The Bath

There was a major power cut on the run down housing estate following an explosion at the power station, there was no lighting, heating and hot water on the estate for four days, many residents of the estate had gone to stay with relatives or friends, others stayed on the estate using candles torches and gas burners. Sixteen year old Sara was fed up of not being able to have a bath and decided to go to the local bath house that was the only source of hot water, Sara’s younger sister Sally went with her. At the bath house Oma who was two years younger than Sara was collecting towels and saw Sara and Sally enter the building and smiled and thought to herself I hope that I get to see these two bitches naked. both Sara and her sister were known as mouthy trouble makers. Oma who was two years older than what Sally was took Sally up to the cubicle where the bath that she was to use was, at the door to the cubicle Sally looked at Oma and said to her ” now fuck off you lesbian ” Oma walked down the corridor but once she heard the door to the cubicle that Sally was in being locked and the bath water start to run she went back to the cubicle and smiled when through the crack in the door she could see Sally undressing, Sally was stood with her back to the door and had already taken her top clothes off and was now in just her jeans, Oma smiled when Sally slid her jeans down and her bare bum came into view, Sally hobbled a bit as she tried to take her jeans right off, she then turned and sat on the wooden chair, Oma thought yes as she looked at Sally’s small boobs and when Sally raised one leg Oma had a good clear view of her love tube, Sally took her jeans right off and sat naked, the to the joy of Oma Sally started to rub her love tube and after a couple of minutes slid her fingers inside her love tube and started pushing them in and out, Oma saw that Sally’s little nipples were now fully erect, Oma watched feeling her own juices starting to flow, after a few minutes Sally flung her head back and pushed her chest out and groaned loudly, Oma knew that she had cum, after a few minutes Sally moved out of view as she got in the bath. Oma walked down the corridor and noticed an empty cubicle and went to reception and got Sara telling her there was a spare bath, Sara followed Oma up to the empty cubicle, Sara asked Oma for fresh soap, Oma went to get some and when she returned she got a pleasant shock, Sara was standing naked by the bath, Oma stared at the ample boobs on display and the hairless love tube of the mouthy bitch, Oma handed the soap to Sara who said ” you will need that I paid for a full wash, Oma stared open mouthed, Sara said come on don’t piss about” and got in the bath, Oma went into the cubicle closing the door behind her and noticed that Sara’s nipples were erect, Oma picked up the wash cloth, Sara said ” don’t use that thing use your hands” Oma put the cloth down and soaped her hands and started to wash Sara’s back and shoulders, Sara stood up, Oma started to wash her legs, Sara said ” I paid for a full wash so wash me all over” Oma smiled and started to wash Sara’s bum enjoying it as she did, once she had finished washing Sara’s back Sara sat down in the bath and stretched out, Oma looked at her, Sara looked at her and said ” fucking get on with it wash me” Oma soaped her hands again and then started to wash Sara’s shoulders and slowly moved down and after getting no rejection started to wash Sara’s ample boobs slowly enjoying the feel pf Sara’s stiff nipples as she did Omar could hear Sara was breathing heavy, Oma washed Sara’s stomach then ran her hand between Sara’s legs and started to rub her love tube, Sara started to rub her boobs groaning as she did, Oma slid two fingers inside Sara’s love tube feeling it was moist, Oma ran her hand up Sara’s body and started to rub her boobs then squeeze her nipples as she pushed her fingers in and out of Sara’s love tube, Oma stopped rubbing Sara’s boobs bent forward and started to lick Sara’s boobs and suck her nipples after a couple of minutes Oma felt Sara cum but carried on working on her body and after another ten minutes Oma felt Sara cum a second time, after a minute Oma pulled her fingers from Sara’s love tube stood up and started to dry her hands, Sara looked at Oma and said ” don’t you tell anybody what has happened” after promising Sara that she would not tell anyone Omar left the cubicle. As she went down the corridor Oma saw her cousin who was ten years of age standing outside the cubicle that Sally had been in and when she looked at the door she saw sixteen year old Steve one on the local thugs standing naked his dick fully erect standing up at about nine inches with cum dripping off it, Oma asked her cousin if she had just been watching Steve have a wank and smiled when her cousin nodded her head and said that yes she had and there were five long spurts of cum. Oma walked on down the corridor and saw July one of Sara’s mates, Oma smiled and said ” not from a dirty fucking lesbian like you” and went into the cubicle locking the door behind her, Oma smiled and looked through the crack in the door and watched as July stripped naked, Oma thought she got bigger tits than what Sara has and when July got into the bath and out of her sight Oma walked away thinking to herself, I hope the power cut on the estate lasts ages.