School of sex Series Ep.1

School of Sex Series Ep.1


I was walking down the hall and all of a sudden I was pulled into the single room bathroom. It was my friend Jenna. Today was pajama day at school and she was wearing really short pajama bottoms and a shirt with tons of cleavage. She started squeezing her huge breasts together! My boner popped out of my pajamas and she bent down and started sucking on it. All of a sudden her friend Amanda walked in! She was wearing short pajama bottoms with her amazing ass, and a white tank top. Amanda then took her pajama bottoms off and her and Jenna had planned this out and I could tell. She showed her amazing ass! Then they both told me to sit down on the toilet. So I did and Jenna started giving me a lap dance and Amanda was at the sink getting her white tank top wet and you could see her fairly large breasts! Then Jenna ripped her shirt off revealing her upper body! She has a bra on and really short pajamas and was looking sexy! Then Amanda took her tank top off revealing her sexy curves on her body! Jenna had removed her bra and her huge breasts flopped out as if they were suffocating! They were so big for the 8th grade! Then they both had on only there panties and that was all! They both had amazing curves! Then I laid down on the ground as they took their panties off revealing their sexy tight round ass! While I was on the floor Jenna got on top of me and started riding my dick hard and fast and she yelled out, “Ohhhh Yahhhhhâ€! And Amanda got over my mouth and I started biting and licking and sucking on her pussy! After that I sat back down on the toilet and then bent over on my lap as I spanked them and told them they were naughty girls! The sound of me smacking there sexy round ass was so hot! As they orgasms too! Then they stood up, while I was still on the toilet. And they put there breasts in my face and I sucked on them! Jenna huge boobs were so big they almost suffocated me! Then I took my phone out and they posed for some pictures! Her and Amanda started making out! I took the sexiest picture! Then they got dressed still acting very sexy and we went home.

Stay tuned for Ep.2!