Housewife Diaries

I’m starting this diary today, of all days… because I’ve just found out that my husband is cheating on me. As you can imagine, I was a bit shocked but really- do I care?

He has left me alone for months at a time, traveling about to sell steel engine parts for automobiles to all of the major car production plants around the nation.

I have had to keep myself entertained in whatever way was available. Now, for some perverse reason, the exposure of his affair inspires me to document the things I have done to find comfort in this small town, in and out of my lonely bed.

First, Dear Diary, allow me to formally introduce myself.

I am Rena Denton. Wife of Howard Denton (a fore mentioned geek). No children, no pets, no heart. Well, if I had a heart it broke so long ago that I can no longer remember it.

I am beautiful, self proclaimed of course. Men whisper it as they cum in me, but I don’t always believe that. I wasn’t always a whore, you know. But of course, you don’t believe that, do you?

My body is one that has always attracted attention, from the time I turned 12. My features ensure that once they get done looking at my full breasts and tight ass, that they can’t help but stare into my icy blue eyes, or at my plump red lips, or at my firecracker red hair.

But, that is enough about me, let us get down to the reason why we’re both here. For fucking. Plain and simple.

In April, the bathroom faucet broke. Hot water poured like a river down the drain. When I phoned Howard, he told me to call a plumber, that he couldn’t do anything for me while he was in Wyoming.

A knock sounded at the door, opening it, I was surprised to find a young man in tattered jeans on my porch. I smiled, ” Hi. Can I help you? ”

“Uhh yea, I’m Joshua Grant, from Grant’s Plumbing. You called about a leaky pipe? ” his eyes roved down to my slightly sheer bathrobe.

I’d taken the chance that I would get a semi-sexy plumber and not a fat dump of a man with too little belt and too much ass crack to share.

“Well, I’m surprised, you seem awful young to own your own plumbing business. ” I grinned, spinning my long red hair back over one shoulder to allow Joshua the full view.

“Nah, I’m the owner’s son. Well, let’s see what you’ve got going on, and see if we can get it fixed up. ” He stepped into the house, I turned and followed watching the jeans stretch across a beautifully sculpted ass. The tear in his jeans on the upper thigh gaped with each step, I could see a feathering of blonde hair against tan skin. The back of his head had a jagged scar running through the dirty blonde hair.

“See, leaking like Niagra! ” I laughed, tilting my head back to look into the extraordinarily green eyes the beautiful man child had.

“Yeah, I see. It’ll just be a few minutes, looks like your wall pipe has probably just been stripped out and needs to be replaced. ” That smile again. He was truly tempting me.

“Ok, if you’ll excuse me, I have to change and then I’ll be right back. ” I smiled over one shoulder, watching him watching my ass sway.

The bedroom was just behind the bathroom, so I pushed the door closed, leaving it open just an inch or two, should Joshua be tempted to peek.

I hurriedly undid my robe, hanging it on the hook beside the closet door. I peeled off the thin nightie I was wearing, and tossed it into the clothes hamper.

“Uh, ma’am, I have to run to the truck and get a bigger wrench, I’ll be right back! ”

I heard his boots clunk out of the house. I snuck back to the door and opened it a few more inches, Joshua would be walking straight towards my room when he came back.

I stood in front of the mirror, my curling, copper hair pulled to the side, brushing it slowly. My naked body gleamed white in the mirror, my upthrust nipples hard and aching. The blush spreading from around them onto my chest and up my neck. Curse of the redhead.

The curve of my abdomen and hips giving me a woodland nymph’s physicque. I smiled, he was mine.

I heard him come back inside then, heard his steps in the hall. Closer. Closer. Three more steps.

I heard his sharp intake of breath. I turned, dropping the hair brush to the plush baby blue rug.

“I’m, I umm sorry. ” He turned his head to the side, but I moved forward, I could see the bulge in his jeans, the flush on his cheek bones.

I leaned against the door frame, pulling the door wide so that he could see all of me. His eyes raced from my nipples to the thin fiery red path of curls leading down to the juncture of my thighs.

He looked at my face, his look one of panicked surprise.

“How old are you Josh? ” I whispered, my voice already husky from desire.

“Um, I’m 20, ma’am. ” His eyes were now riveted to my breasts, bouncing from tip to tip, his pupils dilated.

That little obstacle cleared, I leaned forward tracing my fingers down his cheek, to grasp his chin, firmly. I pulled until his gaze met mine, stepped forward to press against his tense frame. His hands shook as they came to my sides, his palms were so hot they scalded my cool skin.

I licked his lips lightly, pressing my tongue against the seam until he opened. Flicking my tongue inside I could taste the Big Red he’d been chewing earlier. His lips were soft, moving slowly against mine, his tongue twisting, tasting me as I tasted him.

“Touch me Josh. ” I whispered it softly against his mouth. I placed my hands over one of his and slid it up to cup my breast, the tips of his fingers rough against my sensitive nipple.

“I’ve never…umm ” He stuttered into silence as he stared at his hand on my breast.

“I know, it’s ok. Come on. ” I gave his arm a little tug and pulled him toward the big canopy bed in the center of the room.

My knees hit the back of the mattress, I relaxed letting myself fall back. I held onto Josh’s arm and he fell with me, landing with his knees on either side of my thighs. His face was so close I could see the blonde whiskers lining his jaw.

