Defining Three

Tom had this thing, about sharing. I suppose it started when we watched a three in a bed porno. There was a sweet young woman and two men. They touched, kissed and fucked her turn and turn about. When one had his dick in her, the other was kissing and teasing her tits. I must say, that girl looked as though she was having a blissful time of it. They went on with her, that way, for hours!

We started to fantasise. I admit it, I did too. What would it be like to share? Did I think I could actually go with two men? I told Tom that I thought that I could but that I was at heart a conventional girl who didn’t like to hive off sex in a dark room or something. For me, sex was in the relationship as well as beneath the sheet. So if we invited another man into our marriage, then it had to include dating, socialising, being three in a bigger sense.  I know that blew Tom’s mind. The public implications of that, having others know that I fucked two men and that Tom shared me. It was sexy scary for me, the thought of being a brazen bitch. I mean, some women didn’t have one partner let alone two! But for Tom I suppose it was worse. People might look at him and wonder how they shared me? They would wonder what doubts Tom had about himself that another man was allowed in our bed? Tom said that he would describe it as a Stag and Vixen thing. He would be strong and generous with me, a largesse man!

That seemed kind of sexy, so we started to talk about who? I didn’t do strangers and casual fucks up against the wall. Tom knew who I wanted. He knew, although it was still a shock I suppose to hear me say his name aloud, ‘Ben’. Ben mesmerised me, his good looks, his charm and wit, he seemed to live so large in that muscular body. He was the sort of man who lit up rooms when he walked in, he had a big personality. I knew that Tom admired Ben too. He was seriously good at martial arts and he knew so much about Porsches. The guy owned two!

Tom and I kissed, we masturbated thinking about involving Ben then. Would Ben be prepared to share me like in the porno movie we had seen? I didn’t know, he was very masculine and possibly very territorial. Nice friend Tom might be but if he was a rival for my sex, well… Tom wanted to write out a contract, to get Ben drunk and then to talk about that with him. But I hated that idea. You explored relationships, they developed incrementally. This wasn’t a business arrangement. A better way, I said, was for Tom to drop out of a hunt ball that we were going to and for him to ask Ben to take me instead. I loved the country snobby set thing! Tom should then let nature take its course. We would see whether Ben seduced me and gradually introduce the idea of the menage a trois. Tom blanched at the idea, but bless him he did it, he emailed Ben asking the ‘favour’.

I dressed in green satin for that evening, with a jade green choker about my throat. I felt very very sexy and Ben looked debonair in his tuxedo. We rode as it were to the hunt ball in his vintage Porsche. It was a great evening and before its close, Ben had kissed me. It was the sexy sort of kiss, with our mouthes open and Ben’s strong arms curling about me. We’d stroll through to the orangery of the big house and there was a full moon ghosting over the estate lake. Ben just said it,

‘I want you’.

I felt crazily vamp, besotted by the evening spent with him. I actually said,

‘Take me then’.

It was immediate, urgent, dirty and shall we say plant rearranging. Ben pulled up my gown, kicked my legs apart and pushed me against what we thought was a tree founded in the ground rather than a pot. He got his cock out to me and pushed it up me bare. There was no sheath. Take me was understood in the raw and the complete sense. God, he made me gasp. I was panting within minutes, as though his every thrust knocked the wind out of me! The ‘stable’ tree crown started to brush back and forth against the glass roof of the orangery. He kept trusting and thrusting, so that my nipples went bolt hard. I could feel them moving against the material of my dress. When he spunked inside me, it was a massive relief. I could feel his cock throbbing, spraying and then, after he dragged free, his seed dripping down my legs. It was as instinctual as that!

Afterwards, he didn’t apologise. That says something about desire and about masculinity. A man isn’t ashamed of his instinct. He doesn’t anoint his conquest with guilt, making her reflect on her submission to him. He knew what he wanted and took it. Instead he asked a wonderful question. ‘Shall I speak to Tom? I can handle this for you.’ For Ben, it was a given that we would ‘see’ each other again. For Ben it was a given that he wouldn’t ‘sneak about’ with me. He didn’t bristle as such, but the tone of his words suggested that he would read my husband his fortune. The only problem was, I didn’t entirely know what sort of future Ben imagined.

