Steffi’s Punishment – Part Ten

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended.

Part Ten.

Steffi stood silently in front of Herr Bauer, her mind a mass of conflicting emotions. There was a lot of truth in what he said. Her life had gone completely off the rails since she came to Argentina. She had read somewhere in the documentation from the Institute that the total cost of her tuition, accommodation and Bursary was over 50,000 euros. She was lucky not to be facing criminal charges, and that was in no small part due to Herr Bauer. He seemed to have really pulled out all the stops to get her off any criminal charges. Even a drugs conviction would have horrified her parents, let alone newspaper stories back home. They could have just sent her back home, or withdrawn her accommodation. Then her parents would have had to try to find thousands of euros for accommodation they didn’t really have over the next two to three years. Instead of that she was even getting her own apartment. Maybe she had a lot to be thankful for, she thought, despite the searing pain shooting through her bottom and thighs. In the back of her mind, she remembered that she still had to persuade Herr Bauer not to contact her parents. That could still ruin everything. If she was compliant and didn’t complain about what had happened, perhaps that would gain her some credit and stand her in good stead with Herr Bauer. He was her Moral Tutor after all and had the right to discipline her. Despite the sudden trauma of the spanking, this would pass and her bottom would heal. It could certainly have been worse.

She was aware as well of the moist and warm feeling between her legs. She had always found Herr Bauer handsome, and the difference in their ages was no more than with Pablo. If he had the strength and authority to discipline her, she thought, then if he was on her side then he also had the strength and authority to protect her. She needed to win him over.

Herr Bauer pulled her towards him, and embraced her. As he hugged her, her hands still secured behind her back, a warm feeling went through her body like a charge of electricity. She made no attempt to cover her pussy and bottom, though this was scarcely possible anyway. He produced some tissue paper and wiped her tear stained face. It reminded her of her father spanking her as a little girl, when she was naughty, and how he hugged her afterwards. He reached behind her for her bound hands.

Steffi pulled away from him slightly, and shook her head. “No,” she said. “Don’t untie me. What you said is true. Ive been a really stupid bitch. Ive been a complete slut. I need a strong man with a firm hand to take me in hand and keep me under control.”

Herr Bauer held her by the shoulders and looked deep into her eyes. “Do you think you can keep to your curfew, and no more Argentine boyfriends, at least for a while?” he asked.

She melted into his arms. “Ill try,” she pouted. “But if I had you to take care of me, then I wouldn’t need any Argentine boyfriends, would I?”

Herr Bauer kissed her softly on the lips. She closed her eyes and kissed him back passionately, thrusting her tongue deeply into his mouth. She drew back, smiling, and tossed her hair back from her eyes. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you, Herr Bauer,” she said. “I thought you were so handsome when I first met you.” She realised there was so little she knew about him, even his first name. Katarina said she thought it was Werner, but she didn’t know.

It was time to take things further. “Have you got a girlfriend, Herr Bauer?” she asked in a whisper. Above all, she didn’t want to make him angry. “Ill be your girlfriend, if you like.” He kissed her again. The searing pain in her buttocks and thighs suddenly seemed less noticeable.

He reached behind her, and finally untied her hands. The leather strap fell to the floor.  It had been tied so tight that her hands had turned blue. There were deep marks in her wrists from the strap. Herr Bauer massaged her wrists and the circulation slowly returned to her hands. “I’m sorry I had to punish you so severely, Steffi,” he said.

“That’s okay,” she replied. “I deserved it.” She smiled, and he hugged her to him again. She made no attempt to cover herself up. It didnt seem important. They kissed again, passionately.

Steffi noticed a large bulge in the front of his trousers. She smirked and held her hand to her mouth. She ran her hands over the rear of his trousers, and left her hand over his crotch. The bulge seemed to expand. She couldn’t help herself. Steffi unzipped his trousers and pulled out an erect penis. “Oh, you’ve got a huge cock, Herr Bauer,” she said truthfully. He was bigger than either Pablo or Francisco.

She sank to her knees in her hold up stockings and high heels, her legs spread and her pussy on display. She tried to lift up her punished bottom slightly to ease the pain. The oral sex sessions in Pablos car certainly stood her in good stead. She was an accomplished expert in giving a blow job. If Herr Bauer wasn’t sure yet whether she was a complete slut, he soon would be, she thought.

Steffi took his cock in both hands and kissed the tip. She licked the shaft, and slid it into her mouth. He was huge, she thought, both in length and girth. She moved her lips up and down on the shaft. It filled her mouth, and he thrust deep into her mouth and throat, both hands on the back of her head to control her, thrusting in and out like a piston. her cheeks bulging in and out. She couldn’t breathe, and had to pull away from him several times to catch her breath. His cock was so hard it was like sucking on a piece of granite. He eventually groaned, and ejaculated in her mouth. A huge wad of creamy white sperm filled her mouth. Steffi gasped, choking and spluttering, and it came trickling out over her mouth and chin, and trickled down on to her blouse and bust. Oh My God, she thought to herself, Ive just given a man a blow job and I don’t even know his proper name. I really am a slut.

Herr Bauer helped her up and wiped her mouth and face with tissue paper. It reminded her again of the times when she was a little girl and her mother had wiped her face. But this time it wasn’t ice cream that was being wiped from her face.

Steffi put her arms on his shoulders. “You must think I’m a complete whore,” she said. “I don’t even know your first name.”

“Its Werner,” he said.

“I may be a complete whore, Werner,” Steffi pouted. “But now I’m your whore. You wont have to write to my parents, will you?”

“No,” he said. “You’ve accepted your punishment. I don’t think that will be necessary.”

Steffi beamed. Things hadn’t worked out too badly, she thought. She took her pencil skirt from the desk and slowly pulled it on. She winced painfully as she pulled it over her bottom and zipped up the skirt. She put her saliva slicked knickers in her handbag. I think Id better leave these off for the time being. They’re soaking wet anyway.”

Herr Bauer handed her a small tube of antiseptic cream. “This may come in useful,” he said. Steffi smiled. He was so organised. He seemed to think of everything. “You can wash your face in the bathroom next door,” he said. “Ill drive you back to the house afterwards. Ill get you a cushion for you to sit on in the car.” She was touched by these small gestures of concern for her welfare, despite the severe punishment he had just meted out to her.

Steffi washed her face and returned to the office. “Pack your things up tomorrow and Ill call round in the evening and take you to the apartment. I think you’ll like it. But don’t forget your curfew, and no more Argentine boyfriends. Its only for three months, then well review it.”

“Okay,” said Steffi. “But will you be the one coming round to check up on my curfew?”

“Who else?” said a surprised Herr Bauer. “I’m still your Moral Tutor.”

Steffi grinned. “That’s okay then.” Things hadn’t turned out too badly after all.


A few days later, Herr Bauer called at the new apartment to check on Steffi’s eight p.m. curfew. She answered the door, dressed only in a short white silk dressing gown. She still addressed him as Herr Bauer, despite all that had transpired between them over the past few days. It was a private joke between them. “Please come in, Herr Bauer,” she giggled. “I’m afraid Ive been very naughty again. You may have to punish me again.” She unfastened the belt of her dressing gown and let it fall to the floor.  She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.