Unexpected Sex with Female Roommate

Oh! Khanna sir is no more.

Who told?

Here is in whats app.

That means no class today. But will be condolence meeting.

Anyway, its 9.30 let us start. OK

At the auditorium, many people praised his knowledge, teaching skills, his passion for duty etc etc..

It was only our second day of the workshop, we are unlucky to attend his lectures.

So what’s your plan Neha?

I wish to have some shopping after the funeral. Can you accompany me?


Thanks Anil.

We reached one of the biggest malls there. It was sprawling.

Anil, do you have anything to shop?

OK, let me see.

I want a few dresses and some personal things. Come on and select for me.

Oh, Neha, I have little knowledge about girl’s items, but will try. Since we have only one day’s acquaintance, how can I get your likes?

She purchased some tops, leggings and inners. We saw an English film in the Multiplex. The movie was a bit sexy. Sometimes I felt ashamed, but she was normal. Her attitude appeared to be western. She was tall and beautiful, and her lips were tempting with shining eyes.  In her tight jeans and short, tight top, she looked sexy. The view of the evening sky was lovely from the top floor of our guest house. We stood on the balcony till darkness began to spread. She talked about Punjab and me about Kerala. She expressed her wish to visit Kerala, and I welcomed her to the Gods on Country. Time passed by. It was 8 O’ clock and we ordered food by Uber eats. As both of us were veg, we chose same item. The food was very nice.

Showers began with light thunder. I watched you tube on mobile, she started reading in the nearby chair. Suddenly there was a splash of light, many times brighter than the midday sun followed by a frighteningly loud thunder.

In a moment she hugged me with a scream. I lost my balance and fell over the sofa with her over me.

Neha.. Neha.. Leave me..leave me. Nothing happened. It was only a lightning and thunder.

She is still screaming and holding me firm.

I have never seen such a thing in my life.

She murmured with tightly closed eyes, hiding her face on my chest, lying over me.

Somehow I turned over and stood up and lifted her. She opened her eyes, still shivering. I made her sit on the chair. Yes, she was really frightened. I gave her some water. She slowly realised what happened and stooped her head down due to shame.

It’s all right, don’t worry Neha. So you never experienced such thunder in your place?

No Anil.. No.  Actually, I thought something terrible happened. I was shocked and lost      myself. Let me go to the washroom.

Still, it was raining, but without heavy thunders. The clock ticked 10. Neha was watching the rain through the window.

I am going to bed. Goodnight

Goodnight Anil.

It was cold. I shut the door and jumped on the bed.

After a while, there was a knock on the door. I tied my dhothi and opened the door.

Sorry Anil, let me also sleep in your room.


Oh, now the rain subsided and it is quiet now. No problem, now you can sleep in your room, don’t worry.

No Anil, I am so frightened today and… sorry, please….

I was in a dilemma. Now a young girl is offering to sleep with me in the cold and rainy night. It was like a dream. A dream of any young man.

Without waiting for my permission she pushed the door and came inside.

Oh. What’s wrong if I sleep here? Oh, it is pretty cold, shut the door and come to bed Anil.

Now she is lying close to me, on my left side as it was not a perfect double bed.

Are you not comfortable? I hope you are, you are sleeping with a girl for the first time?


I know everyone has their own sleeping habit, is it?  Any such special habit is disturbed now?


What is that? Sleeping across the bed? Or scrolling way? Yes, tell me.

She came close to me and shook me.

Tell, tell, hey… something shameful?  Don’t be shame tell.. tell

Shaking me all the way

Now she had no fear about thunder, it seems she is in a joyous mood.

I whispered in her ear, “I usually sleep nude, today anyway, not possible, that is.”

She laughed and laughed, sat up in bed laughing.

No problem you can sleep as you like, I will turn to the other side if you feel shame. 

She almost came over me and pinched

Same pinch

What? You also!

Yeah, I also like to sleep nude.

Though I was excited by the feel of her next to me, we talked about cricket match and slept soon, as it was cold.

