Tara is walking with me while holding my wrist. We both are in a crowded shopping mall, enjoying our weekend. Its late evening and I can see couple moving here. Tara is looking too hot and wild in her ultra mini skirt and a boxer on chest. She is young, age of 19 years with round shaped bum as well as medium size breasts. Too many people are eyeing her semi nude hot body. We both stopped at a coffee plaza and have coffee, while standing we both are drinking it. I asked…… ” Tara are you interested in sex ?

(Tara put her palm on face)Garry in this crowd are you thinking about sex ?

(Garry)sure, we will enjoy sex in a crowded mall. ” We both moved to upstairs of mall.

I am holding her wrists and on the first floor, we both moved towards public washroom and entered in it, locked the door from inside and took Tara in my arms. While putting lips on her lips, my hands is going on her ass. She pushed her tongue in my mouth and my hand is inside her skirt just moving on her nude ass. She left my tongue and I put her boxer upto neck. Now removed her bras and my mouth is sucking her breasts while she is unzipping my pant. Now sucking her breasts I am feeling her palm on my penis, I sucked her both breasts and Tara is really hot as well as horny. She is on her knees and while holding my cock, her soft face is getting the touch of my glans. She is moving it on her lips and lastly took cock in her mouth to suck. We both are in public washroom in mall and like a whore, Tara is moving her head fast to give me nice blow job. Looking at me, her tongue is rolling on my 6-7 inches long penis and she sucked it again. We both left the washroom. My penis is in full erection inside pant and both planned to use lift to move to seventh floor. We are in search of peaceful place without hindrance. Now both are in lift and moved to 7 th floor..

We both entered a undergarment shop and asked…… “Choose your brassier as well as panty. ” Looking at me, she is bit shy and we both bought two sets of undergarments for Tara. Now we are out of store and seventh floor is the last floor of mall. While holding her wrists we walked on stairs to go on roof top but gate is locked. Anyhow we got a place to enjoy. I know no one will come here, so I ask Tara……. ” Lift your skirt and remove your G string. ” She is standing on stair and I lifted her skirt, removed her panty to see her nude vagina. Now while she is standing, I am sitting in front of her and put my lips on her labias as well as vagina, while kissing her vagina, I started rolling my tongue on her cunt and she is screaming in pleasure with her hand on my hairs. I took her glory hole in my mouth and while sucking it, I am hearing her loud scream…. “Oohhh uuummm Garry I will cum lick it darling…… “. And her vaginal juice is in my mouth and I licked her cunt to taste the vaginal juice..

I am sitting on stairs and Tara is on my lap. She has put her arms in my shoulder and put her lips on my lips to kiss. While kissing my face as well as lips, she pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck. While sucking her tongue I hold her breast to massage and after a while, she took out my tongue and I kissed her face. While opening my purse, I took out a long white pill and now make her stand against the stairs wall, her bum is near me and I pushed a long finger in her wet cunt, than took out my finger and pushed the pill inside for safe sex. Now I removed my pant and pushed my long cock in her cunt. Her vaginal path is narrow, she has lost her virginity last week with me. My penis has entered her cunt but I am fucking her slowly while holding her waist, looking at me she smiled…….. “Garry be fast in my cunt. ” And I started pounding her vagina with my long hard tool. She is moving her ass fastly and we both are enjoying fuck on the stairs of mall. My tiger is going fast and hard in her cunt and after 5-7 minutes of fuck, her vagina become dry and she is dying for cum……. ” Garry go fast fuck me hard cum inside my cunt its in fire……. ” And I am fucking her with speed and power lastly I shouted….. “Oohhh Tara its all over my cum is out have it…. ” And penis ejaculated cum in her cunt and she sucked my cock also. We both cleaned our organs and moved away.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.