Wrong Hole

The big tanker was parked out side the back of the big mansion with the large pipes from the tanker connected to the intake pipes of the mansion, 17 year old Steve the assistant to the tanker driver was just pulling the lever on the tanker to the deliver position after doing so and hearing the delivery motor start he sat down and lit up a cigarette. Inside the mansion 16 year old Amy the daughter of the man who owned the mansion was sitting by the swimming pool reading her book. It was well known that Amy was a snob and did not like the working class people and was always calling them dumb and a disgrace to the human race. Steve looked at his watch saw it was 2.30 pm and phoned his depot to find out how long Joe the tanker driver would be, Joe had returned to the depot to get  more delivery notes. The depot told Steve that Joe would be a hour at least, Steve told the depot he had started the transfer, the depot staff asked Steve if the blockage in the pipe had been cleared, Steve asked them what blockage adding the pipe was clear, then told them one pipe was blocked so he had used the other, when asked what colour was the pipe he was using Steve told them it was the green one, the depot quickly told Steve to stop the transfer it was the wrong pipe, Steve quickly pulled the emergency stop lever and heard the motor stop as he did, the depot told Steve he had been pumping the cleaning fluid for the dry cleaning laundry into the swimming pool, Steve asked would they know, and was told the mixture would cause any fabric it came into contact with to dissolve, Steve was told to warn those in the mansion not to use the swimming pool and the firm would sort things out. Steve put his phone away and walked round to the front of the mansion as he passed the side he saw through the swimming pool windows and saw Amy posed on the side of the pool about to dive in, Steve knocked on the window, Amy looked at the window saw Steve ignored him and dived into the pool and swam the length of the pool turned swam back then climbed out, Steve smiled as he saw Amy was naked her swimming costume had dissolved, Steve smiled at the sight of Amy’s cute naked backside and when she turned Steve’s smile got wider as he saw Amy’s boobs and hairless love tube, Steve stared hard, as he looked he saw Amy’s nipples suddenly grow erect, he tried the door found it unlocked opened it and went in, Amy looked at Steve started to speak then laughed as Steve tripped on a towel and fell into the swimming pool,  Amy then noticed she was naked Steve climbed out the pool Amy saw that Steve was also naked and he had a full erection of about 9 inches, Steve explained about the wrong fluid being pumped into the pool adding the cock up was his fault, Amy laughed at the unintended pun saying it certainly is and pointed at Steve’s dick, Steve looked down said ” ah that cock up is your fault” they both laughed, Amy walked over to Steve said I better help sort things out and to Steve’s surprise took hold of his dick and started stroking it, Steve reached up started to rub Amy’s boobs Amy got Steve by the arm took him through into the main part of the house and pulled him down on top of her as she lay back on the sofa, Steve was soon sliding his dick into Amy’s love tube which was soaking wet, Steve started thrusting away and soon heard Amy breathing heavy and moaning Steve thrust away for 20 minutes before he squirted his cum over Amy’s body he looked at Amy who he had felt cum three times, the pair lay side by side then they heard a noise Amy went to the door looked through it said ” it is some of my mates swimming come and look” Steve went and smiled as he saw 8 girls standing by the pool each of them naked.