Steffi’s Punishment – Part Nine

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended.

Part Nine.

Steffi lay prostrate face down over the desk top, with Herr Bauers left hand pressing the small of her back down firmly above her bare buttocks and thighs, her face turned to one side. She had lost all feeling in her bound hands. She felt so exposed. The fear of rape had subsided, but she dreaded what would happen next. Oh My God, hes going to do it all over again, this time on her bare bottom, she thought. Hadn’t he punished her enough already?

The blows rained down again in rapid succession. Herr Bauer struck her as hard as possible on each side of her bottom in turn, and in the cleft between her buttocks. With her skirt and knickers removed, her bottom bounced and quivered with each blow. The pain started to kick in properly after the third blow. She started and pursed her lips, then gasped open mouthed. Her head jerked back. She squirmed and tried to arch and jerk up her back and wriggle from side to side to escape the impact of the blows, but she was held down firmly and unable to move an inch. Her bottom and thighs remained a completely exposed and vulnerable target. The pain increased each time his hand fell on her buttocks and thighs. Her face was contorted with pain, and she grimaced at each stroke. She had remained silent for the first few blows, but began to cry out with increasing volume. “Oww. Aargh. No, no. Please. Stop. Please, stop. It hurts so much. I cant take any more. Please. Aargh. Aargh.” Each blow produced a verbal plea or protest. But her pleas had no effect. Tears welled up again and flowed down her cheeks. Her bottom was no longer cushioned by the skirt and knickers, and she had felt the difference immediately.

Herr Bauer spanked her continuously for about three minutes, though to Steffi it seemed to go on forever. Then he abruptly stopped. Her bottom and thighs were already discoloured from the previous spanking, but the crimson red of the target area had turned purple and black with livid bruising. Her buttocks were red hot and were radiating heat. Steffi buried her face on the table top, her eyes tightly shut, sobbing and whimpering softly. The pain was unbearable, but it began to merge with a warm, moist feeling between her thighs in a strange combination of pain and pleasure.

Herr Bauer placed his hand on her bottom and inspected his handiwork. Steffi lay still without further protest. He reached over and grasped her plaited pony tail, pulling her head back. Without any explanation, he reached over and picked up the discarded black knickers. He wadded them into a ball and pushed them into her open mouth. Then he tore off a large strip of adhesive tape and pressed it firmly over her lips, sealing the knickers in place. Steffi was horrified. Why had he gagged her? What else was he going to do to her? She tried to protest, her eyes wide with fear, but the muffled sounds coming from her mouth were barely audible. She was effectively gagged. She tried to get up from the desktop, but her bound wrists and ankles made that impossible. She was sure that she was now going to be raped.

Instead, Herr Bauer picked up the long, thick black leather strap from the desk and passed the loop at one end over his wrist. It was about eighteen inches long and quite rigid. “I need to reinforce the lesson I hope you will learn, Fraulein Muller. Your punishment will soon be over,” he said by way of explanation. Steffi tried to turn her gagged face towards him, looking at him with increasing apprehension. Surely he wasn’t going to use that on her as well?

Herr Bauer stepped forward again, lifted her up, and adjusted her position on the desk top. When he was satisfied, he pressed his left hand on to her back just above her bound wrists, anchoring her firmly in position. He ran his other hand over her bruised and discoloured thighs and buttocks, the strap dangling from his wrist.

He raised the strap and brought it down hard across her bottom. Her buttocks bounced and wobbled under the impact. A loud thwack echoed round the room. Steffi cried out in pain, but only a muffled sound emerged through the gag. One blow followed another in rapid succession as she was strapped over the desk. Her head jerked back and down again with each blow, but she was so firmly held in position that she could hardly move. No matter how much she tried to squirm and wriggle, she was unable to lift her back off the desk, or even move slightly to one side to escape the blows. Each stroke was more painful than the last. She closed her eyes tightly, her face contorted with pain. This was far worse than when he spanked her with his hand, she thought, and that was bad enough. How long was he going to go on for? Tears rolled down her face, but only a few incoherent muffled protests were audible through the wadded knickers filling her mouth and the adhesive tape sealing it shut. He strapped her steadily for what seemed like an eternity. The strokes merged into a steady rhythm and then suddenly stopped.

Steffi had no idea how many times she had been struck with the strap. It had seemed to go on for ever. The spanking had been awful, but this was totally unbearable. Her buttocks and thighs felt like they were on fire.

Herr Bauer stepped forward and placed the strap on the desk. “That will conclude your punishment, Fraulein Muller,” he announced in a matter of fact way. He ran his hand over her bottom and thighs and felt the heat radiating from the skin. The dark crimson and purple and black bruising from the spankings had been transformed into a series of livid welts and cuts that criss crossed her buttocks and thighs. He had actually broken the skin in a few places under the impact of the prolonged strokes. There were traces of blood on the surface of her skin along the welts. The surrounding area was a mass of purple and black bruising. He reflected that he had punished Steffi more severely than either of the two previous spankings he had administered.

Herr Bauer bent down and unfastened the strap binding Steffi’s ankles. He lifted her off the desk by her shoulders. She was unsteady on her feet and would have collapsed if he had not supported her. She stared into his face, wild eyed but unable to speak because of the gag. He turned her round and leant her standing unsteadily against the desk. The pain had not subsided, nor had the warm, moist feeling between her legs. She had long since lost any feeling in her bound hands.

Herr Bauer reached out and carefully peeled the adhesive tape from her mouth. He reached inside her mouth and removed the wadded knickers. Steffi coughed and spluttered and said nothing, her mouth dry. He went over to the desk at the side of the room. He poured a glass of water from a bottle and put it to her lips. She drank from the glass and coughed and spluttered again.

“You have taken your punishment well, Steffi,” said Herr Bauer. “Like a good German girl.” Steffi noticed that he had called her by her Christian name, for only the second time. She felt a strange sense of pride from his compliment, such as it was. Any sense of modesty had long since vanished. She was standing in front of him with her pussy and severely punished buttocks in full view, minus her skirt and knickers, her arms still bound behind her and her bust projecting forward. The severe beating and the conflicting emotions of the past few days had a strange effect on her, increasing the warm and moist feeling between her legs. She had never experienced anything like this in her life before.

Herr Bauer looked into Steffi’s face. She was broken, like a tamed horse. She would now obey any curfew and any boyfriend ban or other conditions that were imposed on her. “You are a very promising student, Fraulein Muller,” he said. “But you have gone completely off the rails and you have been acting in a very self destructive way. The punishment you have just experienced was intended for your benefit, to get you back on track and restore some structure and discipline in your life. What has just happened will deter any future  misbehaviour on your part and help you make the most of your opportunities here. The institute has invested many thousands of euros in your scholarship and Bursary. I take my responsibilities as your Moral Tutor seriously, both to yourself and your parents, and to the Institute.”


To be continued.