Ok so here we go. Guys it is my first story so sorry for the errors. Lets begin. I am a male age-18

It was one of those nights where you o for the party but nobody shows up. so I had gone to surprise one of my friends for her birthday. I went to her 2 best friend’s houses to pick them up (lets call them Shek and Krisha). So it was almost midnight and we reached our friend’s place (lets call her Rhea). When we went up to her house we surprised her and shit. After the cake cutting and all we were all getting bored so Krisha came up with the idea of playing spin the bottle dares. So we got a plastic bottle and sat in a circle. When we spun it, it first landed on me with Shek giving me the dare. She dared me to strip fully nude slowly. I was shocked. We 4 had never seen each other naked, ever. I asked her is she sure. I started with the striping. Pulling my shorts down Rhea and Krisha turned away but Shek was staring at my dick. I sat down and spun the bottle. Now it landed on Shek and I gave her the dare to strip. She got up with a huge smile and removed her clothes without shame. She sat back down with her vagina facing towards me and opened. The next dare was for Krisha to strip Rhea fully. They both got up and Krisha started to remove Rhea’s clothes. Rhea was covering her boobs while Krisha started to remove her pants. Then she was covering her vagina with one hand and covering her boobs with one. The next dare was for me to grab Rheas boobs and suck on them. When I moved towards her she was covering herself very tightly. I took her hand and pulled it off her boobs. Her small boobs with the hard nipples really turned me on. When I touched her boobs and put my mouth to her nipples she started moaning. The next thing we know Krisha went to sleep and I was still sucking her boobs. She started to stroke my dick and we lied down. We were kissing after a few minutes with a lot of tounge action. I was rubbing her pussy and in a sudden I turned us in a 69 position. So I started to suck her vagina and she was licking my dick. I was on the bottom and Shek came and sat on my face and lifted rheas ass and started to lick it while I was doing Shek. After like 15 minutes of this Shek came on my face which I drank and Rhea also came at Shek. They both sat on the ground on their knees while I was wiping my cum all over their faces. It was a fun night and after that night Rhea and I have slept together many times. Today I am still 18 and rhea will be turning 18 in a few days.