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I’m back with new encounter with my Cousin Sister’s Sister in Law.

Let me introduce myself, I am buddy cool a Bangalore guy by birth and unmarried and still enjoying my unmarried life. And now the beauty of the incident is my Cousin sis, Sister in Law. My cousin is married and has a child aged 02 years and she is also residing in Bangalore and her sister in law is a hot Bhabhi Nandini aged 36 with sexy curves and her body stats maybe approximately around 37 Perfectly C Cupped Boobs 24 well maintained curvy waist and a balloon shaped perfect ass. She is medium fair and a bit whitish and sexy pink lips and when I saw her instantly I thought of Sunny Leone and had an instant hard on.

Coming back to the incident that happened few days ago there was an engagement reception of my Elder cousin brother engagement and all our family had to attend the reception and I reached the reception after finishing my office work at 6.30pm and the engagement (Ring Ceremony) was almost finished and I went and sat and my cousin sis saw me and came to me with her daughter and even the little one was smiling and I took it and I was playing with her and it was the first time I saw Nandini and she was looking beautiful and gorgeous in the Pink saree with Kanankambara flower and Pink lipstick and I had an instant hardon and suddenly my niece started crying and I was searching for my cousin and she saw me and I signaled her and she came and I gave her to my cousin and I asked her who is the lady greeting and speaking with everyone and she said she is her Sister in Law and her husband elder brothers wife and I said I didn’t attend your marriage so I didn’t knew her and asked about her children and she said don’t ever speak about it with her husband or any one and I asked why and she said that her husband had an accident and a week before their marriage and he will never be able to have sex with her and I asked did her parents agree for her marriage and she said she could have rejected him but it was an love cum arranged marriage and she loved him and her brother in law suggested to marry someone else but she didn’t agree and they married but presently she is undergoing homeopathy treatment since one year and still she is not able to conceive. I said ok fine and she came and my cousin introduced me to her and she gave a shake hand and we shook and my cousin said she’ll feed my niece and will be back and you both make yourself comfortable and she went and I was still holding her hand even she didn’t say anything about it and we both spoke and she introduced about herself and then I came to know that she was an Housewife and they were living in the same area where the engagement was going and was just a few meters from there and was walkable distance and my eyes was on her lips and she observed it and she pressed my hand a bit hard and I came to my sense and she said I think you are not interested to speak with me suddenly I uttered not like that I was lost in your lips and sexy body and she saw me and smiled and said you naughty fellow and I said I am very naughty in other things also and we both had a good laugh and suddenly my mom and dad came and asked did u have something to eat and I said no I was feeling tired and need to go and take rest and she said the function will end late and the family members will return to the house tomorrow morning only and I said that means I will have to travel alone to the house and she said no you need not and suddenly Nandini said that I can spend the night in their house as everyone will be busy and my mother said is it fine and I said I can manage for today nite and my cousin sister came and said that her daughter is sleeping and she will drop me at their house and I said ok and suddenly Nandini said that she is having some problem and she too will accompany us to the house and will stay and my cousin said you both carry on and she went and brought her daughter and gave to her Sister in law and said to take care of her and she gave her husband car keys and I went and started the vehicle and I opened the back seat door but Nandini closed the back door and came sat in the front and while driving she was asking whether I am having a girlfriend or not and I replied no and right now am planning to make one and love her this instant and she said its not the right time to  do so and we reached the house and she mounted my niece and she got down and opened the gate and told me to park the car inside and told to come in and she went and opened  the door and went inside the house and I parked the car and went inside and there was no current in the house she said current main switch needs to be switched on and she told me to wait and I sat on the sofa and she asked me to close the main door and I closed the door and there was light in the room and I called her and she said that she’ll come in few minutes and I went to see what she was doing she was changing her clothes and she was only in two piece (Bra and Panty) and I uttered beautiful and she turned astonished and my dick was in 90degree and she observed that and she tried to pull the saree and cover herself and I said when you have such nice curvy body don’t you think that I need to enjoy it and she saw me and said if you’ll enjoy yourself then who’ll satisfy me and she winked and I went near her lip locked her and hugged me tightly and we lip locked and kissed and exchanged our saliva for almost 20minutes (I am a horny lip lock kisser who’ll seduce any women’s with kissing itself) and we broke the kiss and she said we’ll move to the other room and I lifted her up and she was kissing my cheeks and biting my cheek and I went into the bedroom and threw her and removed my clothes and pounced on her like a Hungry Lion ready to devour the meal and I tore her bra – panty and I saw that her black areola was stiff and not even a single bite marks nor any kind of things it was a fresh piece and her clean shaved pussy was inviting me to fuck her soon. And even she was calling me to fuck her and I slept next to her and started kissing her and she too started to respond very horny and I explored her pussy and tried to insert my fingers into her pussy but it was tight and I understood that she has not had sex with anyone till date nor she has allowed any other to break her seal and I was the first to break her seal without a condom and I was on cloud nine and she started to stroke my penis and she slowly went and took my brother in her mouth and she was sucking like an Experienced slut and she was biting my penis now and then and I caught hold of her and stroked harder and cummed in her mouth and she said to wait and she went and opened her cupboard and took the Viagra 250mg and gave me and I saw her and she said she wants to play for long time and I ate it and my dick was stiff thick hard and I pulled her to the bed and slowly started to insert my penis inside her and she was moaning and crying and was saying please don’t stop again and again and It was not going inside so I applied some saliva and pushed it harder and It went inside and she moaned heavily and I fucked her in missionary position for almost for an hour and I cummed inside her vagina and still I was fucking her and she was moaning ummm, ahhhh, ummmm, ohhhh and those moans made me more hornier and then she rode me making the sound chupak chupak chupak and she fell on me exhausted and I made her lie on her stomach and I started to insert my penis inside her ass she said please and I inserted with full force and she let out 480volts current moan and I ass fucked her for 30minutes and was hitting her ass and it turned reddish and then I fucked her in doggy-style and butterfly position and finally she gave me a blowjob and we both went and had shower together and there also I fucked her on the commode and lift her up and fucked like hell and she was also satisfied and we both came out and dried our self and she hugged me and thanked me said I have fulfilled her womb and I asked her if she ever Conceives she immediately said as soon as I come to know that I am pregnant on same day she’ll fuck me till I get married and bear a child till then she said you can fuck me how much ever you want and we both lip-locked and were smooching suddenly my phone rang and it was my mom she said that they are staying in there only and I saw Nandini and winked at her and she removed her clothes for round two…

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