The Meek And The Wild

Shawn was on his way home from school, he had stayed late to do some studying in the school library and would have stayed longer had one of the school bullies not showed up and started giving him verbal abuse. Shawn was a quiet boy who never fought back which made him a target for the cowardly bullies who picked on the weaker boys of the school, Shawn was also gay which was a well known fact and this was a cause of some of the bullying received, he also received a lot of homophobic abuse including hate mail, Shawn felt it was better to ignore the abuse and not fight back he found fighting back made things worse, so he just put up with the bulling and abuse and kept himself to himself. Shawn had heard that there had been a big fight in the local park between to rival street gangs last night and had heard and seen lots of police cars and vans go past his house, he heard all the rumours of there having been people killed and worse things happening but knew they were false. As he walked through the park on his way home he saw the heavy police presence which included the local very friendly home beat police office who was joking with some of the local kids as he often did.  Shawn left the park and after checking his watch and seeing it was 6pm decided it was safe to cut through the derelict factory saving him a lot of time. As he approached the factory he saw Mark who at 16 years of age was a couple pf years older than he was. Shawn stopped knowing Mark was one of his bullies and tried to decide if should continue through the factory or go back, suddenly Shawn saw Mark undo his jeans and was surprised when Mark pulled his dick out, Shawn stared at Mark’s 6 inch dick not believing what he was seeing, Shawn walked closer admiring the 6 inch hairy dick he was seeing, Shawn walked past Mark looked back and saw part of Mark’s bum showing over the top of his jeans and smiled Shawn saw Mark’s jeans slide a bit more showing more bum they slid more showing the whole of his bum, Shawn thought nice one, Mark turned round, Shawn’s eyes went wide when he saw that Mark had a full 8 inch erection which he was slowly stroking. Mark heard a noise turned saw 16 year old Steve the main bully, Mark thought he was dreaming when he saw Steve had his dick out and it was solid at 9 inches  Steve was just standing still, Shawn slowly walked past Steve, looking back and seeing Steve’s bum showing Steve turned Shawn saw Steve was stroking his erection, Steve walked up to Shawn told him that Mark and himself had been involved in the fight last night had been stripped naked and got their bums screwed by some of the boys from the other gang, Shawn saw Mark had now joined Steve who told Shawn that a few boys had screwed them and they ended up enjoying it and wanted more, Shawn just stood looking and when Mark said ” you want to fuck us”  Shawn thought it was a set and that he was going to get killed but when Steve rubbed his crutch he knew it was for real and followed the two boys to a small room where Mark lent over a  table, Shawn undid his trousers letting his 7 inch dick spring out and was soon pushing it into Mark’s bum then started pounding after a minute Mark stood straight and squirted his cum in 4 spurts, Shawn pulled his dick out looked at Steve who was now bending over the table and was soon pounding into Steve’s bum stroking Steve’s dick at the same time, after a few minutes Shawn felt Steve’s dick twitch looked round and saw squirt his cum in 5 spurts. Steve and Mark left the building Shawn walked on he bumped into Sara who was his age, Sara was a lesbian and like Shawn got grief but was friends with Shawn, Sara excitedly told Shawn she had just been fingering Amy and sucking her nipples at the same time, Amy was Steve’s girl friend, Shawn told Sara about what happened with Mark and Steve. Next day Shawn and Sara stood in Steve’s bedroom looking at a naked Amy and Steve, Sara was soon licking Amy’s nipples while Shawn was being sucked off by Steve thinking must have been a good fight we were not there but have won.