How I started to become a sissyboi

Well for me I was 12 years old over at my two buddies house (twins) playing hide and seek. I hid in their hot 17 year old sister’s room and I don’t know why but I opened her dresser drawer and found the nicest VS light blue Lycra thong. I put that on and instantly when it went up my cheeks I got hard. Right then I felt different and went into denial about it the I’m not gay thing. So accumulated a panty stash over my 20’s had girlfriends which two found some panties and broke up with me. So my last gf liked it in the ass and had left some poppers at my house “Rush”. So I huffed some and jerked and banged my ass with a toothbrush handle to sissy hypno porn and came harder than I ever have. Next time I got fucked up I came home and was about to have a session when I thought to be risky and go to the porn shop by my house. I was in the shop looking at shemale porn DVDs about to go check out the video arcade booths when this man in about early 50’s late 40’s came up and asked if I thought those movies were hot. I said yeah and he said you wanna go have some fun I said yes and he said you have a place or a good spot. My roommate was home at the time do I said no but I think I might know somewhere if you wanna get in our cars and follow me. So there I was driving him behind me so fucking nervous and thinking of chickening out. That’s when I remembered I had those poppers I huffed for like 10 mins straight till I found this secluded park. So he gets in my car I pull down my shorts with no underwear on and revealed my totally shaved hard cock he smiled and started to grab it and rub my chest felt good. So then he pulls his pants down his dick is smaller and hairy but had a day mushroom head. I was so horny I just didn’t think and went straight down started sucking my first cock. While I was bobbing he started to finger my smooth asshole and asked if I like that I didn’t stop sucking to answer just spread my cheeks more and he said that’s what I thought a couple mins later I stopped to tell him to use two fingers when I did he shot out a huge load on my car floor I was a lil let down. Like a dumbass he asked for my number I said just look for me at porn shop. Well couple weeks later it closed and never seen him again. So that’s where I am now not sure if I’m a sissyboi or was it just one time thing.