The Change Over

Amy was a 16 year old loud mouth racist bitch and was not liked in the town where she lived most people stayed clear of her even her boyfriend was scared of her, it was in the early hours of the morning as Amy staggered home from an all night rave where she had smoked lots of dope and drank a lot of cheap cider and now could hardly keep her balance, as she passed through the local park Amy saw the two immigrant girls sitting on the swings, the girls who were two years younger than what Amy was saw her one said ” lets go” the other replied ” no she is pissed” Amy saw the girls and started to give verbal abuse to them telling them to go home and calling them racist names, one girl got up off the swing and went over to Amy and told her to shut her mouth, Amy threw a punch at the girl but totally missed and fell to the ground, the other girl joined her mate who grabbed the bottom of Amy’s hoodie saying ” lets help you up” and pulled as she did, her mate said ” fucking hell she got no bra on I can see her tits” the girl holding Amy’s hoodie pulled it right up over her head and off leaving her topless, the girl watching said ” lets see if she has got panties on” both girls grabbed the struggling Amy’s jeans and started to pull them and soon they were round her ankles revealing her smooth naked love tube, the girls looked at each other and nodded and then along with her shoes pulled Amy’s jeans right off leaving her naked, the girls sat either side of Amy and asked her if she was a lesbian and when Amy replied that she was not, the girls said ” we are” and started to rub her naked boobs, Amy was to drunk and stoned to put up much of fight instead lay there as the two girls rubbed her boobs and love tube cursing the girls and calling them dirty lesbians, Amy suddenly felt fingers slide inside her love tube and start to probe around while her nipples were getting attention from a mouth, the fingers inside Amy’s love tube were now thrusting in and out while her nipples were being gently squeezed, the girl with her fingers inside Amy’s love tube said ” here she is getting wet” her mate replied ” yeah her fucking nipples are very erect she must me enjoying it, after the girls had been playing with Amy for another ten minutes the girl with her fingers in Amy’s love tube felt her climax and said ” she has just cum” and after a minute slowly with drew her fingers, the girls stood over the naked Amy who was breathing heavy looking down at her naked body before running off. A few days later Amy was in a tunnel near the park that few people knew about when she saw the two girls who were both naked, Amy looked at the girls who both became nervous, Amy said to them ” don’t tell any one what you did to me the other night, one of the girls  saw pokies in Amy’s tee shirt and said ” you want more do you” as she spoke she saw the pokies get bigger and when Amy did not make any reply shouted ” I asked you if you wanted more bitch” Amy nodded her head, the girl said ” good now get your fucking clothes off” Amy stripped naked, one girl knelt in front of Amy and started to lick her love tube while the other started to lick and suck her nipples, Amy was soon groaning and after a few minutes climaxed, the girls carried on playing with Amy’s naked body and after half a hour had made her climax a couple more times. After awhile the girls had got dressed walked away telling the still naked Amy that she was now their bitch, Amy watched the girls leave the tunnel and thought  that lesbian sex was ok and should have tried it ages ago and knew that she would be doing it more often.