No School

Amy was sat  the derelict building bunking off school, Amy had been found out as being a lesbian and was now bullied so bunked school to avoid the bullying and the derelict building was a place Amy liked as it was quiet and hardly anybody ever went there. As she sat there Amy heard a noise and saw Cindy who went to her school, Amy knew Cindy was trouble and stayed clear of her when she could, Amy also knew that that many boys had slept with Cindy and that she was a bit of a slag, Amy knew Cindy was 16 years old and a couple of years older than what she was, Cindy saw Amy walked up to and said ” your Amy in same class as my sister July” Amy told Cindy she was and that she knew July, Cindy then said your the lesbian aren’t you” Amy told Cindy she was and waited for the abuse to start, instead Cindy said ” you like licking a girls cunt and sucking her tits” Amy nodded her head saying yes as she did, she was then surprised when Cindy said ” I always wondered what it is like to get done by a lesbian” Amy smiled said try” it some time then you will know” Amy watched as Cindy undid her blouse then unhooked her bra let her boobs fall free, Cindy said ” come on then do me” Amy sat looking at Cindy’s naked large boobs then reached forward and started to rub them pinched her nipples and licked and sucked on Cindy’s nipples. After a few minutes Amy saw that Cindy’s nipples were erect and heard her breathing start to get faster, Cindy stepped back undid her skirt let it drop to the floor before removing her panties showing her hairless slit, Amy knelt and start to lick the clit of the older girl then pushed her tongue in and started exploring the wet love tube and rubbing Cindy’s bare bum at the same time, after five minutes Amy’s face got wet as Cindy gushed, after a few minutes Cindy had dressed told Amy she had enjoyed it and not to let anybody know, Amy heard somebody say ” is she any good” Amy looked saw Tina  one Cindy’s friends, Cindy said ” yeah it was good” Amy smiled as Tina raised her skirt lowered her panties and said ” lick me” soon Amy was licking Tina and after awhile her face got another soaking,  As Tina and Cindy walked away Amy thought to herself  yeah I have  just had two straight girls , a few hours later Amy arrived at her grans house where she was staying, her gran told her two of her friends were waiting in her room for her and left to go to the shops, Amy went upstairs wondering who it was as she went in her room she was flung to the bed, Amy saw Mary and Mandy two of her classmates there both girls were wearing long coats, Mandy said strip the bitch, both girls stripped Amy naked, looked at her then removed their coats, Amy could hardly believe her eyes both girls were now naked with very erect nipples, soon Mandy was licking Amy’s slit while Mary was sucking her nipples. An hour later as the girls were leaving they said to Amy be in school tomorrow and no more bunking or you wont get the same again, Amy made a mental  note to stop bunking school.