School Holidays

Sara who was sixteen years of age was laying on the sun lounge in the back garden of her grandparents house, it was the first week of the annual six week school holiday and Sara was far from happy, just before leaving home to spend the school holidays with her grandparents Sara’s boyfriend Steve had dumped her and now she was in the small quiet village with her grandparents who had gone away for the day with their neighbours leaving Sara to look after the neighbours kids, Sara could see Toni who was two youngers than what she was mucking about with her brother Simon who was two years younger than what his sister was, it was a very hot day and everybody was wearing their swim wear, Sara got up from the lounger and went inside the cottage where it was shady and cooler she did not want to get sun burnt, after twenty minutes Toni went into the lounge where Sara was relaxing on the sofa and gave her a glass of juice telling her that it was her mums on recipe and that it was relaxing, Sara tasted it and liked the taste and after a few minutes had drank it all and was feeling more relaxed, Colin went out of the lounge with the empty glass and returned after a short while with another drink for Sara, Sara asked what was in the drink as it was a taste she had never had before, Toni told her only her mum knew and she guarded the recipe well, after half a hour Sara had drank the second drink and was feeling very relaxed and was getting horny, Toni said to Sara “lay on the floor and I will give you a massage” Sara lay down on the floor and Toni started to massage her back, Sara was enjoying the massage and when Toni pulled the draw strings of her bikini top open Sara did not move she was now feeling very relaxed, a couple of times Sara felt Toni’s hands rub over the side of her boobs but just lay there really enjoying the massage and when Toni’s fingers went inside her bikini bottoms Sara did not flinch, Toni pulled the draw strings on Sara’s bikini bottoms open and pulled the bikini bottom open exposing Sara’s naked bum, Toni started to massage Sara’s bum, Sara thought it odd having another girl who was younger than her rubbing her naked bum but did not care the massage was feeling good, Sara felt her bikini bottom slide out from under her then her bikini top slid out and Toni continued to massage her back including her legs and bum, Sara was feeling well relaxed and real horny she thought the massage was extra good and when Toni told her to roll over onto her back she did, Colin who was sat watching smiled when he saw Sara’s boobs and love tube and gave his sister the thumbs up sign, Toni started to massage Sara’s shoulders and started to move her hands down the older girls body and was soon massaging Sara’s ample naked boobs liking the way her nipples were standing up erect and gently squeezed them before continuing to massage Sara’s stomach then slid one hand between Sara’s legs and rubbed her love tube saying your enjoying this massage aren’t you, Sara was loving what was happening and nodded her head, Toni said ” give me a hand Colin ” and soon Sara felt Colin’s hands gliding over her shoulders before they slid down to her boobs, Sara was feeling very horny indeed and did not care who was massaging her, Toni was still rubbing Sara’s love tube which she felt was very moist and hearing how heavy Sara was breathing slid a finger up inside Sara’s love tube while her brother was gently squeezing Sara’s erect nipples, Toni slid two more fingers inside Sara’s love tube pushing them in and out she then slid all four fingers in while her brother started to suck Sara’s nipples while Sara lay there enjoying what was happening and moaning loudly and after ten minutes climaxed crying out ” yes oh yes as she did” after a few minutes Sara looked up but could not see Toni or her brother but heard her grandparents car in the drive and quickly grabbed her bikini and rushed to her room then had a shower thinking to herself I have just been brought off by a girl two years younger me while her brother played with my tits but it had been good, after the shower Tina went to the kitchen where her gran asked if all was O.K. Sara told her that all was fine and that Toni and her brother had been good. That night Tina went for a walk round the village and saw Toni sat by the village pond, Sara went to her and said ” about earlier ” before Sara could say anymore Toni said ” you got a great body I loved your tits” and reached out and lifted Sara’s skirt, Sara stopped her said don’t somebody will see” Toni said ” you enjoyed it earlier” Sara admitted that she had and that she had never been brought off by a girl before” Toni said to her ” want me to bring you off again if so follow me” and walked over to the swing park, Sara stood watching her go and thought it was good earlier and there are no boys about so why not and followed Toni. Sara found Toni stood by the hut nobody else about, Toni pushed Sara against the hut pulled the straps of Sara’s summer dress down freeing her boobs and said” they sure are nice tits” and started to lick the nipples while pulling the lower part of Sara’s dress up and sliding her hands inside Sara’s skimpy panties and rubbing her love tube, after ten minutes Sara was groaning as Toni knelt on the ground with her head up her skirt and licking her love tube, after another ten minutes Sara groaned out loudly as she climaxed,, after a few minutes Toni stood up smiled at Sara and told her that she would see her tomorrow and walked away, Sara went and sat on a swing and started to swing back and to thinking about what had happened and how good it had been her thoughts were interrupted by a girl who was about Toni’s age the girl told Sara that she was a friend of Toni’s and was in the same class as Toni and that her name was Kim, Sara told Kim her name to which Kim said ” I know Toni told me” Kim then took Sara by surprise by saying to her Toni is dead right you have great tits and nice nipples, Sara said ” what” Kim sat astride Sara’s legs said ” I watched Toni  lick you” and slid a hand inside the top of Sara’s dress and started rubbing her boobs saying nice very nice, then withdrew her hand and unzipped her hoody freeing her well developed boobs bent forward and pushed one in Sara’s mouth, Sara was taken totally by surprise but licked Kim’s nipple, Kim suddenly got up saying it is my mum zipped her hoody up and ran off, the next day Sara was laying naked on the floor of her grandparents neighbours house moaning very loudly as a naked Kim and a naked Toni were licking her boobs and love tube at the same time and later as she stood in the shower thought this lesbian sex is good it is going to be a great six weeks after all.