The Shop

Kabir was working alone in the small corner shop that was owned by his family, he hated having to work till midnight on a Saturday night when his mates were out enjoying them selves, he thought that at sixteen years of age he should not be working late, he looked at his watch and saw that the time was eleven fifty five and was glad that there was only five minutes to go before closing time so went outside of the shop and started to pull down the security shutters, as he was lowering the shutters he saw Tracy who was in his class at school enter the shop, he knew Tracy was a trouble maker so he stayed clear of her. Kabir went back into the shop and saw Tracy standing by the counter, as Kabir walked to the counter he saw the zip on Tracy’s jumper was partly down and he could see the side of her boobs, Tracy asked for some cigarettes and as she put money on the counter she dropped some on the floor and bent to pick it up, Kabir’s eyes went wide when he saw the top of Tracy’s jumper fall forward and he saw the whole of Tracy’s boobs, Tracy stood up looked at Kabir and said ” did you have a good look” Kabir said ” what” Tracy smiled and said ” did you have a good look at my tits” Kabir smiled and told Tracy that he had seen them when she bent forward, then to his utter surprise Tracy pulled the zip of her jumper right down and opened the front of her jumper saying ” have an unobstructed view” Kabir stared at Tracy’s naked boobs smiled and said ” they are lovely” Tracy stood there with her boobs on show, Kabir walked round the counter telling Tracy he needed to lock the lock, Tracy reached out and rubbed Kabir’s crutch telling him to hurry up and do so, Kabir could hardly believe what Tracy had just done and said but went and locked the door after doing so he turned and saw Tracy was stood with her jeans wide open, Kabir smiled went over to Tracy and cupped her ample boobs in his hands and rubbed while he was doing so he felt Tracy rub his crutch then start to undo his trousers, Kabir said ” lets go out the back ” and lead Tracy by the hand out the back into the store room then went back and locked the main door, when he went back to the store room he smiled  broadly as he saw Tracy laying on the table naked with her legs open giving him a good clear view of her love tube, Kabir stripped naked stood between Tracy’s open legs then eased his seven inch erection into Tracy’s love tube and started to thrust away pushing in as deep as he good as he did he saw Tracy’s nipples were fully erect so he started to pinch them making Tracy cry out in pleasure, Kabir pounded in and out as deep and hard as he could and after making Tracy cum twice he pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over her body, Kabir got a cloth and cleaned his cum from Tracy’s body, after they had both dressed Tracy left the shop and walked away, next night Kabir was in the shop when Tracy walked in with her sister Amy who was two years younger than what she was, Tracy stunned Kabir when she said to him ” Amy needs a good fucking” Kabir looked at Amy who raised her tee shirt showing him her naked boobs which had fully erect nipples, Kabir locked the shop up and went into the back of the shop and watched as Amy stripped naked, Kabir was soon sliding his dick into Amy’s moist love tube and started to thrust away, Amy was soon moaning saying ” yes fuck me” and after a few minutes Kabir felt Amy cum and as she did she cried out ” yes oh yes” Either Amy or Tracy visited Kabir every night when he was alone at the shop, Kabir looked forward to the visits and decided that working late in the shop was better than being out in the town with his mates, Both Tracy and Amy decided that having sex with a Bengali boy was really good.