A thud sound of the door disturbed my sleep. A bunch of light rays struck on my almost closed eyes. She was not in the bed. She would have gone to the toilet. I turned round and looked towards the bathroom with a sleepy eye. The door was not fully closed and light beam was steady. What! She forgot to close the door?  A mosquito gave my thigh a bite from somewhere. I pulled my leg and all of a sudden the door shut. While trying to wave it away, I was shocked to see that my dhothi and sheet have left and exposed my private regions. My manhood was half erected. I realised that she actually peeped into my nudity. Despite the fact that at first I got a stun, rapidly I chose to lay as nothing occurred. The door marginally opened once more. I was pretending to be sleeping.

Gradually she came near to me and looked at me. I was still. At that point she came to bed. I understood that she’s energized now. Choosing to take advantage of the opportunity, I turned towards her as she lay on the bed and placed my arm over her as if in sleep. As she hasn’t resisted. I placed my leg also over her in a matter of seconds. She did not oppose but drew closer.

I sensed the mood and extended my left arm towards her. Without any hesitation, she put her head on it and threw her left arm over me. She was hot now. We were so close that her boobs were really pressing on my chest and we could sense the warmth of our breath. With my leg still over her, I bunched her ‘midi’ up her thighs. Knees clamped her naked hips. She was wearing panties.

I just opened my eyes to see what she was doing. She was actually looking at my face with eyes wide open.

Is it the way to sleep near a strange girl? I have seen everything.

She whispered with a naughty smile, pressing her fingers over her lips.

She put her leg over my bare leg. Now our Legs entangled. My rod is almost up and touching her. We looked face to face. With a voluptuous smile she touched her nose to mine. Frequency of breath soured high.

Suddenly power failed. As the curtains were heavy and fully drawn, there was zero visibility in the room. It was darker than the darkest.

Let me light the torch, I said

No pleeeeeese. I like this. I am so excited. Pleeeeeese don’t

Within no time I got a bit on my nose. It was aimed at the lips, but gone out of the way to the nose due to darkness. We ran our fingers on each other’s head and face to spot the lips. Succeeded to get them together.  Blood rushed along my veins. Hormones percolated. Tantalizing electricity passed through my entire body. As she tried to lift my T shirt I got up and helped to remove it.  She hugged me tighter. Feeling her nipples against my bare chest drove me crazy. She had already removed her ‘midi’. Our lips were engaged. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues dipped and swirled. For me this is the first time. So electric waves ran all over my body. Her tongue licked softly upon my lips, tracing my lips. Her soft lips brushed gently against mine as it probed into my warm mouth with her moist, soft tongue. My hand slowly massaged her lower back and ran down and passed over her buttocks through her panties. Still the Lips fused and held, our tongues playing together in our mouths. Our saliva mixed and over flew to the pillow. I ran my finger over her chest. I could feel the shape and heat eliciting from her boobs. Her boobs were of medium size. Cupped her soft melons. Kneaded the soft flesh between my fingers. Twisted the nipples slowly. She responded well, tighten her legs more over me. Saliva was flowing like a river from our mouths and we drank each other.

I moved my hand to her very private area. Slowly massaged over her panties. It was all the way wet.

When I tried to pull it down, she removed herself. My fingers ran over the mount. I could feel some hairs over it. It was not fully shaven. Her juice was flowing like a river. Darkness spoiled the coveted seen. I pushed my leg between her thighs and parted them a little wider to make space for me to work at her junction. I started caressing her inner thighs. My fingers slowly and slowly travelled over the puffy thing. Through the length of her pussy crack, up and down. I started making circular motion on her clit I broke the lips forcefully and slid down to her melons. Took one of them in my mouth to the possible extent. Squeezed the other one in my palm. Slowly twisted the nipples between the thumb and index finger. She was moaning loud

Her hand reached my capital place. Stroked my rod and cupped my balls. It was for the first time I experience the feel of a girl in my manhood. Shock waves of pleasure sizzled. She concentrated on my balls. I also started moaning. We forgot ourselves and were travelling in another world. As the darkness took us to some other world. We are playing as if two blind persons. She was fondling my balls well, but left the road untouched. Still, it was fully erect and throbbing. I guided her hand to it but she liked to work on my balls.

By now her clit grew big. I was surprised by the pace with which it enlarged. I took it between my thumb and index finger and gently pinched it. I was not sure whether she was a virgin, hence I did not put my finger into her.

mmmm.. ahaaa..

