Spanked Or Not

Sixteen year old Mia was walking with her ten year old sister through the woods near to where they lived, it was early afternoon and very warm, as they walked Mia saw Martin who was a couple of years younger than what she was and lived in the same street that she lived in and lived just a couple of houses away from the house she lived in, Martin walked past the two girls and did not say anything as he walked past them, as Martin got a few feet in front of the two girls Mia saw that the to of his shorts were low and the some of his bum was showing, Mia told her sister to look and got the reply from her that she could see, the two Indian girls walked along looking at the top of the white boys bum and after a minute Martin pushed his hands down the back of his shorts as he did his shorts slid down and the two girls could see the whole of Martins bum which Martin was rubbing Mia saw that it was red, after a minute Martin pulled his shorts up, Mia walked up to  and Martin and grabbed his arm saying to him ” you dirty little bugger my sister and I have just seen your bum she is only ten, Martin said sorry   I did not know you could see, Mia told him that he was going to be sorry and was going to get a spanking, Martin looked at Mia and said ” what” Mia told him again that he was going to get a spanking and added that she was going to put him over her knees pull his shorts down and spank his bare bum, Martin replied  ” like hell are you” Mia dragged a struggling Martin a few yards to where there was a  large tree stump, her sister followed and watched as Martin struggled to get free but could not, and Mia pulled Martin’s shorts down her sister smiled as she saw the white boy’s  four inch dick that had a few hairs round the top, Mia sat down on the tree stump and pulled Martin down over her knees and started spanking the boys bare bum, Martin struggled as Mia spanked him with her sister watching, after giving Martin twenty slaps Mia pushed Martin off her knees onto the ground, Martin stood up pulled up his shorts and ran off , Mia walked towards her home with her little sister who was happy at having seen a white boys dick, Mia knew Martin would not tell anybody what had happened because Martin loved it when Mia spanked his bum and loved it even more when she sucked his dick dry, he knew that tonight when he went to the shop Mia would suck his dick dry and swallow all of his cum.