Lift breakdown

The lift was packed, it was over crowded with hardly room to move. Cindy could feel the pressure as  people pushed against her she looked at her best mate Amy who at 16 years old was the same age as she was, Cindy could see that like she was Amy was struggling to move, the lift moved down stopped at the next floor and to her relieve Cindy saw a few people get out she thought room to move but then to her dismay more people than what got out got in the lift was now even more tighter packed, Cindy found that she could not move at all the lift started to move then the lights flickered the lift jolted and stopped passengers in the lift groaned,  a pre recorded message announced the lift had broken down and help was on the way, Cindy felt her bum getting rub but could stop who ever was rubbing her bum, Cindy knew it was an Indian mas as they were in India and that she and Amy were the only white people in the lift, Cindy said in a loud voice ” who ever is rubbing my bum please stop” Amy said ” mine to stop” a voice announced it was a male only lift and that they should not be in there, Cindy felt the zip on her short skirt being undone then felt her skirt being pulled free she felt hands running over her boobs then her jumper being lifted over her head and her panties being ripped from her body she was now naked in a crowded lift she looked at Amy who was also naked, Cindy felt hands running all over her body and fingers slide inside her love tube and start probing, Cindy wondered how anybody could move because she could not suddenly Amy said “somebody is fucking my bum, Cindy then felt her bum being penetrated, the lift suddenly jolted and moved before stopping and the doors open, Cindy felt her arms being held and she was ushered forward with the crowd as it left the left the lift, before she knew what was going on she found herself in a room where there were lots of men and teen boys she saw Amy laying on a table being pounded by a man while others were rubbing her boobs she then felt herself being lifted and put on the table then felt somebody slide into her love tube and a dick slide into her mouth,  a hour later the police rescued the girls took them to hospital. After a few days the girls were on a plane home, Amy told Cindy they should have men only lifts at home, Cindy replied yeah but not yet my bum is still saw.