Mark and Brianna (Reawakening)

Mark – It had been about a year since Louis left Germany, and about 7 months since Brigette departed back to the states.  I received new order to transfer back to the western U.S. We both would miss Germany but were ready to be close to family.

We decided to take a full thirty days of leave to visit both of our families.  We visited my family first as they lived closer to where we were stationed.  My dad was a retired army Colonel and now ran his own construction company.  My mom was a guidance counselor at a local high school.  Which gave her and Brianna a lot to talk about.  I was the oldest of three.  Two younger sisters now both in college.

We stayed with my parents and even though they have a large house they offered us the pool house to allow us privacy.  We had a great time and I got to meet up with some old friends.  Of course Brianna  was a hit with them, but no so much with some other their wives.

I invited a bunch of them over for a pool party and of course Brianna wore a bikini like all the other wives.  But when the guys caught a look at her body with her multi colored dragon tattoo I could feel the tension rise from some of the wives.  Other less insecure wives approached Brianna and showed off their own tattoos or the ones without asked her questions.

Watching the guys lust after her or trying to get close to her while playing games in the pool.  Rekindled my desire to watch her have sex.  There were other attractive wives there, but Brianna was the only non-white woman and absolutely the most exotic or sensual woman there.

That night we had great sex and I told her about how I wanted to watch her have sex again.  We had not been with anyone since Brigette.  Brianna said she often fantasized about it, but part of her doesn’t want to go through the inevitable emotional loss again.  I laughed and said that was pretty deep for a twenty six year old.  I told her I understood where she was coming from.  She however said she would keep an open mind.

We said our farewells and left for California to visit Brianna’s family.   Her dad owned his own towing company and her beautiful Thai mom ran her own restaurant.  Brianna was the youngest of four and the only girl.  Two of her brothers were in the army her youngest worked for her dad.

We stayed with her parents and her dad still acted like his baby girl was that pristine little girl he raised.  Boy if he knew about our time in Germany it would not end well.  Brianna was able to reconnect with some girl friends.  One in particular Keisha  was single and very attractive.  She was about 5’9″ tall, very fit with long braided hair and a perfect smile.  She came by Brianna’s parents house to visit us.  I got to hear stories about how both of them led sheltered childhoods.  Brianna showed her tattoo and she freaked asking if her dad had seen it.  Brianna said hell no!  We all laughed at her seriousness.

Keisha was driving an expensive car and Brianna teased her and asked her if she had a sugar daddy because the last she knew Keisha was a receptionist.  Keisha asked if I would go get some wine and tossed me her keys.  I was out in a flash driving a car I couldn’t afford.  When I got back there was a noticeable change in the girls.  I poured the drinks and we talked about the last few years leaving out Louis and Brigette.

Two nights later Brigette said let’s go to the movies in front of her parents.  She also told them we may go out for a while after the movie.  I was game so we headed out.  Brianna was carrying a backpack and I thought she was carrying food contraband for the movie.  We got in the car and and she immediately told me to follow her directions.  The next thing I know we are at a big fancy hotel.   I am thinking all right!

We checked into a room and she emptied the contents of her back pack.  She pulled out some pants a shirt and shoes of mine as well as socks and boxers.  She had my shaving kit and her makeup bag as well as a sexy bra and panty set.  She told me to iron my clothes and hurry up and shower.  She was in a big hurry but I went along.  She showered and primped while I ironed.  Then while I showered I heard a knock on the door.  Then another female voice.

When I came out of the shower there was Keisha looking great in a short tight dress and really high heels.  She is big chested like Brianna but a longer slimmer build.  She has narrower hips but a nice round ass with amazing legs.  Brianna was slipping on a similarly revealing dress and high heels.  Brianna finished dressing and told me to dress and meet them downstairs in the bar in about thirty minutes.  I said what’s up she just smiled and said trust me and gave me a hot kiss.  Then they walked out.

