Nina has seen our love sex session. She has watched her hot mom Lousie with me (Garry) in kitchen. Now my hot mom is bit shy while standing in a semi nude position, she walked away nude and I put my bermuda on waist. I came out of kitchen and looking at my hot sister Nina, I crossed her to move inside my bedroom but she hold my wrist tightly….. “Garry you can’t ignore me at this stage

(Garry) Nina I am too tired and after 2-3 hours of break we can meet. ” And she walked away.. I took a nice bath and after dinner, we all moved to our bedroom. Its 10:15 pm and I have just pushed the door from inside. Now I am on my bed with my mobile watching a porn clip. After a long break of 3 hours, I am feeling energetic. While watching porn my penis has erected and now I can hear sound of door opening. In a red night bulb, my hot sister Nina came inside and locked the door. She walked to me and wearing a frock upto her knee length has made her hot. It is sleeveless and deep necked, her boobs are looking like a pair of orange. Now she is on bed and I took her in my arms. While holding her tightly I put my lips on her neck to kiss, kissing her face and lips I can feel her soft breasts on my chest. My hand started lifting her frock up and she pushed her long tongue in my mouth. While sucking it my hand has lifted her frock upto her neck and my hand has unhooked her brassier also. Now she took out her tongue and her frock as well as brassier is out of her hot body..

We both are sitting on bed and she is on my lap with her legs on my waist. Now she is kissing my lips as well as face and my palm is moving on her bare back. She is making me hot with her mouth sucking my lips and my penis is in full erection in bermuda and its bulge is reflecting on bermuda. My penis is trying to move out but Nina is busy in lips sucking. She left my lips and pushed me on bed, I fell on it and she came on my top. Her dominance is impressive and she leaned on my top to kiss my chest as well as tummy. Now she started licking my belly and pulled my bermuda down. I am complete nude with my hot sister Nina and she is in G string only. Now she hold my cock and put her lips on it, she is smelling the glans and moving it on her face as well as lips. Looking at her, I asked….. “Nina I think 69 position will be good for us. ” And she smiled before leaning on my top. Nina has put her face near my penis and my face is in between her thighs as well as below of her genital organs..

NINA started sucking my glans and I looked above to remove her G string. Now a clear visibility of her vagina as well as labias is in my eye. She took my 1/2 of cock in her mouth and started sucking it, while I put my lips on her soft vagina. She is giving me a nice blow job and I put my fingers on her labias to open her vaginal hole. Its tiny and my 1/3 rd tongue started licking her cunt. My sister Nina is rolling tongue on my penis and I am fucking her cunt with my tongue. She took my cock again in her mouth and while sucking it she is moving fingers in my pubic hair. Now I took her cunt in my mouth and she is moving her face fast to suck my penis. After a while, she screamed…. “Oohh aashh Garry it will cum soon…. ” And I am a cum eater love to taste it and I got it after some time. We both moved to washroom..

We are nude on bed and I pushed her, she is sleeping with her legs crossed and now I leaned my face on her breast. Now while sucking her breast my hand is on her thighs to make it wide. She is moving her hand on my hairs and I took other breast to suck, her thighs are now wide and my hand is pressing her other breast. After some time, I left her soft breast and now I am near her legs. While smiling, she gave me a long white contraceptive pill. I put my finger in her cunt and fingered it for a while. Now I pushed the pill inside with help of my finger and took my position to fuck her. Now I put my glans on her vagina and slowly pushed my 1/2 of dick in her cunt. While holding her waist, I fucked her hard and she shouted…. “Oohh Garry be slow my darling, don’t hurt my cunt…. ” And I am pounding her vagina with speed and power. My penis is hitting her vaginal depth and I leaned on her top. Now Nina hold me tightly and started bouncing her ass. She is enjoying my fuck and my penis is going inside in a speed. She is moving her nails on my back and my 6-7 inches long and 2-3 inches thick penis is fucking her glory hole. After 5-7 minutes of deep penetration her cunt become dry and she started enjoying my penis in her cunt. My penis is hot and she started screaming…. “Oohh Garry my cunt is in fire, pour your cum darling…. ” And after 5 more minutes of fuck, my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina. We slept for half an hour while my penis is resting in her vagina. We moved to washroom and than she left my bedroom.


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I am here to share incidence which happened / not happened in my life.I love to write but have strong love for writing incest or porn stories.I think you readers will enjoy my stories reading in a free time and while thinking about its situation.I know your sexual organs will than be in fire.