck unzipping my dress. I pull it forward and push it down my hips to the floor. I stand there in my white floral bra and panties.

” Simone, shit.” He says as I step up to him.I reach for his hand putting it on my bust. He looks at me as he feels my bra with his hand.

” Fuck me ” I say I reach behind my back unclipping my bra. It loosens. I pull the straps down my arms and he takes his hand away as I pull it off and hold it up dangling it and drop it to the floor. My b cup breasts hanging in front of him.

He looks at me. My breasts there for him to see. His puts his hands on my hips one hand slids up to my breasts fondling them. He looks at me I smile, “You like them” I ask.

Our lips meet. We kiss. Our tongues finding their way into each others mouths. We kiss passionately.

” What about your boyfriend ? ” he asks. We stand. He watches his hands fondle my naked breasts.

” We broke up. I’m single now.” I say sliding my hand to his groin. I feel his bulge.

” You know Ive watched you grow up since you were 13. Ive watched you develop physically. Now here you are standing in front of me topless in your underwear your hand in my groin teasing my cock. You have nice breasts” I slide down his body to my knees and look up at him as I undo his belt and trousers pulling them to his feet. I look at the bulge in his underwear and pull them down his big 9 inch cock now in front of me. I look up and smile then look back at his fat shaft, his circumcised knob. The cock that used to fuck my mother. With my tongue I lift his cock my hands on his hips. I then guide it into my mouth, sucking it as I guide my mouth up and down his shaft.

” Ok fuck Simone, now your giving me a blowjob. ” He says watching his 18 yr old ex step daughter suck his cock. I grab his shaft and stroke it as I suck. Hes 54. Gosh hes 36 yrs older than me. My pussy now very moist. I lick his shaft and knob as I play with his cock.

” Nice cock.” I say. I lick and suck it. I taste his pre cum. It feels nice in my mouth.
He groans as I suck holding my head, he plays with my hair. After a while I stand up. He pushes me to the bench lifting me up onto it I lean back and open my legs. He guides my underwear down my legs, my pussy now on display. I push my hand to my pussy legs open Kevin leaning in I rub my clit and push my fingers down my pussy. As I slid it up I open my pussy lips with my fingers pulling them up.

He smiles as he licks up my pussy holding my pussy open with his fingers, licking up and down me. I groan as he tastes my wet pussy, my cum dripping onto his tongue, I am really horny and aroused. He licks my clit circling it. He slids a finger into me, slowly finger fucking my pussy as he licks. I want his cock, I need his cock in me now. He carries on, licking my pussy exploring every millimetre of it. He then kisses his way up my body to my breasts.

He smiles as he sucks my nipples. With a finger fingering my pussy he licks my nipples. Kissing my breasts. He kisses up to my lips french kissing me as he fondles my breasts. I take his tie off and undo his shirt. He stands and takes it off. He lifts me ogmff the bench. Me arms around his neck he holds my arse. He directs his cock to my pussy guiding it in me. We stand, my legs wrapped around him. He holds me as he thrusts my pussy.

He walks to the couch. He sits. I straddle him, sitting on his cock. It slids in me. I hold his shoulders as I ride him. He caresses my breasts. We smile at each other as he fucks me.

Fuck I think. I cant believe Im fucking him. His big cock in me. I feel it in me thrusting me. He groans, I groan. I orgasm as he cums. Shooting his cum up into my pussy.

I lean back as he finishes. His cum now dripping out of my pussy. I hug him and kiss him. I tell him its the best sex Ive had. He tells me its the best hes had. We kiss. Its now 7. 30. I get off. We walk to the shower. We shower together washing each others bodies down. We stand and kiss in the shower.

We get out and dry off. We walk naked to the kitchen. He pours us both a glass of wine. We stand in each others arms drinking and kissing naked. We go and get into bed together. If my mother knew I was fucking him.

We drink more wine. We get more drunk. 8.30. I get on too of him. I kiss down his chest to his hard cock. I put it in my mouth. I suck it he groans. I suck it for five minutes then straddle him. I lean down sliding my breasts over his body. Over his cock, his stomach his chest. I rub over him. I push his cock around with my breasts. Resting his cock on his stomach. I lay on it each breast either side.

I slid them up and down his shaft. I dangle my hair onto his chest lightly running it over him as I tit fuck his cock on his stomach. He groans and moans.

He rolls me to my back. He gets on top of me he kisses my lips down to my breasts sucking them. He rubs my pussy with his hardened cock. He lifts my legs guiding his cock back in my pussy thrusting me harder and deeper. He fondles and sucks my breasts as he thrusts me. I groan as the bed rocks. My head back legs open. Been fucked harder. His face embedded in my neck kissing my ear. I orgasm loudly as her thrusts me slapping against my groin. His cock thrusting in me harder. He cums again filling me again with his juices. We lay together kissing fondling. We fall asleep in each others arms.

We wake up next morning after a night of love making together. We kiss. We make love again. We say no one must know about this. I ask him if its a one night stand. Do you want it to be ? He asks. No I say. We agree on rules.

We now make love at least once a week, sometimes twice. I keep clothes at his place. No one knows. He buys me expensive lingerie.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.