Her rape fantasy

This story is an example of a wild night an ex and I had, she had always wanted to live out a rape fantasy she had and this was our first opportunity to try.

To start we were both in our early 20’s, we knew my roommate would be out for the weekend and we had always had really rough sex(I’m fond of it and got her into it over the relationship to the point where she would beg for it over normal sex) so she asked if we could play this fantasy out over the weekend. We broke down the idea and how we wanted to play it out and came up with the following…

I would wear some type of mask, she picked out a couple and I would have my choice of which.

we set up a safe word just in case.

I would use tape to tie her up and I was allowed to do pretty much whatever I wanted.

She had no idea when it was gonna happen

So, those were the basic ideas and we didn’t want to talk it out to much cause we were worried it would ruin the overall feel. The roommate left Friday morning and she came over that night around 7(normal thing for her to do, she’s out of work at 6, we hangout, go sleep what not). When she got to the door she was a little surprised because it was unlocked and partially open. Normally we have a plug in light in the short hallway to our living room but I had undone that and it was pitch black out(winter). She came in and was obviously a little freaked, she fumbled for the light switch and after finding it made her way to my room, surprised again that I wasn’t home. about 2 hours later I got home, she asked where I had been and I told her just out and about which she gave me a wicked grin to. Nothing happened that night but I had set the idea a bit in her head.

I should prob just briefly go over what she looks like. She’s about 5’3, DD chest(I couldn’t tell you what number, they were big but I didn’t ever inquire). She was a little over weight but she wore it well. Cute ass and dark brown hair with beautiful green eyes, similar in shade to a lime(weird reference but its what I thought, lol bright and green)

We hung out a bit on Saturday, movie and relationship stuff and around 7 I asked her to run home(maybe 10 mins away) to grab something she had forgotten. She gets back, same situation as above. Door cracked, light out, she comes in and…nothing, I get home 30 mins later. When I come in I can tell she’s almost irritated at me for not doing anything but she forgives and we sleep.

Sunday(obviously) is when the fun starts. she had plans with a friend this day so those two go out, get nails done, waxed up and whatever and she comes home…door cracked again. She opens it slowly expecting, comes into pitch black hallway…she comes up to my door, slowly opens it to find me sitting on bed watching tv. lol now she looks pissed, the adrenaline is going and she’s angry so she is about to quiz me when she says “forget it” and lays down, falls asleep on the bed…Now the fun. Around 1 she gets a call on her phone, knows its mine but not sure why I’m calling if I’m…hum I’m not in bed. Of course she’s half asleep at this point and really doesn’t put two and two together(which I figured), I ask her to come help me get some stuff out of the car(not to unusual, I work nights sometimes and shop late often).

She heads out into the dark hallway, about half way to the front door a cloth bag goes over her head and I (firmly but gently) slam her to the ground. Stunned for the first second she starts to resist but its already to late, I’ve got her pinned to the ground with one hand holding her head to the floor while the other pins both her hands behind her back. At this point I should prob go over what she’s wearing because I laid it out for her, these pieces being some of my favorites unbeknownst to her. Her top was a silky purple…tank top? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about but she slept in it once a month or so and it normally got me to look twice. The pants were matching, purple and silky, I also laid out her favorite thong because she was fond of sleeping in those(I have no idea if this was true or if she just liked sleeping in them around me, I find about half the women I date say the same thing half hate sleeping in them). It was a thin blue material with small hearts cut out of it throughout exposing her skin in certain places.

Anyway, now that she’s pinned to the ground with my hand on the back of her head and her arms behind her back I grind into her a bit. She can feel my 8’ through the thin material and this really livens her up. She grew up with 2 older brothers and a navy dad so she was taught to fight. lol She struggles quite a bit and I start to lose control of her, she bucks up and swings at my face(which is what convinces me that she’s still half asleep and not entirely with it. I have a little training also so I divert her arm, tuck it under her and with the other hand pull her hair so that I’m standing behind her, lips pressed against her neck and have complete control over her body now. She lets out a little whimper which makes me even harder and my hand is pressing against the top of her ass while holding her wrist behind her back. Slowly moving her hand down my front I rub it against my dick and whisper into her ear “This can go easy for you or it can go very hard” she can feel my dick stretching against my pants. she then stammers out “what…what do you want me to do”.

