The Arabic Girl

Hi readers Jaleel again with own story of my sex adventures. Once in Umm Al Quwain I was working as ice-cream vendor on A three wheel tricycle, there is a certain season when the Arabi people go’s for picnics camping far out of town, there is a horn on the body of the tricycle and this girl when coming to buy ice-cream with her friends used to play with them while I am one side of the tricycle she is on the other side of the tricycle, in the course of playing with the horn her fingers touch my crotch deliberately, as its very hot that country I never wear underwear and by her fingers touching my crotch my cock gets hard but as its Arabic country the laws are strict so I am afraid to do anything and this girl made it a habit of playing with horn and my cock. This went on few days then one day after buying ice cream with her friends she came back alone, she had a condom with her then she started to play with the horn and pulled my zip and pulled out my cock, she put the condom on my cock and started handjob. When I cumed she took the condom with my cum and ran away. Then next day again she came with her friends, after that she came back alone, after making my cock hard she bent and took my cock in her hand, first licked then slowly started to suck my cock until I cum, when I cumed she took All in mouth but afterwards spited it and ran away. Again the next day she once more alone repeated it like the day before but when I cum she swallowed every bit and ran away. The next day she came without her friends but with a new girl bit older than her, the first girl undid my zipper and the new girl looking at me smiling and took my cock in her hand, then first kissed it and started to suck. She was experienced sucker she deep throated and when I cum she swallowed it all, they didn’t run away and asked my phone number, I gave. The big girl asked me would I like to work at their house, I said okay, they said they will call me within a few days. I said I need salary 1500 one thousand five hundred, they said you can make more.

mm ….m mmm

The End for now