Birthday Present

Amav was out celebrating his 16th Birthday with his girlfriend Pia who was also 16 years old, As they walked through the park they saw Cindy with her boyfriend who like the Indian couple were 16 years of age, Cindy was stood with her back to her boyfriend Steve, Cindy saw Amav with his hat on that said Happy Birthday, Cindy called happy birthday and ran up to Amav and kissed him on the cheeks, as she ran forward leaving Steve behind Pia got a shock she saw Steve left standing his jeans wide open with his 9 inch solid dick on full view, Pia stared at it her eyes wide open, she said ” fucking hell look at the size of that cock” Cindy smiled said ” I’ll swop you, you can have him I’ll have this one”and rubbed Amav’s crutch, Pia said deal and went forward and got hold of Steve’s dick, Cindy slid her hand down Amav’s joggers feeling his 7 inch erection Steve slid his hands up Pia’s jumper and started rubbing her naked boobs before raising her jumper and start to lick her erect nipples, Amav had lifted Cindy’s tee shirt and was rubbing her boobs, Steve had Pia’s jeans down with her laying on the ground with Steve kneeling between her parted legs, he slowly pushed his throbbing erection into Pia’s very wet and waiting love tube then started pounding as deep and hard as he could Making Pia moan with pleasure, Cindy was also moaning as Amav pound into her wet and willing love tube. Both boys pounded away at the moaning girls soon both girls were gushing, After Cindy said to Amav happy birthday as she and Steve walked away. Next day Pia was walking past Cindy’s house with Amav when Cindy opened her window called down ” you two want a repeat performance of last night, Pia looked at Amav who said ” you bet, both of them went to the door waited a minute or so and Pia smiled as a naked Steve appeared with a full erection opened the door and let the couple in, All three went up stairs when the went into Cindy’s room she was laying naked on the bed she said ” for fuck said hurry up” soon all four teens were naked with the girls being pounded, A hour later the four naked teens were sat talking when Cindy’s door opened and Cindy’s sister Amy who was a couple of years younger walked in looked at the scene said ” you dirty buggers” left but returned a few minutes later naked saying ” am I to late”  with in a few minutes Amav was pounding away into Amy who was groaning in pleasure.