The Start

12 year Steve was sitting on the sofa at his best mates house, his mate Mark had gone to the shops after telling Steve to wait for him and he would be back soon, Steve’s 16 year old sister Tina was in her bedroom getting ready to go out when the house phone rang, Tina yelled out to Steve telling him to answer the phone Steve did it was Tina’s boyfriend Tony, Steve yelled out who is was, Tina came out her room sat by the phone wearing just a towel, Steve sat opposite her then got a surprise he could see part of one of Tina’s nipples over her towel, Tina reached up with her free hand to scratch her head Steve smiled when her other nipple appeared, after a minute Tina put the phone receiver down and stood up as did her towel fell to the floor leaving her naked, Steve looked at Tina’s naked boobs and shaved slit, Tina said ” shit” put her arm over her boobs and other hand between her legs and ran to her room, Steve admired her cute bum as she went, he picked Tina’s towel went to her room with it said to Tina ” you look better naked” and ducked as she threw a cup at him, Steve went back to the sofa and twenty minutes later Tina walked out her room dressed, Steve smiled then told Tina she looked better with out any clothes on, Tina gave him a friendly push and told him not to tell anyone what he had seen. Tina took the short cut through the park where she saw Mark Steve’s brother who  was a couple of years older than him, Mark said ” hello flasher you flash my brother” Tina nodded saying unlike you he saw me naked” Mark looked said ” lucky bastard” Tina walked away as she did she lifted the back of her skirt showing her naked bum, Mark smiled. twenty minutes later Tina returned she told Mark her boy friend did not show up then said ” lets go see if your brother has gone” and walked towards where she lived with Mark following, when they got there Tina looked round told Mark the house was empty, when Tina’s phone rang she answered it said to Mark be back in a minute and went to her room, ten minutes later Tina called out asking Mark where he was, Mark replied telling her the lounge and smiled broadly as Tina walked into the room naked and stood in front of him with her legs open giving Mark a better look at her slit, Tina looked at Mark smiled said ” strip” Mark looked at Tina who said ” come on strip unless you don’t want to fuck me” Mark quickly started to undress and was soon naked his 7 inch erection throbbing Tina lay on the floor legs open, Steve got down and was soon sliding his dick into Tina’s love tube pushing in deep before he started thrusting away, Tina said ” oh yeah go on fuck me” Mark started pounding into Tina and after 5 minutes felt her cum soon after he was shooting his cum up her body, they lay side by side for awhile Tina told him he fucked good, got up gave him two pills telling him they were Viagra  he would need them then called out Amy Mark smiled as Amy Tina’s best friend walked out of Tina’s room naked followed by her sister who was Steve age also naked. A few hours later Mark was walking home hardly believing he had been sucked off by two 16 year old girls and fucked three girls and was seeing them all tomorrow.