I arched my back, pressing my breasts against the slightly rough t-shirt he wore. I could feel some sort of sparkling on it, scraping my soft skin. I slid my hands between us, and he inhaled sharply. I traced my fingers down his sides to tug at the hem of his shirt. Josh raised his body so that I could pull the shirt off, and over his head. I threw it at the wall and heard it slide to the floor.

A giggle escaped me at the sheer terror on the boy’s face.

“Relax, baby. Get up and take your pants off so I can feel all of you. ” I rubbed slowly against his swollen groin, could feel the shaft pressing through the denim of his jeans.

Poor Josh, his mind must have shut down, because he still didn’t move, so I wiggled up and began unbuttoning his jeans. It must have triggered some thought in his brain because he jolted back off of the bed and bent to tug at his boots hurriedly. He jerked off his socks and threw them at the boots, then practically ripped his jeans off. When he got to his boxers he stopped and looked at me, the question still present in his eyes.

“These too? ” he croaked.

I nodded and smiled. His boxers fled faster than anything else, but he simply stood beside the bed once they were off and stared at me. I crawled to the edge of the bed, my plump breasts swinging like pendulums as I reached for his rigid cock. He was truly beautiful everywhere, the light blond faded from his flat dusky brown nipples down to a thin line that crowned above his impressive tools.

I traced my fingertips across the head of Josh’s surprisingly thick cock. Leaning forward, I licked it lightly, hearing his gasp I

smiled and sucked the mushroom tip into my mouth. His hands went to my head and he pushed them into my thick hair, holding my head softly.

Swirling my tongue under the ridge around his cock, I felt him tense and groan. I knew that he was probably too close to cumming to continue my play.

I pulled away and saw a sad look of disappointment cross his face.

“Just a minute sweetie, we need a few things. Come lay down. ” I patted the bed invitingly and went to the small stand beside the bed. I pulled out a thick

black band made of elastic, a condom and a bottle of liquid KY.

Kneeling in front of the prone Josh, I began to thread the band around the base of both his cock and balls.

“What is that? ” he whispered.

“Just a little something to ensure things last as long as we’d like. ” Finished with sliding the ring around Josh’s thick cock, I began licking the tip playfully, his groans urging on my naughty play.

I leaned back, unwrapping the condom and stretching it with my fingers. He grinned, boyish now in his glee at finally getting laid. I drizzled a thick line of

the KY down his cock, coating it like a beautiful glazed donut.

“Aaaah! It’s so cold. ” He pushed his head back into the pillow, clenching his

hands in the satin comforter.

Rubbing my hands back and forth along his cock, I proceeded to warm up the lubricant for him. As I fisted his swollen cock slowly, I slid the condom over and down his throbbing shaft, stopping only when the ring of latex hit the base of his phallus.

Eager now and panting for long awaited sexual release, I mounted him, holding the tip of his cock to my soaked pussy. He half sat up, gasping as I surrounded him, his tanned hands coming to my swaying breasts. He clasped both of them, as if to steady himself, but only moaned when I drew myself off and then slammed back down on his cock.

Pressing his face to my aching nipples, Josh began to suckle like a hungry child. I swung my hair back to allow him breathing room, and began to bounce, rapidly on his prick.

“Fuck me Josh. God, just like that! Suck my tits, aaaah! Oh fuck, oh fuck me! ” The throbbing in the slick walls of my cunt was too much I bucked, twisting my fingers in his short hair, and pulling, as I screamed my orgasm to the ceiling.

“Oh god, please, I’m gonna cum..ugh ” He groaned and thrust wildly into my spasming cunny, trying to cum but not yet realizing that the thick band at the base of his tools was preventing his release.

“Not yet! No! Don’t you dare stop! ” I screeched at him, unable to hold back the second flood of my juices.

“God damn you! ” He bellowed, grabbing for my hair, and jerking my face down to his. The fever glowing in his eyes should have frightened me, but I knew I still had control. Reaching between us I tugged at the thick, black band causing his frustration. When it popped free, I pulled my hand away, seeing to my horror, the condom also twisted about my fingers.

” Josh, stop, the condom! Stop! ” I tried to pull away but he was a man and not a boy. I struggled but he grasped my hips, his fingers digging into the sensitive white flesh and bruising.

“No you whore! I’m going to cum! Aaaaah fuck! ” He rammed his swelling shaft into me once..twice, harder than before. Then the white hot heat of his cum, splattering out onto my fuck stretched cunt walls stopped all logical thought.

For a moment, I lay atop his chest, panting- trying to understand how things had gotten so completely out of control. Then I slid from his limp grasp, and stood on the carpet beside the bed.

I picked up his boots, clothes, and threw them at him, earning a satisfying yelp.

“Get out! Now! Get out of my fucking house! ” I screamed like a shrewish fishwife, something I never wanted to be. He jumped from the bed, mumbling something about crazy bitches.

I chased him from the room, squealing at the top of my lungs. I slammed the bedroom door behind him, and heard the front door slam a few moments later. After that, I could hear nothing for my own sobbing.

That is when it all began, with a half-man, half-boy child who came inside my body, marking me a whore. I realized afterwards that the semen was not nearly so much my problem, as the allure and shame of being a whore. I wanted it. Every man, every cock, I wanted them all.

Another tale tomorrow my dear, dear diary.