I took my time dressing and made my way down to the bar.  Upon entering I saw it was pretty crowded and there was a DJ playing dance music.  There must have been some type of convention.  There were more men than women but still a pretty good mix. I looked for Brianna and finally spotted her sitting at a table with Keisha and two guys.  One white the other black.

They both appeared to be in their 40s, the white guy was a stocky build with salt and pepper hair.  The black guy was tall with a slim build and a shaved head. I went to the bar and sat where I could see them and the dance floor. Brianna finally noticed me and gave me a slight smile before turning her attention back to their conversation.  The guys eventually asked the girls to dance.  Brianna pairing up with the black guy and Keisha the white guy who with her heels was taller by two inches.

They danced a few dances and returned to their table and ordered another round of drinks.  Brianna went to the restroom and walked past me and handed me a note.  I felt like I was in a fucking spy movie.  I read the note and it said when they leave I should follow but go back to our room.  Now I was getting interested as to where this was going.  They finished their drinks and Keisha leaned into the white guy and he smiled and nodded yes.  They paid their bill and got up and walked out the girls walking ahead of the men. The guys engrossed with their swaying asses.

I had already paid my tab and followed them out of the bar. I then followed them to the elevator and we all got in.  Neither of the girls acknowledged me and the guys both had shit eating grins.  I asked them if they were with a convention and they were.  I noticed they both had wedding rings on.  We arrived at our floor and walked in the same direction down the hallway.  I stopped at the vending machine and I noticed they stopped at the room next to mine.  Keisha opened the door and they all walked inside with the black guys hand on Brianna’s ass.

This was going to happen and my dick was getting hard.  I was thinking how did they meet these guys?  Random pickup?  I entered my room hearing laughing and talking next door.  I heard guys taking pisses and water running.  The talking finally wound down.  I started hearing the guys saying things like “Yeah suck it.”.  Then I heard Brianna moan and Keisha started talking nasty.  Brianna was grunting with what sounded like long deep thrust.  Then she let out a moan that told me she was cumming.  I listened to them fuck for quite a while.  The white guy came first.  The black guy lasted longer and was fucking Brianna silly.  Brianna came again.  There was a pause and now it appeared Keisha was taking his black dick.  She came with a long Ahhhhhhh!  They talked a short while afterwards and the guys left all giddy as they walked past my door.

My room phone rang and it was Brianna she asked if I liked what I heard?  I replied yes.  She told me to come next door.  I walked in and the king size bed was a mess.  Brianna was laying down on her side and after Keisha let me in she layed down spooning Brianna from behind.  I said what the hell was that?  Keisha laughed and said do you think I can afford that car on my receptionist salary?  She nodded over to the desk and there were hundred dollar bills in a small pile.  I said you are a…..escort she cut me off.

Brianna told me about their conversation when I went for the wine.  That Keisha was a high class escort.  Brianna had told her about our lifestyle.  Brianna also said she enjoyed having sex with other people but she no longer wanted long term relationships other than with me.  So Keisha came up with this idea.  She asked me if I was ok with it as she looked at the bulge in my pants.  They freshened up and I undressed and layed down.

They joined me on the bed and Keisha grabbed my dick smiled and said no charge as she and Brianna took turns sucking me.  I fucked them both and came on Keisha’s ass as she ate Brianna to an intense orgasm.  Brianna and Keisha repeated this scheme a few more times over the years.  Briana even pulled it off solo a few times to be told in a future story’s.

We left and Keisha stayed behind the night was young and she worked late on the weekend.  Brianna refused any money because that wasn’t why she did it.  Which we discussed when we got back to her parents house plus a shocking revelation.


Brianna –   After our time with Louis and Brigette I knew Mark still wanted an open relationship and honestly I did too.  But the emotional loss I felt after getting so close to Louis and Brigette was tough to go through.  Mark didn’t press me to do anything and gave me time to work through it.  Our sex life was great, but after our experiences it left us both wanting.  We enjoyed our last year in Germany and did some traveling.  We also spent a lot of time at the gym together.  I would get approached or ogled at the gym often and I would get tempted at times but never acted on it.

