June – Part 2

One month later.

For a month June enjoyed exploring her new found love for Exhibitionism. She kept it from her husband. When hes not home she loved to walk around the house naked. Occasionally at night walking around the yard under cover of darkness. Going for Bush walks and undressing. She was getting used to been naked in public in secluded places. She decided it was time to be more brave. Even if her first carpark experience wasn’t brave enough for the first time.


Their house needed to be painted. She hired a painter to do the job. It was a two story house do scaffold was a must. The week before the scaffolders came to put up the scaffold. Her husband left for work at 8. She went to the kitchen in her satin floral robe. She wore satin black nightwear underneath a camisole and briefs. She heard the painter arrive. She met him at the door asking him in for a coffee. He agreed. His eyes drawn to her body. She noticed making her horny. She hadn’t had sex for three weeks.

After the coffee Tony went to work outside. She decided she needed a shower. She went upstairs to the bedroom. She heard him walking around. Usually she would close the curtains and the bathroom window. She felt horny and wanted to be seen. She opened the curtains and made sure there was a small gap in the nets. She opened the bathroom window a crack and turned on the shower. She went to the bedroom hearing him working. She took off her robe and camisole. She dropped her underwear standing naked in front of the mirror. She went to the shower and got in. She could see outside from the crack in the window. She froze as he walked past hoping he would try to look in. She stood facing the window washing herself.

Tony walked past the window hearing the water of the shower. He noticed the crack in the window. He took a peak in knowing he shouldn’t. He saw her in the shower for a few seconds. Her back and arse. She had turned around he watched fir a minute as she turned around. He caught a glimpse of her breasts. He snuck off.

She showered for another few minutes wondering if he had seen her. She dried off and walked to the bedroom naked. She put on a black lacy bra and matching GString. She put on her robe and walked downstairs to the kitchen. She had breakfast and went upstairs to dress. She went into town for coffee with friends. Tony admired her figure in her black dress as she left


The morning went the same her husband left at 8. The painter came 8.30. She showered curtains and window open. This time the bathroom window open a bit more. A bigger gap in the net curtains. She put on a red lacy bra and GString and gown and went to the kitchen. She saw him walk past the big bay window.in the kitchen she waved.
” Be brave ” she said. She undid her gown dropping it to the floor. She took a deep breath and poured her coffee. He walked past again catching a glimpse of her in her bra. He looked away as she caught his eye and smiled. She found her hands moving to her back she undid her bra and took it off. Her breasts falling out. She took her coffee up to the bedroom and sat on her bed topless reading as he worked outside.


Wednesday went much the same. The painter now knowing at 9 o’clock she was naked upstairs.


She woke up feeling extremely horny. She would be a lot braver today. He husband left on time. Tony arrived early. They had a coffee together. Your seeing me naked close up today she thought. Tony went to work. She showered and went to the bedroom. She pulled out a pair of underwear from her drawers.

” No ” she said “Naked” she added. Her pussy now moist. She would flirt more first she thought. She put in a lacy red bra and knickers this time tight boxer briefs. She walked downstairs no gown to the kitchen.it was 9.37. He walked past the kitchen window used to seeing her in her bra. Her bottoms below the cabinets. She waved. She then took off her bra and stood there. He walked past again seeing her breasts. She smiled and waved. She laughed to herself and decided to remove her underwear. Now naked in the house. The painter outside. She felt good walking around curtains open. The net protecting her modesty from outside. She knew Tony caught glimpses of her naked body from seeing through gaps in the curtains.

At 10.30 she went upstairs to the bedroom and sat on her bed naked. A small gap in the net curtains. She was horny. She fondled her breasts and slid a hand to her groin. She rubbed over her pussy circling her clit. She put her head back closing her eyes and played she inserted her fingers inside herself finger fucking her pussy as she squeezed her nipples. She groaned and arched her back her eyes closed. She groaned and wriggled on the bed fingering her pussy and playing with her breasts. She wondered with her eyes closed if he was watching. She hoped he was.

Tony saw her on the bed through the nets. He stood and watched her. Her eyes closed as she played with herself. His cock hard. He wanted her. He was ready to move fast if she opened her eyes. She wanted him to see her he thought. Does she want more. He watched admiring her breasts her pussy her long dark hair. He was 35 . He knew she was 50. This older lady this cougar. He wanted to get his cock out as he watched knowing he shouldn’t. He knew her husband was at work. She opened her eyes. Tony hid around the corner. He took a deep breath she stood up after her orgasm.

She walked to her wardrobe and put on a short black cofton skirt with no underwear. She put on a white halterneck bikini top with ties around her back and behind her neck. She put on a strapless blue top. She grabbed her car keys and handbag said goodbye to the painter and drove off feeling horny.

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