Fucked with Sheetal

I was reaching to my college that was the first day. I was very happy since it was the first day of my college no uniforms no schedules. My name is Rashmi I am 18 years my fig is 34 28 34, I am milky white in complexion with sharp features and long hairs.  I was very much fascinated towards the new friends sheet all was the first girl who meet me first time in my college we became friends soon, she was muscular than other friends say “mard singh” to him she was owner of strong arms she’s having heavy thighs. I was in the ncc many times she chirped in my ears. I was coming to 18. I am fair complexion girl milky white body is very curved with 34c bra size, I was noticed many times by strangers although it was very specific in talking to strangers and boys on these days, I was not allowed any boy to friendship with me or talk to me. Sheetal greeted me and asked for party. I said ok for that we reached the restaura was filled with people there was no space although some faces were towards us specially to Sheetal. I can see the clear question mark on their faces. Wuffff! No space is here around let’s go to movie ! I smiled and said OK! We have Much time as we bunked the college, we reached the cinema hall and reached inside, lights off movie started suddenly I feel Sheetal’s palm on my thighs, initially I thought that it was by accident but I was wrong. I did smartly but Sheetal again did the same. I was blushing now! My legs were shivering as this was the first time someone did it with me. I was feeling shy and a deep sensation inside me. Sheetal was looking with lustful eyes. This was the first time someone touched me in this way, I was completely confused and deep passion started arriving over me. I was losing my self and floating in deep sensation of sex. Sheetal touched her elbow on my boobs, I became hot by her touch. Can I kiss you! She chirped in my ear. Please no! I said slowly with hammer beating heart beats. This was the first time someone touched me like this, intermission of movie came and lights were on, I was still shivering. Sheetal and me came out for coffee, I was looking around that did some one noticed us. Thank God every thing was fine! Babe did you enjoy the show! She pinched at me! I was in dilemma what to do!