‘I’ll go with you when you want, how you want and where you want. I’ll make Tom accept that’ I said. It really aroused Ben. He slipped his hand back between my legs to enjoy the wet confirmation of our fucking. I smelled of him, my skin felt silk soft cushioned by his ejaculate as his fingers ran through my pubes. It was like that. He kissed me.

‘I’ll make Tom share’ I whispered. It was ambiguous I know. What Ben really wanted was for me to say that I would put Tom down. I would push him away until something more permanent emerged. The ambiguity sat uneasily. Driving me home in his sports car Ben returned to the topic.

‘When you get home, make him lick you out’ he said.

His words thrilled me. I felt an electric shock run the course of my spine. It was just so sexy!!

‘He’ll expect to share Ben…he’ll hope to….’

‘Share on my terms’ Ben finished the sentence his way. ‘If he fights, I will beat him. if he resists I will push him out. If he co operates, then we can see what would please you best.’

‘Yes’ I murmured.

I’d pondered it at times, what three would consist of? There is a mass of norms as regards living as two. But three, goodness, the parameters could stretch a million miles in several directions! How was I to be with Ben and then with Tom and then with both men together? How would Ben and Tom relate?

‘This will make a bitch out of you’ Ben said firmly. He wasn’t about to have any truck with my objection to that word. ‘You’re going to live much more with your instincts, with how Tom and I pan out. He will become second string.’

I looked at him. I couldn’t blink. I stared wide eyed.

‘Don’t be shocked…I’ve wanted you for ages. I’m not about to shy away because of good manners’ he said.

Tom hadn’t stayed up waiting for me. But neither had he been able to sleep. He knew I was with Ben. He felt the frisson when Ben picked me up. I draped my gown over a chair and slipped into bed beside him. His hand came across slowly, gently, down to my legs. He felt what had been sprayed there. Anger? Tears? An argument? No….Tom kissed me ear and then my breasts and then he travelled his mouth south to my sex.

I let him lick me.

I let him inhale the scent of our fervent coupling.

I let him taste me, the semen that filled my sex.

He was licking so greedily, so naturally, his mouth wide open against my body, that I became terribly aroused. I was back in the orangery, being seduced! I started to moan and then to capitulate again. My mind spun and I felt wicked. I started to apologise….so unlike Ben.

‘No…let’s talk in the morning’ Tom soothed.

I nodded.

‘I need to fuck you’ he rumbled. He looked like a teddy bear, paunchier than Ben, softer, cuddly, best friend, Sunday afternoon beside an open fire.

‘No….lick me……lick my clitty’ I murmured.

Tom smiled. He was guessing things. May be he thought that I felt dirty if I fucked so quickly with two men. That could come. He licked me in the desired way. My body tensed. I didn’t want him to fuck me. I wanted Ben to do that.

By breakfast the next morning, I knew. It was a terrible waking, opening my eyes and realising with a sort of feinting terror within that I wanted Ben to be boss and Tom to submit to him. I wanted both men but for Ben to dictate the terms. It made me shudder to think about it. How on earth you conveyed that, admitted it…no confessed it. What was even more terrible was that I wanted Ben to dominate Tom in an intimate way. It was incredibly selfish, to feel like a black hole that sucked convention out of the two men and made them explore different ways with me, for ‘us’. I felt as if I was a creator and a destroyer. If three was unsustainable then we might be two. The men could fight over that.

Ben had texted me to say that he would pick me up and take me out to lunch. I was to call him if I needed support. I remember struggling for breath. I remember thinking, God, it wasn’t a dream. The emotions, the conviction of the rugged and handsome Ben stood stark in the morning light. I showered and put on a pair of tight black jeans, a black blouse and some black high heeled boots. It looked assertive, aggressive, it looked, well….it looked bitch.

I went down stairs to the breakfast that Tom had prepared. He looked at me. He looked in a different way at me. He knew, somehow he knew I thought.

‘I’m having lunch with Ben’ I said. I thought don’t ask, don’t add, ‘OK’? If there is to be three, then I must determine who I see when. I couldn’t simply go to the men.

