Sexy Cricket Match

Date: 12th May 2019

Place: Powai, Mumbai

Society: Lok Milan housing society

IPL final is scheduled to start at 7:30 PM, between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings teams. One of the best team of IPL season ever, between both of them they won 6 IPL finals. Mumbai being home of the MI team, people are preparing to watch match on TV. Few fans went to sports bar, and few others are gathered at friend’s places.

Ramesh also invited couple of friends, for drink and dinner along. Their plan was to watch cricket and enjoy good evening. Gopal and Mohan reached Ramesh’s place by 6.30 and knocked the door. This was first time, they were invited to Ramesh’s place. Couple of calling bells later, beautiful lady in her bathrobe opened the door. Both parties are stunned with what they see on the other side. That angel who opened the door is Ramesh’s wife, her name is Surabhi. She is  the most gorgeous woman Gopal and Mohan ever saw until today. Her bathrobe is hardly till knee length and her thighs are exposed. Water drops are running along the thighs. Bathrobe is also not closed properly in the top and her cleavage is visible clearly. She has the perfect tits one can imagine.

She though Ramesh came back home, and ran from bathroom by covering her beauty in that short bathrobe. Ramesh went out to bring liquor for the evening. Surabhi completed her cooking for the evening snacks and dinner, and went to bath. She couldn’t come back to her senses after opening door, she was half naked in front of her guests for the evening. Worst kind of introduction they can have. She came to her senses finally after couple of minutes, and told them to have a seat. And rushed inside to complete her bath. They could not believe that Ramesh could have such a sexy wife at home. They were waiting for Ramesh, more so for his wife to have one more glimpse.

Ramesh finally came back home after buying drinks, and saw his friends in the hall waiting for him. They greeted each other and started chit chatting. Match is scheduled to start in 15 more mins. They started having drinks and Ramesh called his wife loud. “Surabhi, could you bring those starters you cooked for us, we are starting with drinks”. Surabhi brought those chilli chicken, and chicken lollipops she prepared for evening. Ramesh started introducing Surabhi to his friends. “Friends, meet my gorgeous wife Surabhi.” turning towards her, “These are my friends from work. He is Gopal and this guy is Mohan.” they both wished her Hi, and extended their hands assuming she would shake her hand. She smiled back and wished them with ‘Namaskar’ folding her hands. They missed chance of touching her, but they definitely made up their mind to touch her.

MI team started batting first, and they finished couple of rounds already. Then they decided to not have more drinks, and get Ramesh drunk as much as possible. That is how they can get better chance of touching her later in evening. Surabhi was wearing Saree, and a low neck blouse. She have 38DDD size boobs, and her cleavage was so deep and sexy, no one can just stop looking. She being cricket fan, she joined them for watching match. Gopal and Mohan stopped watching match, and started watching her instead. Ramesh was busy downing his drinks and enjoying match. His friends are enjoying the views of Surabhi sitting across the sofa. Surabhi could sense those hungry eyes too, and felt bit uncomfortable.

She went into kitchen for some chores, and Gopal followed her into kitchen. He stood behind her very closely and whispered “could you show me where is bathroom”. She did not expect him standing behind, and suddenly turned around. As he was standing very near, she bumped into him and her boobs pressed onto his chest. All within a quick moment, he can feel her boobs. She tried to move backwards, and stumbled. Gopal quickly caught her by the waist, and pulled her towards him. Now she is on his chest, and her boobs pressing hard. He is feeling her waist, and her boobs. They stood there in same pose for couple of seconds before she realized, she was hugged hard by Gopal. Gopal getting hard on, and she could feel that too. He too left her, and smiled at her. She smiled back and nervously asked why he came. He asked for bathroom again, and she pointed in that direction.

Gopal went into bathroom, and then Surabhi realized she left her clothes there itself after her bath. Gopal found her used clothes, especially the red color panty and bra. He took them into hands and sniffed and licked all over them. He immediately got idea, and masturbated on the panty, and filling that with his cum. Then he used her bra to clean his dick and put those two back in the same place. He came out of bathroom very happy and saw Surabhi in hallway and smiled at her naughtily. She was embarrassed, as she could figure out that he saw her lingerie. She gathered her courage and went into bathroom to remove them, before the other guy start checking them out. She took them into her hand, and hot cum was all over her hands. She was both disgusted and amazed at this sight. She could not believe that so much cum from just one man, and her touch merely made him horny to do this step.

She cleaned her hands and put those innerwear in the washing machine. Went back to watch cricket and it was end of first innings. As it was break time, they sat together for dinner at the table. Surabhi was serving them dinner. Ramesh was half drunk and quickly finished his dinner, but his friends wanted to check her out more and hence eating slowly. Asking her for all varieties and enjoying her view with food. Match started again but they were least interested. Mohan asked for extra roti, and caught her hand when she came near by. Gopal quickly got up and came from behind and hugged her. She could now feel his hardness between her ass cheeks now. Mohan quickly got up now and hugged her from the front side. She lost her senses and her voice. She was crying for help, but voice is not coming out loud. She was trying to call Ramesh, but her senses gave up. Her body is warming upto these men.

They started caressing her boobs and ass and kissing her on neck, lips and back. Mohan took her pallu off, to reveal her gorgeous cleavage. Quickly started his lip services all over them. Gopal didn’t want to be left behind, made her sit on the dining table edge, and opened the blouse. She was wearing a lacy black bra, and it was hardly covering her full boobs. They both start pinching her boobs, and unhooked her bra. Surabhi could not utter a word few minutes back, but now she started moaning to this feeling. She is enjoying the evening now. They took off the bra completely making her naked above her waist. They settled with one nipple each, and started sucking. They were on full steam, and biting in middle lightly to make it more interesting. She is enjoying the pain and started to become wet.

Now they opened their zipper and exposed their hard dicks. She never saw such thick and long cocks ever. Gopal pulled her towards his cock, signalling her to start sucking. She obliged and took his cock into her mouth. Started sucking it like a chocolate ice cream, while holding Mohan’s dick in her hand and stroking it. Ramesh was still watching cricket and shouted out to his friends, “where are you guys, still eating? You are missing interesting match”. Gopal replied from dining room, “we are having ice cream, and will be there in a moment.” She sucked Gopal and he finally finished inside her mouth. Mohan was almost near to climax from hand job, then she took his dick into her mouth as well. She sucked him for couple of minutes and he finished in her mouth as well. She is filled with two men cumming in her mouth. All that extra cum which she can’t swallow is dripping all over her boobs. They took her blouse and bra and cleaned their cocks, and zipped up to go back into hall.

She took her cum dripped bra and blouse and went into bathroom to clean herself. She had cummed twice while they were enjoying her. She changed her dress, and got into simple night dress now. Came back to hall and started watching tv. They were again staring at her like hungry vultures, who only finished half job. This time though she was not afraid, and was open to whatever will happen this night. Finally match is over and MI team won. Ramesh was happy and jumped with joy. Friends hugged each other, and then Ramesh came hugging Surabhi. After Surabhi, Gopal and Mohan also hugged her. Match win helped them to hug Surabhi in front of Ramesh, he would not have objection as this was celebration. Both of them felt her boobs one more time, and pressed her ass hard. Gopal even whispered “How is the ice cream?” she smiled back without uttering a single word.

Finally they left for the day, and Ramesh collapsed on his bed after the heavy booze. Surabhi could not sleep immediately. What happened to her today was revelation, and this will change her forever. She had first experience of something fun outside of marriage, and she liked it. Surabhi will not look back now, and will start her sexacapdes to fulfill her desires.