Alcoholic Mum

Sixteen year old Dawn was sat in her bedroom talking to her sister Tina who was four years younger than what she was both girls were well known bullies and racist girls, nobody was surprised at the very bad behaviour of the two girls and blamed it on the girls mum who was an alcoholic and nearly always drunk or trying to scrounge booze using the same old hard luck stories, people thought that girls dad had done the best thing when he left town a few years ago, Dawn looked out of the window and saw Palash the sixteen year old son of the Bengali owned shop walking up the garden path towards their door, as he walked Palash looked up at the windows and when he saw Dawn he waved to her only to be greeted with the finger salute followed by the wanker sign, Palash just smiled and carried on walking, Dawn said to Tina ” it is that dirty smelly paki bastard from the shop wonder what he wants” Tina said ” he has probably got booze for mum” Dawn pointed out to her sister that their mum had no money so could not pay for it and would not it free or on tick” after a short while Dawn heard her mum calling her and said to Tina ” better go see what the drunken cow wants” and left the bedroom and went down to the kitchen, where she saw two bottles of gin on the table and Palash stood smiling, before Dawn could say anything her mum told her to strip and pay Palash for the gin, Dawn looked at her mum in horror and said to her ” fuck off you pay him you want the booze” Dawn’s mum moved very quickly and grabbed Dawn by her long blonde pony tail and dragged the struggling girl to the table where she held her down, no matter how hard she struggled Dawn could not break free from her mum’s strong grip and when Dawn’s mum grabbed Dawn’s tee shirt and pulled it hard the flimsy material ripped and the tee shirt tore away from her body leaving her topless, Palash looked at the racist girls ample naked boobs and said ” very nice tits” Dawn screamed ” let go of me you drunken bitch” she then saw Palash’s brother who was nick named flip and was two younger than what Dawn was enter the kitchen and as he did said ” white tits” Dawn kicked out but missed the boys then felt her ankles being held very tightly then tied to the table legs so that she could not kick out then to her horror Dawn felt her shorts being undone and along with her panties slide down to her ankles and get cut off her, Dawn realised that she was naked with her legs apart and saw Palash undo his trouser and his eight inch erection spring out, Dawn realised what he was going do and screamed out ” fuck off leave me” Palash moved between Dawns legs and as he slid his erect dick into Dawns love tube she screamed out ” no” flip smiled and walked towards the kitchen door rubbing the racist girls boobs as he did, then went up stairs and as he entered Tina’s room he saw her laying on the bed and very quickly jumped on her ripping her shorts off her as he did, Tina was no match for the older stronger boy and was soon laying naked having her just starting to develop boobs licked and her love tube rubbed at the same time and after a few minutes cried out when she felt flips six inch solid dick slide into her love tube and start to thrust in and out, Dawn was still being held by her mum as Palash thrust in and out of her love tube and sucking her nipples as he did and after a few more minutes was surprised to feel Dawn cum but carried on thrusting in and out, Like her sister had done Tina was also cumming but flip like his brother carried on thrusting in and out after half a hour Dawn had cum twice more and could feel Palash’s cum on her body, Dawn’s mum told Palash to put Dawn in the cellar she could get her more gin later, Palash carried Dawn to the cellar telling her that next time he would Tina and let flip have her, soon both girls were in the cellar naked listening to their drunken mum singing in the kitchen, a few days later the cellar door opened and Palash entered and after a struggle had managed to chain both girls in a spread eagle shape to the floor and for the next week young and old Bengali’s were visiting the cellar after leaving a bottle of gin with the girls mum and leaving happy, then one day Dawn heard a lot of shouting of police officers, the police entered the cellar and one shouted there are get an ambulance, the girls ended up in a special care home while their mum went to prison for a long time.