My childhood friend became my sex toy

Hello, readers, this is my first story here. Don’t feel something if you see some mistake in narration and spelling mistake. I am poor at writing stuff.
Coming back to the story. When I was going for tuition in 5th standard. I saw one girl in my tuition. I had a crush on her but I didn’t tell her. Days passed I went go Bangalore for my studies. When I came back to my village after 6 years. I went to her college as I knew where she is studying because we use to chat on facebook. I waited there for some time. After sometime I saw her in the crowd. She was so good looking and sexy body. I felt something in my pants that my little wants to come out. I wished her hi. We were going back to her home. I gave her my new number. We started meeting regularly after her college.. One day I told her come n meet me at night near to her some.. At least she agreed to meet me. It was dark no one was there near to us.. She came to me.. As we ware speaking justly I gave her a kiss.. She got angry n shocked and ran back to her home.. Next day I asked sorry for her. Next day she came to me and told its fine, it was my first kiss I got scared. I felt relaxed and asked for her so we will meet in the same place.. She agreed same time she came to me. I gave her a kiss to her neck and kiss n gave a kiss to lips. I don’t want to provide further because it was the first time for her.. Next day same place. She came I was not able to control this. I hold her tight in my arms. I started kissing her fascinated.. Pressing her butt.. She started moving hahaaaa. I got so much honey. I made her sleep on the bench next to us. I climbed on her started kissing her and I slide my hand on her top she didn’t react anything, started touching her boobs pressing them. She started moving hahaaahaaa ramesshhhhh.. Suck them… I got shocked by hearing that. I pulled them out from her dress.. Started biting her kissing them licking them hard. She was like Ramesh suck them. Ramesh suucckkk my boobs it’s all yours.. Suck them succkkkk me…. Ramesshhhhh…. Then it was already 8 pm she went her home.. Next day same time she came out from her home. I hugged her giving her a deep kiss.. My little brother was rubbing her body.. I know she can feel that. I slide my hand into her pants.. She was already wet.. Her juice was coming from her pussy. I removed her pants made her lie on chair.. I started sucking her pussy.. She was screaming Rameshhhh fuck them I want you, suckkk them ahh hahaha hahaha hahhaaaaaaaaa… Ramesh fuck me. Fuuccckkkkk fucckkkkkk, I want your cock…. Fuckk my hahaha hhhahhhaaaaaaa, I took out my penis made her sit. I gave it in her mouth.. She gave me the blowjob.. First time I am experiencing it.. Suck juice was coming out from my pnnis she was licking it.. Enjoy it… I made her doggy style. I put my penis into hers.. She started rammmm fuckk meee, harddddd harddd harderrrr fuckmeeeee, fuckkkk fucckkkk.. Fuckkk my pussy hardherrrrr.. Tear mine apart. I got very horny fucked her for more than half an hour.. I was about to come… I took it back.. She once again took it in her mouth started stroking it. I was feeling satisfied more than her pussy. I was screaming fuck you dear, suck my cock harder. We spent some time there.. Next 2 days we didn’t meet.. After 2 days I came to know her parents, not at home.. We planned to go out. I took my bike for the one-day-long ride. As we were going she hugged me from behind I felt very horny. Suddenly I felt something in my pants when I saw it was her hands trying to go inside my pants she held my tool started to stroke. I knew stage like this will happen so I wore a loose pant. I was getting very horny. I couldn’t control I stopped the bike as it was afternoon, we were out of town very far so no one will see us. I took her beside one tree. I pulled her pants down made her doggy style. Started to fuck her she started moaning Rammeshh fuck me. Harder, fuck me. Fuckk hahhaaaa haah hhaaaaa uffff has haaaa fuck me harder haahaaaaa haaaaa haaa baby fuck meeee Rameshh fuck my pussyyy pussyyy haaa haaaaa fuck mee… I got very horny fucked her for some 5 mins.. Got ready to go back.. When we were coming. She got the call from her parents that they will be late so we went to near restaurant for dinner. It was closed room. Me and her sitting on the same sofa. We wanted to have fun there also because of some outside people we count not but whenever I feel no one coming into the room to kiss her press her from outside. I knew that she will become excited I was in control. When we were coming back from the hotel. She took me to a secret place in her file. It was fully dark. But managed to go there. Within no time she started to kiss me faintly. And took my cock and started to give me blowjob. I was enjoying it. I told her I love to get blowjob then fucking because she makes me feel so horny and satisfied. But I made her sit down. First went between her legs started to tap it. Fingering she lost her control once again. She shouted me. Fuck me you hard fucker. I want to have your penis in my sexy pussy.. Fuckkk me hahaaa haaahaaaa. I am a sex slave to you. Fuck me harder. I lost my control. I put my penis in her started to fuck her.. She was shouting like hahaha a hahahaaa fuck me fuckkkk fucckkkk harderrrrr harder fuckkk fuckkkk.. Time was already late we went back to our homes, it was pleasant experience for me.. I fuck her whenever we meet…. This is my 1st story.. [email protected] any feedback you can give me.