We returned to the states and visited Marks family first.  Again the reaction I got from his male friends made me feel sexy.  The reaction I got from some of there wives made me want to seduce their men.  Mark as usual picked up on men paying me attention and asked if I was ready to try again.  He said he really wanted to watch me with another man or woman again.

We then traveled to spend time with my family.  My dad was just the same as always.  Saw me in shorts and told me I should be wearing a long dress.  About a week into the visit my best friend growing up Keisha came by my parents house.  My parents were at their jobs so it was just us three.  I did ask her about her expensive car.  She took that moment to send Mark on an errand.

She then told me she was tired of being broke and tired of broke men.  She then explained she also worked for an escort service that catered to men with money.  I said girl you are lying and she looked me right in the eye and said it was true.  She said she could make more money on a weekend than she did in two weeks as a receptionist.  Some times a lot more.  For some reason I felt I needed  to confess as well.  I told her about Mark and my experiences.  She laughed and said we were two peas from the same pod.  I asked her a lot of questions.  Was she ever scared?  What if the guy was unattractive?  What about health concerns?

She said the clientele were pretty exclusive so she never felt she was in any danger.  There were clients that were not attractive,  but they were clients and she treated them all the same.  Plus some of the ugly ones were better fucks.   She again said the clientele were exclusive and they always had to be willing to use condoms.  She asked why we stopped and I told her about how I got too emotionally caught up.  She laughed and said she did not have that problem because it was mostly business often accompanied with pleasure.  She did have a few customers that wanted more.  She told them they could stay customers only if they stopped with that kind of talk.

Keisha then came up with and idea for me to walk in her shoes.  Have a little fun and also include Mark.  So we set a date.  She would get two clients and tell them I was a trainee.  She explained the two room plan.  But I would have to figure out the Mark piece.  She also dropped a bomb on me I will explain later.

Jumping ahead to Mark and I getting to the hotel.  I was already running a little late.  Mark was all questions but thankfully he listened to me and did what I asked.  He figured we were at a hotel and getting some ass was in his future.  When he walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. I thought why can’t I just be content  with my hunk of a husband?  I stood up and Keisha zipped me up and I got my answer when Keisha said we needed to go.  I felt that nervous excitement building up inside and I loved it.

Mark was still clueless but agreed to wait a few minutes before meeting us in the bar.  Keshia and I walked into the bar and it was pretty full.  People were dancing and having a good time.  A white gentleman waved at us and Keisha waved back.  She said his name was Mike and the other gentleman was Anthony.  We walked over to the table and they greeted us with hugs and compliments.  Mike was about 5’9″ with dark hair with a little gray.  He was handsome and very confident.  Anthony was much taller maybe 6’4″ and pretty thin with a clean shaved head.  They were both dressed well with some expensive looking jewelry.

Keisha introduced them and mentioned they worked for a large company and she had known (fucked) them for quite sometime.  The conversation was actually pretty good. I liked the fact that sex did  not come up at all and they were both gentlemen.  I finally saw Mark and got even more excited.  After my second drink I was feeling pretty relaxed.  Anthony asked me to dance after two upbeat songs a slow song came on.  Gentleman or not he could not hide the bulge against my stomach.  I pressed into him and felt his hands cup my ass.  I was really liking this.  I looked over at Mike and Keisha dancing and they were also doing some serious grinding.  I was flushed when I went back to our table and used the opportunity to go to the ladies room.  On the way back I slipped a note to Mark hoping he was ok with what was going on.

We had one more drink and I had mimicked Keisha placing my had on Anthony’s leg under the table.  I then moved my hand to his dick and was pleasantly surprised.  Keisha initiated us leavening the bar and heading up stairs.  When Mark got into the elevator my body tingled, I was both nervous and extremely excited.  Then Mark starts up a conversation I almost burst out laughing.  Thinking how can he be so calm knowing in a few minutes he will be listening to me get fucked by a complete stranger!

