Pongal celebration – 2

Hello everyone, hope you all liked my last story which I narrated with my sister. When we preparing for pongal celebration. This story also the continuation of my last story. Kindly read the previous story.

After me and my sister fucked at shower it was 6: 30 PM. We both came out of shower and my sister has to do some house chores which my mother told her to do at morning. After the oil bath and a lovely blowjob I lied on bed naked and sister stood near the mirror and combing her hair. She is also nude and standing in front of me and combing her hair. Both her hand were at her head. Her boobs called me again to play. I went behind her grabbed her boobs and crushed it. I rubbed my dick at her ass crack she let a moan she said” My brother cannot leave his sister though he fucked two times”. I replied ” Even you feed me your boobs a full day my hunger never go”

Sister:  I’m having lot of work pending I have to do before mom comes. Let me dear.

Me:  I will help you.

Sister :  I will complete all work alone.

Me:  what work you have?

Sister:  vessel washing and have to prepare dough for puri.

Me:  ok go.

She kissed my lips and went to the kitchen. I got phone from my friends that they will come to my home within an hour. I said my sister that all are coming our home within an hour. She was preparing for puri. She poured water on the wheat flour and preparing dough. I asked her “you want my help? ” She said yes. I grabbed her boobs and massaged it. She asked me what I’m doing. I said I’m helping and massaging. She said” I asked to massage dough” I said” I know no this dough you massage that dough “I took my left hand to her pussy and caressed it. I crushed her boobs hard and she made me horny. She completed the dough and asked me to change the dress as my friends will come now. I replied we have enough time before they come. I turned her and slapped her ass. She moaned and opened her mouth. I quickly lip locked her. She asked me to stop as someone would come and we would get caught. I lifted her and made her sit on the kitchen table. And left my tongue inside her mouth she responded well and said ” It’s hard to control your horny and also turned me on” I widened her legs and I buried my tongue inside her pussy and licked wildly. She asked me to finish her. We heard someone knocking the door.

Me and my sister got afraid and went inside bedroom and she took a nighty and I put shorts and went to see who came  We opened the door and all my friends came. She went inside her room and I called my friends inside my room. I made them settled and went to my sister room.  I lifted her nighty. She said as my friends came she asked me to go there. I said “you Only asked me to finish no I went without completing my task. ” I let my cock inside her pussy and fucked hard. She started moaning loud. I asked her to moan at low voice. She said she cannot control moan. I licked her tongue and kissed her lips and controlled her moaning. I cum inside her mouth and we both cleaned and she asked me to leave the room now.

When I opened the door Janaki came out of the kitchen I asked her when she came. She said she came before few minutes as I’m late she came to call me. She saw my sister in loose hair and called me and my sister to my room to talk. I took one t s hurt and wore and went to my room. All boys and girls where at same room it was rush so I called them to Hall. I asked why they came. Janaki said” Did we disturbed you” I said no not like that.

They said all must report tomorrow morning before 10 am with their new traditional dress. They said all planned to go to zoo the next day. Or to new released movie. I said ok. All were chatting for sometime and then they all went. my sister gave me puri and slept when mom came. The next day I got 500 rupees from mom for movie and she gave the money and went to shopping for the pongal.

I took bath an wore my dhoti and my sister stood only with blouse and petticoat and she don’t know how to wear saree. She was looking hot than never before. I went near her and grabbed her hip. She kissed my lip and said ” Don’t make me horny again I cannot wear the dress from first and it would be dirt if she remove that ”

Someone knocked the door I saw Janaki us standing outside the house. I opened the door and she went to see my sister. She came in saree which we bought the previous day. She was wearing the saree by showing her naval I got hard on seeing a model girl in traditional dress in hot manner. She commented my dress is good and I look like maapilai ( man who going to marry )

She hugged me and wished me. Then I hugged her and wished her. Her boobs are poking my chest I want to tear her bit I cannot do that as she is my friend and she tell someone. She said she has to remove the saree and wear it again as it was displaced. She went inside and locked the door. She removed  her saree and stood only in blouse and petticoat then she teached my sister how to wear saree. This is the first time I see her like this my sister wore the saree and went to call the another friend.

After sister went outside Janaki locked the door and lied on bed. I’m seeing her through the window. She took my Inner and smelled it. She is fingering her pussy and crushing her boobs. Then my sister came and she don’t know what to do she quickly kept her panty under the bed and opened the door.

I went inside as all my friends  came for movie and all friends are looking gorgeous. Really the saree gives them a good look. We went to near by cinema theatre and she didn’t get time to wear the panty. I took her panty and hided at my room at middle of dresses on my cupboard. We bought 14 tickets in the local theatre where we cannot enjoy decent movie. You know how indecent the theatre is?  There is only one common bathroom for boys and girls. My sister went for bathroom and my  friends asked me to go with her for safety as it has only one bathroom for girls and one for boys both are attached together. My sister came from bathroom and we both went to the back of the Hall.  I put one hand on her shoulder and she was seeing the movie and everyone is seeing movie. I grabbed her towards me and she sat on my lap. No one could see my sister sitting on my lap they cannot see me as it is dark. Then a kissing scene come I took my hand to her pussy and lifted her petticoat and I lifted my dhoti she sat on my cock. I pinched her pussy and fingering her she remains ed silence though nobody near us my friends are in front of us. I asked her to sit on cowgirl position but she refused to do that.

I controlled myself and made her sit on another seat and we watched movie. The movie over and we went to our home. We all gathered then Janaki asked me” Think you enjoyed the movie ” I said yes.

Then all went to their home and celebrated pongal with our family and my mom and dad went to shop again. My sister came after shower and slept nude in tired. I removed my shirt and dhoti and wore shorts and slept near my sister.