Cathy has showed her sexual desires to me. Now my mom Lousie, sister Nina, aunt Cathy with me are sitting in dinning hall. We all have planned to have dinner in a restaurant, which is in shopping mall. Its 08:30 pm, I moved towards my mom’s room to see if they are ready to move. Now looking inside I can see my mom removing her gown, she is in her lingerie only and now she put leggings and tops on her hot body. I left from there and moved towards Cathy’s room, looking inside I can see my hot aunty in long skirts as well as kurti. So I moved to my room and dressed myself. We all four are walking on a deserted path, Nina is in ultra mini skirt with a boxer looking like a hot and wild gal..

We are in a food plaza and ordered for food but I left the place. Now coming out of it, I moved to wine shop and have a chilled beer to drink it. After 10 minutes I reached there and have some delicious food there. Cathy as well as Nina is looking towards the bulge of penis and I know their sexual desires. After dinner, we reached home and I moved inside my bedroom to change my dress. Its 10:20 pm when I moved on my bed while wearing a bermuda and slept there. I have pushed the door from inside but not locked it, I am just waiting for Cathy to come inside my bedroom. I have seen her eyes showing her desires but if she don’t express it while coming too my bedroom, than what will I do ?. I am reading news on my mobile and my long wait for aunt turned into dream..

I came out of room and frisked inside Cathy’s room. She is on bed with her mobile on hand, looking at me she wake up and smiled….. “Oohh Garry you are here at midnight

(Garry) you know it better my hot aunty. ” And I pushed her on bed. While moving on her top, I hold her tightly and started kissing her lips and face. She is trying to push me, showing her reluctance but I overpowered him with my palm massaging her breast hardly and Cathy is now putting her tongue on my lips. She is moving it and I took her tongue to suck, she is rubbing my back and her hand is now on my waist. I am sucking her tongue while sleeping on her top and after a while Cathy pushed me back on bed. I am sleeping on bed while Cathy is sitting near my face, she is looking too hot in her sleeveless gown. Looking at me she took out her gown and pulled my bermuda down to legs.. Garry as well as Cathy is complete nude and my hot aunty sits on my face with her legs stretched. Now I hold her waist and started kissing her vagina, her labias are well distanced and I put my tongue on it and while licking her glory hole my one hand is pressing her breast. She is screaming in joy and after a while Cathy took her position, she is on my top with her face near my penis and my face is in between her strong thighs. She started kissing my penis and I put my tongue in her vagina to lick. Cathy is rubbing the glans on her lips as well as face, she took my penis in her mouth to suck while I am licking her glory hole. After a while, Cathy started licking my penis and her tongue is rolling on it while I put my finger in her cunt to fuck. Looking at me, she smiled and took my long cock in her mouth to suck. She is sucking it fastly and I took her vagina in my mouth to suck. My penis has erected in her mouth and after 5 minutes of her vaginal suck, her cunt become wet and I got the taste of vaginal juice. She left me and moved to washroom..

After a short break, Cathy is on bed on her knees and while sitting in front of her ass, I pushed my long cock in her vagina. Looking back to me, she pushed her ass back to have my whole dick inside her cunt. I started fucking her slowly and she is swinging her bum like a whore. My penis is moving at a great speed inside her smooth path and she is moving her ass to enhance my pleasure. My waistline is hitting her lovely ass and after 5 minutes of fuck her cunt become dry but my penis is fucking her vagina fastly. She is screaming in pleasure…… “Oohhh uummm aahh Garry fuck me hard fuck me whole night

(Garry) aunty I will cum soon, move your ass…. ” And my hot penis ejaculated cum in her vagina and she sucked my penis to taste the cum. Our hot night ends while having one more fuck. Wait for it.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.