We entered the room and I was caught off guard when Keisha went into business mode.  She turned to Mike and said payment?  He pulled out a wad of money and handed her the cash.  She just put it on the desk without counting it.  She and I went into the restroom to freshen up.  She asked if I was ok?  If not I could bail and she would take care of them both.

I took a deep breath and said I was good.  My wet pussy said I was good.  My already erect nipples said I was good.  We rejoined the guys who were already just in there pants.  Keisha dimmed the light and put on some soft jazz.  Anthony pulled me to him and we kissed.  He slowly unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor.  When he noticed my dragon he said wow that is beautiful. Next my bra followed my dress to the floor .  I undid his belt and knelt in front of him.  I pulled his pants and boxes down.  He had a very nice hard cock.  Longer than Marks 8″ but about the same girth.  There I was kneeling in front of a stranger in my panties and heels stroking his big dick.  I greedily started sucking him looking up at him the whole time.  He pulled me up and I looked over at Mike and Keisha.  He was sitting in a chair getting some wet sloppy head.  His dick wasn’t that big but she was driving him crazy.

Anthony laid me down on the bed I started to reach for my heels and he stopped me.  He reached for my panties and I raised my ass off the bed ass he removed them.  He knelt up by my head and fed me his cock.  He pinched my nipples rubbed my hard flat stomach and finally inserted a finger in my pussy.  I came within a few minutes.  He got off the bed and got a condom from his pants pocket. He took it out of the wrapper and handed it to me.  I sat up and rolled it on his as far as it would go.  Mike and Keisha were getting at it, she was spread wide in the chair and he was pumping her pussy.  Anthony crawled between my legs and slowly slid his dick in.  I was so hot he had me squirming and whimpering.  After a few minutes it was like Keisha and Mike weren’t even there.  I was concentrating on the fucking I was getting from this stranger.  We settled into a rhythm me meeting his thrust and then I came.  It was one of those almost eye rolling up in your cranium orgasms.  Then I felt hands on my heavy breast and my vision cleared it was Keisha.  Mike was spent sitting in a chair watching.  Anthony pulled out and she replaced his condom with a new one after sucking him.  She got on all fours and Anthony fucked her until she came.  I let Anthony cum on my tits.   We relaxed for a little while both guys amazed with my dragon and how sexy it looked on me.

Keisha got them moving and after they left she said well any regrets? I flopped back on the bed and said no not at all.  I asked her if she  came with Mike and she said no, but it was not about her it was about Mike.  For some reason that sounded hot to me.  Then she laughed and said why do you think I made sure Anthony was there?

I called Mark and told him to join us.  When he walked in and saw the state we were in and the roomed smelled of sex.  I had serious hair smashed in pillow bed head.  Keisha and I freshened up again.  My nipples were sore.  Mark was a wild man he fucked us both silly and Keisha and I tasted each other.

Mark and I got home and my parents were long asleep.  I told him everything that happened with Anthony.  I told him I liked fucking a stranger. He said he loved listening to us and hoped we could do it again.  Then I told him what else Keisha told me.  I was angry at first then I realized we all had our secrets.  Keisha told me my dad was one of her regular customers.  Mark was like whaaaat?  Yeah it was pure chance.  You were never told a first time customers name.  So about two years ago.  Keisha was sent to meet a first time customer at a hotel.  When she arrived and he opened the door and they were both shocked and confused.  He let her in and tried to make up an excuse.  She frankly told him both their secrets were up.  They talked for a while and still ended up fucking.  She took his money and he became a once a month client.  I don’t know what possessed me to ask but I did.  I asked was he any good? Keisha laughed and said yeah, nice size dick but a little premature at times.  Part of me wanted to choke him for being such a strict ass and cheating on my mom.  The other part of me said I am my fathers daughter.  I left that experience learning I could still enjoy our lifestyle without any emotional pitfalls.  So I was looking forwarded to what was to come.