Enjoying Sex with my Sister

This is my first sexual story. Let’s start.

I am a very enjoyable person. After the end of my HS exam one day we went to my aunt’s house. My aunt’s daughter Rimi is now passed class X. She is only 2 years younger than me. So, we are very friendly and frank. After reaching in there house first see Rimi in break-fast table. She is setting in front of me. Looks like a beautiful girl at all. She is tall, not so thin, height 5″ and long hair is always attracted to me. Her lovely body makes more sexy with her dress. First of all her chest in the eye. Her breasts size in about 36. And my mine wants to kiss her. Rimi is weared a lady’s top and a leggings coloured with blue.

‘How are you?, Rimi’
‘Not bad. How long ago see you!’
‘Yes. Now you are looked as a lovely girl. ‘
‘You are also a smart boy’

We are setting in a room, there is no one. In this time I expressed my desire to her.

‘Rimi, if you no mind, May I kiss you?’
‘Kiss! If my mummy will come here?’
‘Your mother in the kitchen, no one in this room, please Rimi’

Firstly Rimi don’t want but for my request she agreed.

‘But… ok’

Then she moving on her mouth to me. And I kiss on his lovely soft cheeks.

We are sitting on the sofa. So with kissing Rimi I take her on my lap.

‘Ohh dada… stop now. What you want to do with me?’
‘Ohh my baby you are so sweet, please stay on’

Now I am hagging Rimi and kissing on her covered chest.

‘Dada!, if my mummy will entire in this room… What will be seeing we are as this… ?’
‘No fear. Your mother is now busy in the kitchen’

Then my hand reaching on her breast and also kissing on the soft belly.

‘But at any time my mummy can entire, so close the door’
‘Ok my sister’

I understand that Rimi also want to do such as sexual work. But she is feeling shy.
Now door is closed and locked inside. Rimi is on my body and now my hand moves inside her dress to touched her body.

‘Dada, I am feeling very shy!’, said with a shameful manner.

‘So what! we are brother and sister’

There is no shame between you and me. With it I take Rimi in contact with her body properly.

‘Dada, please open your…. ‘, said Rimi.
‘What you want to open my?’
‘Ohh are you not understand?, which is want to out and which is pushing from inside your pant’
‘So remove my pant, Rimi’
‘Me!!, No its a shameful work. I can’t to… do this’
‘Oh Rimi it’s my request, please naked me’

‘Ok, but if someone will know that… we are… ‘

‘Who will seeing us? only you with me in this room’

‘I feel very afraid, dada’

‘Oh no. Come on my sweet 16, let’s go on the bed… Rimi’

Then I hug Rimi with my hands and moves on the bed. Rimi is exited and I also exited by her. Rimi’s heart is bubbling in wonder. It is her first sexual content with a boy and it also first time for me. So, both of us is very enjoying the moments. Now Rimi touched my sex organ and I am so exited that I am biting on her breast.

‘Dada, undress me… embarrass me… ‘

Then I got exited to naked her. First I open her backside chain of her top to remove it. Rimi is also removing my pant and then my underwear. My penis is growing up. Rimi take out my penis and kissing on it. Within it I put out her top and leggings. Rimi is now half-naked, only have to wear the bra and panty. Her two big breasts with white bra looks like the carding-cotton. And I’m groaning with my mouth in her cleavage and also kissing on her soft thighs. Now I am totally undressed. And Rimi is playing with my 7″ long penis and sucking.

‘Wow dada, how big your penis!’
‘Ahhh… Rimi, my darling!’
‘Auh! dada, please remove my bra… and suck
I can’t be wait anymore’
‘Back to me, Rimi’

Then Rimi turn back to me and helping to open the strap of her bra. With opening the bra her two main point comes out to me. I catch and take it inside my mouth. I biting smoothly to her deep brown coloured nipples at the center of her breasts. Then I remove her panty. Rimi is now totally uncovered, undressed, nude girl.

‘Ahh ahh dada, now enter your penis into my vagina’
‘No. We should not sexual intercourse now’
‘Ah dada, it is my safe time, recently yesterday ended my period’
‘Ohh well. good’

Then I rammed Rimi in bed and sat down on her naked body and started enjoying sex pleasures.



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