At this point I’m not convinced that she’s awake but she still tells me that she wasn’t entirely with it. I tighten my grip on her hair and push her hand harder into my dick. I then whisper into her ear “You’re not going to do anything except shut up, and go along with whatever I do to you” which causes her to immediately draw a breath and whimper again. I walk her a couple of steps over to a cushy chair we have and bend her over it. at this point she still mostly has the linin bag over her head and can see very little. I stand over her for a second or two, well aware that shes still a little freaked out because of the situation, the dark and the possible stranger molesting her. I put my hand on her ass(other hand is holding both of hers around mid/lower back while shes bent of the chair)and give it a good squeeze. her breathing increases and she shifts a little to try to get my hand off of her. with that I tighten my grip on her hands and give her a firm smack on the ass. she starts to try to stand up and my hand on her ass reaches up and grabs her hair, taking control of her body again. I had the Tape in my pocket so I bend her back over, take it out and secure her hands using the tape.

I stand her up, turn her around and pull the hood covering her face off. I can see hair tussled in her face, the sad semi desperate look in her eyes and the small quiver in her lip, but that turns to a small smirk as the mask I’m wearing calms her fears a little. That smirk disappears a second later as my hand rips her shirt open(button up). One of breasts pops out from the opening and I move my hands up, one pulling her head back while the other grips her chest and I suck her tit into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around her nipple and taking soft bites from it she lets out a hard moan(partly from the rough treatment of her hair, she LOVED having her hair pulled) and her arms flail a bit behind her as I roughly grip her breast. As I continue to suck her tit my hand slides down her stomach and presses between her legs. I can feel her warmth coming between her legs and know what I want next.

At this point I’m still holding her hair in my hand, I pull her up to my lips and whisper into her ear again…”Get on your knees bitch”. she does what shes told and I pull my cock out, still holding her hair in my hand. Looking down into her eyes I firmly say in a growl “If you bite it I’ll beat that pretty face black and blue”. With my hand on the back of her head I rub my dick against her cheek, slapping the head against her. In a voice I can barely hear she say it but says “If this is all you want that’s fine, I’ll suck your dick but nothing else…promise that and I’ll go along with it” I look down into her eyes and say “You’re my bitch for the night, I don’t know how you aren’t getting this but I will do what I want, however I want and you’ll take it you powerless little bitch”. I can see her tits get hard under the material under her shirt and tighter my grip hard again which causes her mouth to open as she gasps, to which I force my dick into her mouth. She normally sucks dick pretty well but I think the situation is have an effect on her nerves because she gags on my dick far more than normal. It doesn’t hurt that I am being extra rough, forcing her up and down, unbuttoning her top while I do so so I can see her big breasts bounce up and down as I continue to choke my girl on my dick. I guess she had forgotten to take her mascara off because as her eyes tear up a bit and begin running down her cheeks. I pull my dick out of her mouth and look deep into her eyes. fighters spirit the entire way she looks up at me and says, with drool all over her chin, “Hurry up and finish you’re taking forever”.

Laughing at her spirit I stand her off the ground, smile with a wicked smirk and put a hand firmly around her neck, then say “bitch, I have you all night…don’t you worry I’ll take my time and have all the fun I want with every hole of yours I want.”. I move her over the chair, pull her pants down, pull that cute little thong to the side(ripping it a little, lol I paid for that later) and as she protest I slid my 8’ fully into her. her back arched as she felt me deep inside her. My hand pulled her hair and head back, pounding away at her. Each thrust pushed a gasp out of her, harder and harder into this girl I was completely dominating, my other hand holding the tape between her hands. After what seemed like 20 mins of this her knees gave out and collapsed on the the ground. As my dick came out of her I sprayed my cum all over this dirty girls face and tits.

Seated on her ass and leaning forward on her hands she looked up at me with an extremely satisfied look on her face. “That was fucken amazing, I’m so glad we did this” she said as she wiped a finger along the cum on her tits, then lifting it on the tip and swirling her tongue around it. I leaned into her, looking her straight into her eyes. Quickly I gripped the back of her head and said “I don’t know what you’re smiling about, this night just started”…

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