Black Boy

Joel  was waiting on the deserted rail way station platform for the train that would take him home, the night before the train had not stopped at the station as it should have so tonight he had his fingers crossed and was hoping the train would stop, he looked at his watch saw the time was 9.45pm which meant the train should be another 15 minutes if it was on time. Joel knew the train would not have many passengers if any on it. As Joel waited on the platform the station master walked by told Joel no black boys allowed on the train, Joel laughed knowing the station master was joking as he often did with him, Joel saw the train approaching checked his watch and saw the train was early, when the train had stopped Joel boarded the train and saw as he had expected the carriage was empty, after a few minutes the door opened and Tina boarded the train, Joel knew Tina was 16 years of age which meant she was a couple of years older than he was, The train jolted forward and pulled away from the platform and soon was out of the small town and on it’s long journey to where Joel was due to be met by his best friend  Marcus. Joel looked at Tina who was looking out the window, Joel saw the top buttons on Tina’s blouse were open and he could see the side of one of her boobs, Tina dropped something on the floor when she bent forward to pick it up Joel saw the top of her blouse droop forward and he saw the whole of her boob which made him smile, Tina went down on hands and knees and started looking under the seat, Joel smiled he could now see both of the white girls boobs nipples as well, Tina got up saw Joel looking, she said ” you just been looking at my tits” Joel replied that they were there and sure he was going to look and did, Tina said ” dirty bugger” Joel just smiled, Tina undid her blouse pulled it open wide so that her naked boobs were on full view said ” have a proper look” Joel said ” you know the boys at school keep a chart of who has the best tits and your top” Tina told him she knew, Tina told Joel he had seen her tits now get his cock out, Joel stood undid his trousers let his dick come out, Tina looked said” fucking hell that is massive it aint even hard and it must be 8 inches” Joel smiled moved closer and cupped Tina’s naked boobs in his hand Tina reached down took Joel’s dick in her hand stroked it till it was standing up erect at 10 inches, then said ” that is fucking massive” Joel slid his hand between Tina’s legs and rubbed. Tina knelt down and started to lick Joel’s dick then started sucking the lip Joel pushed it in further making Tina gag a bit she carried on sucking after 5 minutes Joel told Tina he was about to spunk up, Tina carried on sucking and when Joel shot his cum into Tina’s mouth she swallowed it, not long after the pair had adjusted their clothes. At the station Tina walked off leaving Joel talking to Marcus, Tina was thinking to herself that she had just sucked the dick of a black boy younger than herself and swallowed his cum, when Joel and Marcus caught up with her and when Marcus told her he had the house to him self for 2 days as his folks were away and invited her round Tina readily accepted, as the trio walked down the walk Marcus felt the packet of Viagra in his pocket and smiled.