16 year old Amy was training to take part in a marathon and was out early one Sunday morning on the running track at the local sports centre that was close to where she lived.  Abdul who was a couple of years younger than what Amy is was out delivering papers from his family owned newsagent like he did everyday. Abdul walked along the path beside the sports centre as he did he saw Amy running on the running track of the sports centre, Abdul looked at Amy admired the way her tight fitting shorts hugged her bum thinking to him self who would want to pass a cute bum like that, as Amy ran past him Abdul gave a deep sigh as he looked at the way Amy’s boobs bounced about in her tee shirt, Abdul was able to pull himself away from the sight of the sexy white girl out jogging. Abdul continued with delivering the papers as he walked through the park after he had finished his deliveries he saw Amy running up the hill ahead of him and saw her shorts were low at the back giving him a good view of part of her bum, Amy stopped bent forward the stood up straight, Amy pushed her hands down the back of her shorts rubbing her bum as she did, causing her shorts to slide down a bit more, Abdul’s eyes went wide when he saw the whole of Amy’s bum, Amy pulled her shorts up and lay down on her back with one leg out straight the other bent at the knee as Abdul walked on and got a surprise, Amy’s shorts were tight but he could see up the leg and could see her slit, Abdul stopped walked over to Amy and said to her ” you may as well take your shorts off I seen your bum now I can see your cunt” Amy looked at him and replied ” is that why you got a hard on I can see the bulge in your joggers” Amy did not move just lay there, Abdul looked at her and said ” don’t you care that I can see your cunt” Amy smiled said ” I saw the way you were ogling me as I ran so why are you complaining” Abdul told Amy he was complaining because he could not see her tits, Amy smiled raised her tee shirt showing her naked boobs, Abdul stared said  ” fucking hell you could get fucked doing this” Amy smiled lowered her shorts, Abdul stared, Amy said ” what you waiting for” Abdul looked, Amy said you going to fuck me or not” Abdul lowered his joggers knelt between Amy’s parted legs bent forward and slid his throbbing dick into Amy’s waiting moist love tube pushing in deep pulled back and pushed in deep and hard then repeated it a couple of times before starting to bang away as did and hard as he could , Amy started to breathe heavy saying oh yes after 10 minutes Abdul felt Amy cum and soon after was squirting his cum over the grass, Abdul lay beside Amy who said that was good, Amy pulled her shorts up stood up and walked away. Next day Abdul passed the running track saw Amy’s best mate July there leaning over one of the hurdles but no sign of Amy. Abdul walked further along the path then saw that July’s jeans were down showing her bare bum, Abdul climbed the fence walked towards July who lay down Abdul looked at her, July said ” I heard you fuck good” Abdul smiled lowered his joggers as July removed her jeans and parted her legs.