Worlds End

There had been a war waging for 3 years, much of the world was in ruins,  chemical gas missiles had been used that caused violent and unusual behaviour. The tower block of flats where Cindy and her mate Kim lived was considered a safe place, the parents of the two 16 year old girls had been killed early in the war and now the girls fended for themselves living in Cindy’s flat, Kim often told Cindy not to wear a tight fitting jumper as it made her boobs stick out, Cindy ignored the warnings liking the way boys looked at her. Kim was looking out the window of the ground floor flat she called Cindy saying “Mark has fallen to the gas look at him he is naked” Cindy went to the window looked out said “fucking hell look at the size of that cock must be 8 inches” both girls sat watching 17 year old Mark as he stood amongst the rubble, he turned his back to the block then after a few minutes turned back, Kim said “look at that he got a hard on” the girls sat admiring the 10 inch erection, Cindy pointed at two Indian girls who were much younger than they were, the girls were also naked, the girls went to Mark and started stroking his dick, Cindy uttered “lucky bitches” Mark stood still and after a few minutes squirted his cum in long spurts. The Indian girls walked away, a few minutes later Mark walked off his dick semi erect. The girls put the board back over the window, they knew the window was extra toughened glass but used the board for extra security. After eating Cindy told Kim she was going to see Carol a friend 4 floors above. After Cindy had gone through the entrance door Kim put the bolts back on. The lifts had not worked for ages so Cindy started up the stairs. Part way up Cindy saw Steve who was a bit younger that she was, Steve smiled at Cindy said “you just saw Mark” Cindy nodded saying “some cock he had lots of spunk” Steve looked at Cindy said “are those tits real or is it padding” Cindy laughed said “real and I ain’t showing you them” Steve smile said “one day” and started to walk as if he was passing Cindy as he did he reached out grabbed one boob, Cindy swung a punch at him calling him a cunt as she did, Steve avoided the punch using one the many  moves he had been taught by his dad who was ex army at the same time he got Cindy in an arm lock, Cindy struggled but could not get free, every time she tried Steve put pressure on causing pain, Steve snarled said “get your fucking tits out” when Cindy didn’t Steve used his free hand and pushed it up the inside of Cindy’s jumper feeling her naked boobs after rubbing them for awhile he took his hand out  and in one swift move had Cindy laying on her back with his foot on her throat, he got the bottom of Cindy’s jumper pulled it up exposing her boobs, Steve said “yes nice fucking tits” Cindy cursed him saying “your fucking dead cunt” Steve moved his foot quickly sitting astride Cindy as he did, Cindy tried throwing him off but could not, Steve produced a knife changed his position so he was sitting on Cindy’s face and sliced through her jumper then removing it totally then pulling the top of her trousers open, Cindy was fighting to breathe, Steve got off her and while she gasped trying  to get her breath back Steve pulled her trousers down and off leaving her naked, after awhile Cindy had her breath back looked up saw Steve looking down at her, he said “yes those tits are real and a nice hairless cunt” Cindy saw a chance to get away she raised her leg kicking Steve straight between the legs, Steve doubled in pain Cindy landed a heavy punch on his chin knocking him out cold, Cindy got up grabbed her trousers and ran up the stairs to the next floor where she tried to put her trousers on but found them in rags, she cursed heard a noise looked and saw little Kerry staring at her, before she say anything Kerry shouted out loudly “Cindy is naked” her older brother Kevin who was Cindy’s age appeared he said “fucking hell yeah” then another boy who was younger than Kevin appeared followed by other boys, soon there were about 12 boys looking at Cindy, Cindy tried to run but was grabbed by a boy who put her in a headlock before flinging her on the floor, Kevin called out take her to Carol, soon Cindy was in Carol’s flat feeling safe but soon felt scared again when Carol said “yeah I always wanted to see you naked” then looked at the boys said “tie her to the bed” soon Cindy was lying spread eagled tied to the bed, Carol looked at the boys said “strip” Cindy looked in horror as the boys all stripped naked each with a full erection, Carol looked at Kevin said “your first” soon Kevin was pounding into Cindy while the other boys waited their turn. After 5 hours of being screwed by each boy more than once Cindy was thrown out on to the stairs where she started crawling on her hands and knees to the ground, she was too weak to stand, suddenly she saw Steve stood looking at her, Steve picked Cindy up carried her to her flat where Kim let him in, Kim said to Cindy “I warned you about that jumper”.