Almas sat in the small mini bus as it made it, way to where she lived, at just sixteen years of age she was one of the richest girls in her country and well respected. Almas had spent a year in England studying and was now back in the United Arab Emigrates along with her were four boys from the school she had attended, the four boys were sixteen year old racist thugs and everybody at the school in England were surprised when they were chosen by Almas to spend a year at a school in her country, Almas had explained that it might help them change into better people. The mini bus turned off the main road and waited for the gates to the mansion that Almas owned to open and after they had opened the mini bus drove up the main doors of the mansion where heavily armed guards opened the doors to the vehicle, Almas stepped out and went into the building followed by the four boys who were all looking in awe at the gold décor of the place and wondering how they could nick some of the gold. Once inside the boys were shown into a big room where they sat in large chairs wondering where Almas was, the boys all noticed the armed guards and were a bit nervous, after awhile Almas returned and called Steve into a separate room, Steve looked around and when Almas said to him undress, he looked at her and laughed saying you wish, Almas spun round and glared at Steve who was totally shocked by the sweet little girl attitude in Almas to the very hard attitude that she was now showing  Almas said to him ” get your fucking clothes off I want to see you naked have a good look at your cock and watch you wank off” Steve just stood looking at her noticing the pokies in her top and realised she was serious,  Almas said ” come on get naked and show me some English spunk” Steve started to move towards Almas but stopped when she pulled a gun and fired a shot saying ” the next one will be in your head now strip” Steve started to undress and after a few minutes was stood naked Almas said ” nice big cock” as she looked at Steve’s seven inch dick then snapped her fingers and Steve saw a young Arab girl enter the room who went to him and started to tickle his dick with a feather and after a few minutes the sensation of being tickled had given Steve a nine inch erection, Almas sat back in a chair looked at Steve and said ” start wanking” Steve obeyed and started to stroke his dick while Almas sat watching after ten minutes of stroking his dick Steve grunted and squirted in cum in four spurts, Almas smiled and said ” nice very nice” after a few minutes Steve’s dick had lost it’s stiffness and was back to it’s normal seven inch soft state, Almas whistled and a woman walked in and before Steve knew what she was doing had gave him an ejection in his bum then left, after a minute Steve felt his dick growing again and he soon had another erection, Almas said “I like all my slaves to have a permanent hard cock ready to squirt their spunk and that injection will keep you ready foe a month” she then looked at the girl who Steve thought was about ten and said ” go on” the girl started to stroke Steve’s dick Steve knew that if he tried to stop her he would be shot so just stood and after ten minutes squirted his cum again, the young girl moved away and Steve found that just as Almas had said his dick remained fully erect, Almas clapped her hands and two very burly men entered, Almas spoke in Arabic which Steve did not understand, the two guards put handcuffs and ankle chains on Steve and took him out of the room and down to a dungeon where he saw other lads of his about his age all naked with erections and chained to the wall, after chaining Steve to the wall the guards left, one of the other captives told Steve that Almas was a slave master and the little girl was her sister who was six years younger. Steve tried to free himself of the chains but could not and after awhile two of his mates were brought in naked with erections and chained to the wall, Almas was stood looking at Martin and smiling, Martin was stood naked his dick standing fully erect at eight inches, Almas smiled and said to him ” your quite cute despite your mouth your very cute and I will have you as one of my personal slaves” then undid her robes let them fall to the ground and stood naked, Martin looked at the Almas and smiled Almas lay on a couch and said ” come fuck me and make it good or I will feed you to the gay boys and watch as they fuck your ass” after a hour Almas had orgasmed five times, and said ” your good your bum is safe” Martin lay beside her thinking I am going to like it here then felt the needle go into his thigh and felt his dick go hard again, Almas said that will be ready for when I want it again and watched as her sister stroked Martin’s dick just like she had done to the other three boys after ten minutes of having his dick stroked by the little sister  of Almas Martin erupted squirting his cum in four spurts and afterwards Almas said to her sister ” one day you will be big enough to have a cock right up you and fuck you the girl smiled and said ” I can not wait, a few days later the school got a message from the U.A.E. saying that the boys had disobeyed guide lines and were killed when they walked into a mine field that was protecting an oil refinery not many of the students at the school were upset by the news but many were very happy.