In our home we three are nude while doing our duty. My hot mom is in kitchen preparing meal for us but Nina is in dinning hall, while sitting on chair she has hold a long carrot in her hand and getting her fuck. I moved to kitchen and hold my mom tightly….. “Mom need a milk shake

(Lousie) oh to get energy for fuck. ” And I responded her positively with my palms massaging her breasts. Now she prepared milk shake for me and I came to hall with it. Looking at Nina I am drinking the shake and stood near her face while she is pumping the carrot inside. I hold my penis and put it on her lips as she started kissing it and took my dick in her mouth to suck. Now Nina took out the carrot from her cunt and is sucking my penis fastly. After a while she licked it..

My penis is in full erection and she is on sofa on her knees, her round shaped ass is in front of me and I pushed my cock in her cunt, while holding her waist tightly I am fucking Nina with speed and power. She is swinging her ass slowly and I am fucking my hot sister Nina. Looking towards kitchen, I can see my mom Lousie coming out of kitchen and I am pounding my sister’s cunt. Now my penis is in fire but will take at least 30-40 minutes to ejaculate. Now Lousie came near us and sits on sofa with her legs wide apart, she has hold an artificial penis and put it on her cunt. She has adjusted its length and power and now she is enjoying her fuck while I am fucking Nina for 7-8 minutes and her cunt is in fire, she screamed.. “Ohhh ummm aahhh Garry my cunt is in fire pour your cum inside

(Garry) it will take half an hour to ejaculate

(Nina) oh than leave me and masturbate your penis Garry. ” I fucked her forcibly for some time and she is shouting….. “Oohhh hhh Garry I will cum fuck me hard. ” While her cunt become a pond, I took out my cock and put my tongue to lick it while Lousie is enjoying her own fuck. She is shouting….. “Oihhh aahhh my cunt will cum. ” And I moved to washroom..

I came back in hall and I can see Nina licking her mom’s cunt and I sit on sofa with my long cock in full erection. Now my hot mom wants my cock in her glory hole. We three are in balcony, like a bitch my hot mom is on bed, I pushed my long cock in her wet cunt and she is moving her big bum fastly. My penis is hitting her cunt hardly and she is swinging her ass fastly. My penis is now rock hard and I can see Nina using artificial penis in her cunt, Lousie is a wild lady and her ass movement is too fast and we both are enjoying our fuck. After 10 minutes of deep penetration, my hot mom started shouting.. “Oohh Garry rain inside hot cunt I am dying for your cum darling

(Garry) no my whore mom it will take time. ” And I left her vagina and walked to washroom…..


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.