The new family had been living in the street for just over a week Steve was sixteen and in the previous town the family had lived in was hated because he was a flasher and peeping tom, the residents in the town got fed up of Steve’s behaviour and when the police failed to take any action against Steve the residents took action them selves and made life very difficult for Steve and his mother and forced them to move out, Since the death of his dad a few ago Steve’s mother had started to drink heavy and was now drunk more times than she was sober and never remembered one day from the next, Steve had seen sixteen year old Amy who lived next door to him and her sister Tina who was a few years younger Steve liked the fact that both girls had long blonde hair. Steve saw the parents of Amy and Tina drive away in their car and knew from a previous conversation that they were going away for the weekend leaving Amy to look after her sister. Unbeknown to Steve Amy had been told what Steve did at his previous house. A hour after her parents had left for the weekend Amy called Steve and invited him in, Steve went when he entered the house he saw Amy was wearing just a dressing gown but there was no sign of Tina. Steve sat down in an arm chair while Amy made a drink, while Amy was making the drink Tina walked into the lounge Steve was surprised to see that Tina was naked he could clearly see her love tube and budding boobs, Tina said ” hi” walked into the kitchen got a drink and walked back out with Steve admiring her cute bum,  Amy came out the kitchen put Steve’s drink on the coffee table looked at Steve and told him that they knew he was a flasher and a peeing tom so to save him straining his eyes to see the girls had decided to give him a show, she then took her gown off and stood naked, Steve looked wide eyed at Amy’s ample boobs and shaved love tube, the lounge door opened and Tina came back in still naked sat in the arm chair opposite Steve with one foot on the ground and her other foot dangling over the arm of the chair Steve looked at Tina’s wide open love tube, Amy looked at Steve smiled said ” come on you can strip naked if you want, Steve stood and started to undress and when he was naked Amy said ” fuck you got a massive cock” Tina said ” yeah and it is nice and hard” Amy sat in a chair and dangled a leg over each arm of the chair and said ” that cock must be nine inches” and looks like it is ready for some action” Steve smiled and told the girls his dick was nine inches and sure was ready for action, he then walked closer to Amy and started to rub her boobs, Amy smiled said if you fuck me you fuck my sister as well, Steve smiled said ” no problems who is first” Tina got out of the chair said ” me” and lay on the floor parting her legs as she did, Steve got up went over to Tina and was soon sliding his throbbing dick into Tina’s love tube which made her cry out with pleasure as she felt Steve’s dick slide in Steve started thrusting in and out with Tina moaning with pleasure, after a short while Steve felt Tina cum,  he looked at her Amy who was laying on the floor, Amy said ” come on fuck me you fucking perv” Steve pulled his dick out of  Tina moved over to Amy and soon slid his throbbing dick into Amy’s waiting willing and wet love tube pushing in as deep as he could making her moan out loud, Steve stared to thrust in deep and hard, after pounding away at Amy for ten minutes Steve felt her cum and after a few more deep thrusts pulled his dick out of Amy’s love tube and squirted his cum up Amy’s body as he did Tina said ” yeah spunk” Steve lay down beside Amy as he lay there Steve heard the door bell ring, Tina ran to the window looked out of it and said ” oh good it is Martin and Mary” Amy said to Steve ” be prepared for a pleasant shock” Tina ran to the door Steve heard it open then slam shut which was followed by voices Tina then ran back in the room saying Martin has already got a fucking hard on, then Mary and Martin walked into the room, Steve immediately realised they had both lived near him in the previous town he had lived in and that he had flashed Mary a few times, before Steve could say anything Mary raised her jumper over her taking it off revealing her naked boobs Steve stared hardly believing his eyes, Mary smiled undid her skirt let it drop to the floor and stood naked, Mary said ” can he use that cock” pointing at Steve’s now erect again dick, Amy said “get on the floor and find out” Steve watched as Mary lay on the floor and parted her legs, she looked at Steve who was sat looking at Mary in disbelieve, Mary said ” come on big boy come fuck me let’s see how good you are” Steve got up of the floor looked at Steve who was stood naked with Tina sucking his dick, Steve moved to Mary knelt between her open legs bent forward and slid his dick right up Mary’s love tube finding it wet, Steve pushed in as deep as could go pulled part way back then pushed in again going very deep and hard then started to thrust in and out going as deep and hard as he could with each inward thrust, Mary was groaning breathing heavy and saying ” oh yes fuck me you dirty cunt keep fucking me”  Steve carried on pounding away feeling  Mary cum after a few minutes, Steve carried on thrusting away and soon felt Mary cum a second time Steve carried on thrusting away as he did he heard Martin yell out yes he looked at him and saw cum dribbling down Tina’s chin, he the looked at Amy and saw her rubbing her love tube, Steve carried on thrusting away into Mary and felt her cum foe=r a third time before he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over Mary’s body, Steve lay on the floor looked at Mary who smiled and said ” you sure know how to fuck a girl” and stood up looked at Amy said ” your going to have this perv living next door to you” Amy smiled said ” yeah a cock when ever I want it and you will only get it when you visit thanks for the tip off “