Amy was working on her own in the family owned shop, the shop was closed but a late delivery was due, Amy had been stocking shelves ready for the morning opening and had just finished, she looked at her watch it was at least another hour before the delivery so she took a can of soft drink and a magazine and went in the back sat back in an easy chair and started to read her magazine. Amy was startled by a bang on the door which made her jump, she looked at the door and saw the delivery guy there,  Amy opened the door to Steve who at 17 years old was a year older than she was, Amy said “your early” Steve gave his normal reply of “always early for a nice cute girl like you” it took Steve 20 minutes to unload the delivery leaving them in the stock room he looked at Amy smiled said “I got some time to spare how about a quickie” Amy thought I will play him at his flirting that will scare of him, and rubbed her back side against his leg saying “aint time big boy” and got a surprise when Steve reached round cupped her boobs through her tight fitting tee shirt saying “how about now” Amy had not expected such a response and was stunned before she could react Steve had slid his hands down and up inside her tee sheet cupping her naked boobs, Amy recovered her senses and started to speak but when Steve squeezed her nipples it stopped her from speaking, before she knew it Steve had Amy’s tee shirt over her head and off Amy could hardly speak Steve started to suck her nipples which were now standing erect, Amy weakly said “no” as she did she felt Steve’s hand rubbing between her legs as he guided her backwards to the table and lay her down on it, Amy was feeling light headed she felt her jeans sliding down her legs and being pulled off, she tried to sit up but when she felt Steve start to lick her shaved clit she lay still, it felt as if her body was on fire and she was enjoying it, after a few minutes of licking Steve stood up lowered his jeans letting his 8 inch solid manhood spring out, Amy saw it and gasped as Steve slid it right up her moist love tube, as Steve banged away into her Amy started breathing heavy and moaning as the sensations swept her body, Steve banged in deep and hard making Amy moan even louder after 5 minutes Steve felt Amy gush seconds after he pulled out and squirted his load over the floor, he looked at the naked Amy said “I wanted you from the first time I saw you” Amy replied “when I said any time I was being sarcastic never thought you would and you were to quick for me  to stop” Steve did his jeans up gently patted Amy’s clit said “keep it warm” and left, Amy got dressed thinking to herself wonder when he next delivers and made a mental note to check.