No More Mugging

It was a cold damp evening as sixteen year old Sara stood near to the railway station pulling her hoody tighter round her body to keep warm, most normal residents of the small town were in the comfort of their warm homes but not Sara she was not a normal girl she came from a broken home, her dad had left home a few years ago and her mum was an alcoholic who spent her money on cheap booze instead of paying the bills and buying food which meant that Sara often went hungry so in a desperate bid to feed herself and get decent clothes Sara had taken to mugging people and robbing houses, local residents knew who the mugger was but could not get enough evidence against her to get her convicted and locked up so that they could live with out the fear of being robbed, Sara stood in the shadows watching the street waiting for a victim and as it was a Friday night she knew there would be a drunk or two about and as it was a payday they would have money on them, After waiting a hour Sara was about to give up and go home when she spotted Mr Khan the owner of the local grocery shop, Sara smiled thinking he will be loaded he is taking the weeks takings to the bank and moved further back into the shadows and as Mr Khan passed her hiding place Sara saw the bag he was carrying and noticed the bank note caught in the zip of the bag and after Mr Khan had gone a few yards past her into the darker street Sara started to follow him and when he was level with the derelict houses moved forward ready to attack but before she could she felt a heavy blow to the side of her head and as she fell to the ground she heard somebody shout “got the bitch” Sara lay dazed on the ground then felt herself being lifted and carried then dumped heavily on the ground where after a short while she had recovered her composure and saw a group of Bengali youths looking down on her, Sara tried to get up but was pushed back down, Sara saw that she was in a cellar and thought at least it is warm, Sara then felt her shoes get pulled off followed by her hoody and jumper and realised she was being stripped and started to struggle but was held down tightly and when her tee shirt and bra were removed somebody said “look at those tits” and Sara felt her ample boobs being rubbed and her jeans being unzipped then along with her panties they were pulled down and off and she lay naked, Sara then felt hands rubbing her love tube while her nipples were being squeezed, Pao who was four years younger than what Sara was stood watching the action and when her brothers best mate sixteen year old Palash undid his trousers and released his eight inch erect dick Pao smiled and thought cool and watched as Palash knelt down between Sara’s parted legs and inserted his dick into her love tube and start to thrust in and out while his two mates rubbed and sucked Sara’s nipples and when they both undid their trousers releasing their fully erect dicks Pao though very nice and watched as one boy pushed his dick into Sara’s mouth and started to hump away, Sara had let out a muffled scream when she felt the dick slide into her love tube and when one entered her mouth she had gagged, Palash pulled his dick out of Sara’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor in four long spurts which made Pao smile, before Sara could recover she felt another dick slide into her love tube and just after gagged as the one in her mouth erupted squirting cum down her throat which she had no option but to swallow or choke, when the boy thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over the floor Pao smiled an even bigger smile, Pao saw other youths and moved back into the shadows out of sight and heard one of the boys say ” look it is the bitch” and Pao saw him lower his joggers and thought well nice as she saw the white boys nine inch erect dick and watched as he started thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube and when he squirted his cum in five spurts Pao loved the sight and watched as two more white boys produced their erect dicks and squirted cum over the floor after thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube, Pao saw more white boys turning up and when Sara was forced onto her hands and knee’s Pao wondered why untill she saw a boy thrust in and out of Sara’s bum while another was pounding into her mouth after nearly two hours a naked Sara was laying in a heap on the floor to weak to move the boys had now all gone Pao had lost count of how many dicks she had seen and how much cum she had seen but at just twelve years of age had loved it. The robberies in the town stopped which made the residents happy but not as happy as the boys and Pao were.