My wife wants Simon next door

We live next door to a single guy called Simon, he has lived there for a while now and we see him every now and again, When me and my wife go out for a drink and have a good night and a few drinks it’s really great, especially when we get back home and into bed! When we start kissing and touching each other that’s when it all starts, I start talking about Simon next door and how I feel a bit sorry for him as he’s been single for quite a while and he must miss sex, I then ask if she sees him often as I work away a lot and don’t see much of him, she reply’s every now and again, I ask her if he has ever been in for a drink when I’m away and she says no, so I ask her if she would fancy inviting him around for a drink when I’m away? She said that she would but if he has one to many he might want to fuck me, she then all of a sudden gets really turned on! I asked what she would do if he tried it on? She said I don’t know and she started to get really wet so I pushed my fingers inside of her, she moaned, would you like him to fuck you I asked? Yes she said, but only because he must be frustrated and I’m sure he would love to shove his hard cock into me! Ally starts to get really excited and asks me to fuck her, so I get on top and push my cock into her, Is that nice Ally? Yes it’s fantastic, what are you thinking about I asked her? And she moaned Simon’s big hard cock fucking me! This turned us both on very much, she asked if I would go next door and invite him in, I said I will the next time we go out, in fact he could come out with us she said, that would be good, she really started to get horny and asked if she could call me Simon while I fucked her hard so she did,and kept saying Simon fuck me harder with your big cock, I want all your spunk inside of me Simon, I want to feel you cumming deep inside, Ally was getting so horny and I loved it so much! Fuck me harder Simon she kept moaning loudly in my ear, come on Simon your cock is much bigger then Steve’s I want all of it deep inside! She suddenly shouted Simon I’m cumming I’m cumming! And fuck she did, it was probably the best sex we’ve ever had, she asked me a few days later if we could organise for Simon to come around and she would tease him and lot me watch while he fucked all over, on top, from behind in fact I will let him do what ever he wants to do with me, so that’s what we are going to plan and we both hope it works out.