Morning after

The morning after, This is a series I am going to continue adding to. This is a brief outline of the relationship between these three sibling. Hope you enjoy the next installments.

Next morning

Saturday night was a night neither would forget. Liam woke in the bed with Tash. Emma was up in the kitchen getting breakfast.

He spooned Tash kissing his sisters neck. She groaned as he fondled her breast.

” Piss off ” she said rolled to her back the sheets falling off her breasts.

” Good fuckin morning to you to.” he said

“Think Emma’s making breakfast ” Tash said sitting up. ” My fanny feels like its been fucked by a elephant.” She said.

“Thanks.” He said getting out of bed naked. Tash got up naked. She put on a gown and walked out to the kitchen. Liam put on some shorts and tee shirt. They met Emma in the kitchen making breakfast.

They sat outside in the nice Sunday morning sunshine.

” Well last night was fun.” Liam said

” Yes, “Emma replied ” Lucky our flatmate is overseas.” Imagine her walking in on the sex last night ” she joked.

” Oh god ” Tash said ” Hell no.”

They say eating and drinking coffee.

” We are good together ” Liam said. ” We make great sex partners, even if we are sublings. ” he said.

” Yes I must admit I enjoyed it ” Tash replied.

Emma opened her gown as she sat, her breasts visible. They caught Liam’s eye.

” So Liam” Emma said looking at him. ” Who’s better in bed Tash or me.”

” Is this what last night was, your brother deciding who’s better in bed.” Liam said.” Feel like I’m being used.”

” So who is ? ” Tash said.

” Lets see ” he said leaning back in his chair.

” Who’s body is sexier” Emma said ” Looking down at her breasts.

” Who’s pussy is tastiest” Tash asked.

” Who gives the better blowjob ” Emma said.

” Who…..”Tash started saying.

” Ĺadys enough.” Liam said. ” You both are as good as each other. ” he said. Tash and Emma looked at each other laughing.

” Doesn’t want to offend us.” Tash said to Emma.

” Scared he might not get to fuck us again ” Emma said.

” I get to fuck you two again. ” He said.”

” Be a good boy, yeh see what happens” Tash replied. Lifting her leg rubbing his groin with her toes. ” We do love that big cock.”

” We do ” Emma said.

” Good, because I love your pussies, and breasts ” He said.

” So,” Tash said finishing her breakfast, no one absolutely no one can find out us three are fucking. Been siblings. I don’t see anything wrong with it. But no one can find out.”

” No ” Emma said ” My boyfriend would freak out, like Tash says siblings having sex is not as bad as people make out it is. Its just another couple of people having sex.”

” I agree” Liam said. ” This is our sex pact. ” he put his hand out to the middle of the table. They joined hands and shook them.

” Coffee” Tash said standing” Who’s for more coffee.”

” Yep” Liam and Emma said. Tash walked into the kitchen. Liam looked at Emma breasts.

” Fuck they are nice tits ” he said.

” Thanks ” she said. ”

Tash walked back outside with fresh coffee. Liam seeing his sisters perky nipples through the gown his cock hard.

” So fantasies” Emma said. ” Liam.”

” Well ” he said smiling. ” Last night mine came true.”

” What fucking your sisters.” Emma said.

” Ive always wondered about maybe one, but both at the same time. ” he said.

” So who did you fantasise about ” Tash asked.

” Neither you or Emm specifically.” He said.

” So just anyone.” Emma asked.

” Yeh. So Tash whats yours.” Liam asked.

” Well Ive always wanted to have a threesome with two guys. ” she said.

” Wow ” Emma said ” Really ” Anybody in particular.”

” No ” she said. “Emma your fantasy.”

“I have always wanted to be showing a guy through a house, he steps up behind me, lifts my skirt pulls down my underwear, bends me over from behind. Fucks me cums in me. Puts his cock away pulls my knickers up puts my skirt back. We carry on like nothing happened.” She said.

” Wow ” Liam said smiling. ” Show me through a house tomorrow” he said.

” Maybe” she said smiling. ” You know with Tash’s fantasy. I have had a idea.”

” Do tell ” Tash said.

” Ok. We could pretend Liam and I are married. Its my fantasy to watch my husband have sex with my sister, Tash’s fantasy to have a threesome. We find another guy who doesn’t know us. Tash have the threesome with him and Liam with me watching. ? ”

” Kinky fun, We all get to play with roleplay. I get my threesome. He doesn’t know our relationship.” Tash said ” Perfect.

” Yes ” Emma said ” It is.”

” Sounds good to me ” Liam replied.

” Whats everyone doing today ?” Liam asked.

” Brent is taking me to lunch.” Emma said

” Your boyfriend ? ” Liam asked

” Yep.” Emma replied. ” I need to shower” She said she stood up her gown open. Liam admired her naked body underneath. Her breasts stomach and pussy. ” Pervert ” she said to Liam smiling walking away through the kitchen doors. She slid her gown of as she got inside and walked naked to the shower.

An hour later.

Brent arrived to pick up Emma. She hugged and kissed him. He squeezed her arse. She wore tight fitted jeans and knee high high heel boots with a plunging round neck sleeveless black top. If only he was aware of what happened the night before.

He walked to the kitchen getting a cold drink and watched Emma walk to the car with her boyfriend. He stepped out side and sat with Tash.

” Her boyfriend” Tash said.

” Is it serious ” Liam asked.

” Well he stays over quite often. He has his own drawer, his own section in the wardrobe. Lets just say Emma finds it hard to be quiet when they are fucking ” Tash said.

Liam laughed. ” Yes she does,she was quite vocal last night. ” He said. ” What about your boyfriend ?”

” Well hes more friend with benefits, he doesn’t have any drawer space in my room. In fact he hardly stays over. I’m not really the boyfriend kind of girl. ” she said

“The casual sex kind of girl.” Liam asked.

” Yeh. ” she said. ” So you no girlfriend.”

” Na like you, more casual at the moment” he said. ” There are a couple of girls that like me, but I don’t know, Like freedom not been tied down. So I can play the field. ” He said winking at his sister. She smiled back.

It was 11 am Tash got up and went to her room. Liam went to the kitchen and got a drink. He went to walk back to his room. He walked to her door she saw him.

” Come here ” she said. Liam walked in. She stood kissed his cheek and pushed him to her bed. He lay down. She pusher her gown to the floor standing naked in front of him.

” Tash ” he said as she pulled down his shorts his hard cock springing out. ” I want you ” she said smiling. Liam pushed his way up the bed Tash straddled him grabbing his cock rubbing it on her clit and down to her moist opening. She slid down his hard shaft riding him again.

“Oh fuck yes ” she said her hands on his chest riding his cock. She smiled as she rode his hard cock. Liam lay back his hands on her knees watching her ride him. Her breasts bouncing as she rode him. ” Fuck I love your cock ” she said.

” Biggest you’ve had.” He asked.

” Yes ” she said. ” It is ”

After a while she orgasmed, as Liam cum filling her pussy with his juices again. They showered and dressed meeting Emma and Brent for lunch.

2 o’clock.

Tash and Emma waited outside the restaurant for
Brent and Liam to pay for lunch.

” You fucked him again ” Emma said quietly.

” Did not ” Tash said smiling.

” You so fuckin did bitch.”

” Ok yes I did.” Tash said They both laughed as Brent and Liam came out of the restaurant.


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