Her moans become louder and intense. She tried to close her thighs together. I felt my thigh is going to crush between hers. She started thumping her ass on bed. Pussy juice flew like a broken dam. She held my hairs tight with right hand and squeezed hard my balls. It pained me and I moaned haaaa.. She started biting my nipples and all over the chest. My rod was now at full mast and throbbing. I know I will not be able to hold for more and it will explode at any time. I stroked her clit vigorously. She kicked her legs, thumbed her buts. She was reaching her climax. Soon her juice gushed out, she trembled with a loud scream. With loud scream she had her first orgasm, may be first in life.

Meanwhile, her capture in my balls becomes tight and she squeezed it hard.  That was the end my control. Cum spurt out. A portion fell over my belly, I don’t know where all it landed. Both were panting and quiet. I was almost unconscious for minutes.

I opened my eyes after some time, but it was still dark, power has not resumed.

I stretched my hand to search her. ‘Neha’ I called in a feeble voice

Neha.. Anil how are you. I am near to you.

In no time she turned over me. Actually, she was swimming over me. I do not know what is happening.

Neha, hai what are you doing.

I want it once more. Please

Her hand touched my legs and thighs, my cheeks, from its smell I guessed it was her pussy over my lips. I felt her palm on my rod. Yes, she assumed 69 with her on me. She wiped my rod with the bed sheet and took into her mouth. Oh my god! Her tongue swirled around my shaft. It began to grow. Within few minutes it has grown to maximum. She took it into her mouth as far as she can. Her hand played with my ball.

I responded with my lips on her pussy lips. Now it is just in front my eyes, but damn the electricity, I am deprived that sight. I parted her lips and ran my tongue from top to bottom. Slightly pushed and circled the index finger over her hole. Tongue dipped and swirled. She thumped her buts and swirled her hip. I extended my arms to her boobs. As it was not easy as she was lying over me. But I managed to caress it. This went for some minutes. We both moaned loud and talked senselessly. Both of us were out of the world. Her mouth and tongue was servicing my rod well. Her each hand worked on each of my balls. One of my hands was massaging her soft and puffy butts. I rolled each one in my hand, gently rubbed it I put one hand from below her and with the thumb started pressing her clit. This was too much for her. She gripped my legs hard and kicked her legs as if swimming in water. She jerked and a spurt of liquid splashed over my face and as my mouth was working there, most of it went into my stomach.

I was about to come. Nerves stretched taut. Whole body trembled. Before I could ask her to remove it from the mouth, I exploded, I don’t know whether it went into her mouth or anywhere else. My fingers pressed hard against her soft flesh. In the ecstasy spontaneously my thumb thrust into her anal hole and other one pressed hard on her clit. That was the end of her controls and another gush of honey spread over my face.

She gasped heavily and head sank over my thighs. Her breaths were too hot. I could feel the thumping of her heart over my lower belly area. Her hold on my shaft slowly loosed. We sank into deep, deep sleep.

My eardrum was disturbed by the horns, songs of birds and streaking of vehicles. I just flicked my eyelids, the room was fully bright. I don’t know what the time was. But already it was daybreak.

Good morning, not going to class? Hey!

It was she. I stretched open my eyes. She was standing beside me with a tea cup, wearing a blue gown. It looked as she bathed already. She laughed and laughed.

It is day now, put something on man.

I lifted myself on my elbow and looked down. I was still ‘without a string attached’. Suddenly I pulled the sheet over me. But in a flick she pulled it away. I cupped my private with my hands. She suddenly pulled my hands from behind and uncovered me.

Hey! This is not kidding Neha

What to cover up now. You have nothing left to show me. Now you need no cloths before me

She laughed and laughed. Now I felt totally ashamed as for the first time I am before a young girl without even a string on my body.

This is unfair, you saw me fully, but it was totally dark when you were naked. No, it is not fair.

Don’t worry Anil, I will show you every dot on my body. Be calm. Let it be the eve. Cool down

Now it is time to go to classes. Get ready faster. I have prepared tea for you also. It is getting cold.

Have you bathed?

Mmm. You have made my body filthy. Full of sticky with your gum. You know, naughty.

See the sheet. Made it dingy. Full of yellowish scars. Ok, now go wash.

Most of it is your juice, you know

She slightly slapped in my face with a naughty smile. I got up, took a bath and went to classes as if nothing had happened.


The second part will continue.

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