Changing Sides

It was part way through the afternoon on a hot summer day, Tina was not in school where she should have been instead she was bunking off like she often did, she came from a very unruly and violent family that were into all sorts of crime, Tina despite her young age was a mouthy racist homophobic girl that lots of people were scared of, Tina was walking through the derelict warehouse on the edge of town when she saw Palash an Indian boy who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Tina was, Tina yelled at Palash calling him a dirty smelly paki bastard and to go back home, Palash who had not lived in the town long retaliated and shouted back at Tina that he was Indian not a Paki, Tina was surprised that somebody had answered back to you but after recovering from the shock shouted a lot more abuse at Tina then to her surprised Palash challenged her to a N.H.B. fight Tina knew that NBH was no holds barred fight where there was no rules and anything could happen but Tina was not worried about that as she knew she could fight well and had beat boys older than her before and quickly accepted the challenge, the pair moved into an open area that had little rubble and started to square up to each other and after a couple of minutes started to fight, Tina took a kick at Palash but he quickly grabbed her ankle and without letting go forced Tina onto the floor and while she was there Palash pulled her Trainers off before he let go of her ankle, Tina got back to her feet bowed her head and charged at her opponent as she charged Tina felt a thump to the side of her head and fell dazed to the floor but after a minute recovered  and saw Palash stood astride her and kicked out at him but again her ankle was grabbed but was let go again, Tina got up no sooner was she on her feet than she felt Palash grab her blouse and pull hard ripping it clear away from her body then thumped her round the ear knocking her to the ground where she lay dazed. as started to regain her senses Tina felt Palash grab the hips of her jeans and start to pull, Tina felt her jeans slide down her legs and felt them come off, Tina was able to get to her feet no sooner had she done so than Palash grabbed her by her pony tail pulling her head up then tore her vest off followed by her panties leaving her totally naked, Palash said ”  oh look a pair of white tits and with his free hand started to rub Tina’s developing boobs and after a minute forced her onto the floor and looking down at Tina’s love tube said ” a white girl’s cunt”  he then undid his trousers freeing his eight inch erection then knelt down, Tina tried to get free but Palash held her down by the throat and after a couple of minutes Tina screamed out as Palash slid his dick inside her love tube and start to thrust in and out and after a few minutes Palash felt Tina relax and not long after he felt her cum and soon after he squirted his own cum over Tina’s body, after wiping his dick and putting it away Palash walked away saying easy as he went, Tina found her jeans put them on and wrapped her vest round herself and went home where she told her sister Amy what had happened. Amy who was the same age as Palash phoned her twin brother Steve and made arrangements to meet him and when they met along with Tina went to the old farm  where Palash lived and when Palash walked out Steve charged at him, Palash stood his ground and kick Steve in the side of the head knocking him out cold, as Steve lay still on the floor Amy charged at Palash but after being hit Amy lay on the floor knocked out, Palash grabbed Steve’s shirt and ripped it off him and after removing his trainers stripped Steve of his joggers and underwear leaving him naked, Tina looked at her brothers seven inch soft dick and smiled then watched as Palash stripped Amy naked two boys who Tina knew were two years older than her came out the house and between them Palash and the two boys got Amy and Steve into a barn, when the two boys went to get Tina half expecting to find that she had gone they were surprised to see that she had stripped and was standing naked, Tina willing went with the boys to the barn where she saw Palash thrusting in and out of Amy’s love tube while Steve lay tied to a post, the boys took Tina to the back of the barn where she saw Mark one of Steve’s mates tied naked to a post Tina smiled at the sight of his eight inch erection which was being stroked by an Indian girl who Tina knew was two years younger than her and when Mark squirted his cum in four spurts Tina thought yeah nice now go do it to Steve, The girl walked away heading back to the front of the barn from where she was Tina saw the girl kneel in front of Steve and start to play with his dick and after a few minutes saw Steve had a nine inch erection and  thought nice and watched as the girl started to stroke her brothers dick and after ten minutes when Steve squirted his cum Tina thought at last I seen him spunk up and when the two boys lay her on bales of hay Tina parted her legs when the first boy slid his dick into her love tube Tina moaned in pleasure, Palash appeared and the other boy said ” she is our toy” Palash smiled looked at Tina and said     ” you are their toy” Tina grunted and replied cool,,  It soon became known that the Indian family were a well feared gang in India and had made their Mark in England, Amy Steve and Mark were regretting having crossed the family, but Tina was quite happy she had been able to jerk her brother and Mark off while they had hoods over their heads and slept in a soft warm bed that often had two hard lumps appear that made her groan, nobody missed the trouble making Steve Amy Mark or Tina nobody knew where they were and nobody really cared.