Steffi’s Punishment – Part Eight

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons is unintended.

Part Eight.

Steffi lay sprawled face down over Herr Bauers desk, her hands bound tightly behind her back with the leather strap. The beating had finally stopped. The rapid drumbeat of sharp stinging slaps ended, and the searing pain of each successive blow subsided into a sore, hot, throbbing painful ache across her bottom. She wanted desperately to rub her stinging bottom, but the leather strap cut deeply into her wrists and she began to lose feeling in them.

Oh My God, she thought, he must have spanked her 50, or more like 100 times. It seemed to have gone on for ever. What was he going to do now? She was completely helpless, and if he decided to rape her there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Even if she tried to scream and fight him, there was no one in the Institute on a Sunday to hear her. Just the dozy old security guard who had let her in. He was probably asleep in his office right now. Perhaps that was why he had told her to come to his office that day. Perhaps he had planned it this way.

Steffi couldn’t understand Herr Bauer. This handsome, enigmatic man had never said or done anything remotely inappropriate to her and the other girls at the house. She hadn’t got a clue what made him tick. But she felt instinctively that if he had the strength and confidence to beat her, then perhaps he also had the strength and confidence to protect her. She lay still and said nothing. She couldn’t afford to antagonise him in any way. She still had to persuade him not to write to her parents. If he did it would ruin everything. At least it seemed to be over now. Perhaps he would just let her go. Raping her would be completely out of character, but this beating was completely unexpected too. Pablo and Francisco had beaten her too, but only in the heat of the moment and nothing like this.

She didn’t know what to think. Her mind was a morass of competing emotions from the past few days, fear, anxiety, tension and stress, and now unexpected real physical pain. But as she lay there the strange alchemy of emotions produced a warm, moist stimulating feeling between her legs that she could not account for. She waited for what he would do next, turning her head to try to see what he was doing, tearful and open mouthed.

Herr Bauer leant over Steffi without saying a word. He pulled the top of her pony tail, forcing her head backwards, and gripped both her arms above the elbow with his other hand. He lifted her off the desktop and sat her down in her chair, her face flushed bright red. She winced as her buttocks touched the seat. Her bottom felt like it was on fire. She wouldn’t be able to sit down for days. She looked at him open mouthed, her face a mask of shock. “Why are you beating me like this, Herr Bauer? It really hurts. Cant you let me go now?” she pleaded.

“You have got off very lightly under the circumstances,” he replied. “You said that you would accept your punishment, and I intend to punish you again shortly.” Steffi gasped in disbelief. Surely he wasn’t going to spank her again? She had said she would accept any punishment, and it seemed he was going to hold her to that. She had no real option but to comply with whatever he wanted.

Herr Bauer stared at the seated Steffi for a moment. He could understand why the young men of Rosario beat a path to her door. He thought she was easily the most attractive of all the girls at the house. She was very striking, even statuesque, about 6 feet 2 or 3 inches in her heels. Her long golden hair tumbling down her back, her blue eyes, fresh face and fleshy lips put her almost into the supermodel category, he thought. Or maybe not. They were all as thin as stick insects. Her full bust was further emphasized by her bound arms, which thrust her breasts forward even though she was wearing a high necked blouse.

He wished they would give the job of Moral Tutor to someone else. He had been doing it for over four years now, and at times he seemed to do nothing else but chase around after a group of silly young little sluts from home who behaved like they had just been let out of a convent without ever seeing a man before. He would be frantically trying to catch up with all the time he had lost next week, and he wasn’t looking forward to it. All his plans for the weekend had gone up in smoke.

He had only spanked girls on two previous occasions. But he had to get it into their thick skulls that there were limits to how badly they could misbehave. And in a small number of cases, a kind word and a hard spanking seemed to work a lot more effectively than just a kind word.

After his few moments of contemplation, Herr Bauer went to the window and closed the blinds. Then he lifted Steffi bodily off the chair by her shoulders and she stood weakly in front of him. He put his hand on her bottom over her tight pencil skirt. He unbuttoned the waist band and unzipped the skirt, pulling it down over her hips to her feet. “Step out of your skirt, Fraulein Muller,” he ordered her. So he was going to rape her after all. She did as she was told and stared at him, eyes wide in fear. Better not to fight him or resist him, she thought. There wasn’t anything she could do about it anyway.

Steffi stood in front of him minus her skirt, in her black knickers, black hold up stockings and high heels. She started as he pulled her knickers down to mid thigh and put his hand on her bottom. Her bottom was so sore that she winced in pain at his touch. Her buttocks and upper thighs were a crimson red contrasting with the surrounding pale skin. He folded her skirt and placed it on the edge of the desk.

Herr Bauer pulled down her knickers and told her to step out of them. They joined the skirt on the desk. Steffi felt a mounting sense of humiliation that had been absent when she was enduring the spanking itself. Her pussy and badly punished bottom were completely exposed and vulnerable. He picked up the other thin black leather strap similar to the one that bound her wrists. He bent down and fastened it tightly round her ankles. Steffi looked at him quizzically, by now completely bewildered. How was he going to rape her with her legs tied? It just didn’t make sense.

“I don’t want you kicking your legs up again when it hurts, Fraulein Muller,” he said by way of explanation. He pushed her back face down over the desk top again. Was he going to beat her again? Surely he wasn’t. “I will continue with your punishment in a moment.”

Steffi experienced a rising sense of panic. “No, please, you cant, Herr Bauer,” she pleaded. “You’ve already punished me, and I’ve learnt my lesson. ” She realised that she was going to be beaten again, but this time without the protection of her skirt and knickers. “Cant you at least do it over my skirt? Please, not without my knickers.”

Herr Bauer held her down in position on the desk top, his left hand pressed firmly into the small of her back. He raised his right hand to begin again.


To be continued.