‘Yes’ said Tom. Not a tetchy ‘fine’, not a weedling, ‘OK but please can we talk’. He just accepted it.

I watched him pour coffee. ‘You will have to explore how we will be together Tom. You will have to see what works out between you…and Ben.’

My husband nodded. He sensed it. He was going to lose. Ben would dictate terms. He would dominate Tom as he was that sort of man. I would then relate to each, in their new found hierarchy.

‘Ben called me…twenty minutes back’ Tom said.

I blinked. I wanted to know. I needed to understand. I waited. In three, you learn to wait and to hear what state of mind another is in.

‘He sounded tense…pretty wound up…’ Tom began and he looked at me in shock. I realised then that Tom was still recovering. My dress, my date, last night, the perfume I wore, my make up… ‘he said that he wouldn’t give me a hiding, we were friends, but if I tried to fuck you…’

I nodded. Ben. His way. Direct, no nonsense, and very assured. The clock ticked on the wall. Time seemed to run a little slower now.

‘I loved what you did last night. I love you for things that you do like that’ I said. A salve. Was it of use? I was trying to read Tom’s expression.

‘You still love me?’

I rose from my seat and swiftly reached him the other side of the table. He looked devastated! I hugged him to me, his head against my breasts.

‘Of course I love you! Tom!’ I protested.

He nodded and moved around in his seat to face me. I sat on his lap, my breasts close to his lips. I felt a bitch then. I felt a terrible bitch.

‘He just said that last night was a long time coming, that it was obvious that you had always wanted him.’

Should I lie? I couldn’t lie. My stag might have to be an old stag, one edged out of the rutting circle.

‘Yes, I’ve always wanted him. I’ve always wanted him…’

My confession trailed away. Tom kissed my breasts through the material of my blouse.

‘He said, that I wouldn’t get pushed out…completely….just as long as I accepted that he was the boss.’

‘Perhaps that’s best?’ I murmured. Tom kissed so nicely. ‘You both have to sort out how you will relate to me. It can’t remain confusing can it….that film, it was sex….in a bed…..not about how the three of them lived.’  he was kissing so nicely that I unbuttoned my blouse so that he could lick my nipples with my bra undone.

‘If you surrendered…’ I breathed, feeling Tom’s mouth on my nipples, ‘perhaps he would let you be his helper?’

That hurt Tom. It really hurt him. But I was aroused then. I couldn’t stop.

‘I want Ben to be the boss in our house…can you accept that?’ I held his head firmly, my expression earnest. He couldn’t lick my breasts again until he answered.

‘There has to be authority Tom,’ I whispered, ‘we can’t live would be chaos. You can’t manage jealousy unless you know what the rules are.’

I kissed him. I was wet.  I was wet and aroused between my legs. I felt horny, raunchy, ashamed and yet, finally determined. The very fact that Ben had called Tom and told him his fortune! God!!

‘I need…..I need…to be intimate with you…I can’t live without….’ Tom stumbled the words.

‘Let’s see what Ben allows shall we? I think he probably likes you licking me’ I offered. I felt the massive surge of arousal, the power of forcing my husband to accept terms. It was DIRTY, it was WANTON. My body shook. I let Tom lick my breasts again and they tingled with pleasure.

‘He fucks me properly Tom…….’  I moaned as my husband took first one nipple and then the other in his mouth. It was as if he was suckling me. It was so cruel. So nasty. I thought about Ben’s ramming cock. I thought about Tom’s tongue last night. I squirmed on his lap.

‘If you lick pussy, just before Ben comes to pick me up…if I video it darling…you can show him that you accept things’. My voice was husky and then words came straight out of a darker, a deeper and a needy part of my head.

Tom was jerking against me, licking my breasts. I was sure of it now. Tom was ejaculating in his pants.


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I've been writing erotic literature for something over a year, certainly that with a cuckolding assertive woman twist. I've written a cuckolding novel and as at summer 2018 two collections of raunchy short stories that you'll find by internet searching 'Lutheran Maid'. Frankly I love intelligent cuckolding sex. But there's scope to explore more widely too!